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Identifying Your very tough periods in your life as Karmic Life Lessons that you must pay. [Twin Souls Part 73]


5 Deadly Terms used by women

Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

This is especially applicable to people who take you for granted, who use you, who abuse you, who crossed the line, and who are ungrateful.

Why be so cruel you ask?

Actually you are being “kind”, by having the courage to be the first friend to offer them a chance for not hurting others. In any case they are totally blind and deaf to your words of wisdom. Try as you may to prevent them from falling but fall they will! It’s their choice to fall, or rise.

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Life lessons are such that they must be learnt the hard way, there are no shortcuts. One must pay one’s karmic debt one way or another.

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Reflect back on the very tough periods in your life (it could be a “return of your past Bad Karmic punishment”).
Here is a list for reflection:
● when you were very poor, hungry, when you can’t pay your rent.
● when you suffered any forms of financial set back (business closure, business partner cheating, loss from a monetary con-job, corruption backfiring).
● loss of possessions.
● accidents, injuries
● sufferings (note: not all sufferings are karmic settlements)
● long-term illnesses
● facing tough politics, being controlled/suppressed by a boss, team conflicts

● being controlled by an authority figure, spouse, boyfriend/ girlfriend, parents, ruthless boss.
● any jail time (whether guilty or framed), court punishment.
● divorce settlement, legal fines.
● health problems, mental suffering, grieving from death of loved ones.
● when you had huge fights or very intense relationships (you are likely settling “Karmic Relationships” with a specific individual).
● when you were betrayed by someone really close (you may have owed this person in some past lives).

● when you lived a very strict disciplined life, tough military life (you may be paying for your past violent acts), vegetarian diet (it may be a sign that you abused animals in the past, or you saw animal sufferings and made some life choices).

Read my Karma Love Story and how I had to pay 10 years of my youth by living an extremely austere, hard disciplined, celibate life, no sex, wake up for 4am meditation, strict vegetarian.

These very tough periods can be your periods of the Return of Bad Karma you did in the past. These situations when “you hit rock bottom” are actually God’s gifts to you. The Universe opened some Life Lessons for you to master.

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From Twin Souls Whispering between Wizard Chaen & Angel Brenda.

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Published on 12 March 2016.
Updated on 20 March 2016 (12:48am)

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