Brenda dedicated 2 Personal Songs to Robert, her Twin Soul: “Complicated Melody” and “The Truth”
[Twin Souls Part 56]

I’m on week 3 coaching the Papillon 1.0 Discovery Personal Effectiveness program. Papillon means butterfly in French, and I used to co-coach Papillon with Brenda. I felt a deep calling to bring back Papillon after a 3 years break.

You see, I’m the one who chooses personal songs for individuals in Papillon, and even for Brenda in previous personal growth workshops like Rainbow Master. She loves all the Personal Songs I chose for her over the years.

But I never ever had a Personal Song chosen by Brenda for me until now… 603 days after she crossed-over. I was watching India Arie Live Java Jazz Festival 2014 very late on 18 August 2015 at around 2:45 am. I really wanted to sleep but I kept watching song after song for nearly an hour.

When India sang “Complicated Melody” (at 58:52 in the video) I instantly 7th-sensed that this was Brenda’s personal song for me. The lyrics brought tears to my eyes as the words touched my soul. India sang a few verses of another song “The Truth” towards the end. Below are the lyrics of Brenda’s 2 Personal Songs for me:

“Complicated Melody”
~ India Arie (from 58:52)

If he were a color
He’d be a deep dark forest green
If he were a car
He’d be a long stretch limousine
With room for all of humanity inside
Cause he is so giving
And he is so wise
If he were a number
He’d be a five cause he has such a brilliant mind
If he were an animal
He’s be an ass cause he’s so stubborn sometimes
But if he were a song
He’d be a complicated melody
That complicated fellow he
I almost can not sing it on key
But he means the world to meIf he were a building
He’d be a beautiful cathedral
Cause he’s so traditionally spiritual
If he were a dance
He’d be complicated like the tango
Exotic like a mangoBut if he were a song
He’d be a complicated melody
That complicated fellow he
I almost can not sing it on keyBut he means the world to me

He ain’t the reason for the sun and the moon
He is the reason for this here tune

Cause he means the world to me (ooh ooh)
Said he means the world to me
Me me me yeah
He means the world to me yeah

Complicated melody that complicated fellow
He’s a complicated melody
I almost can not sing it on key


“The Truth”
~ India Arie

Let me tell you why I love him [Chorus:]
Cause he is the truth
Said he is so real
And I love the way that he makes me feel
And if I am a reflection of him then I must be fly because
his light it shines so bright I wouldn’t lie [Verse 1:]
I remember the very first day that I saw him
I found myself immediately intrigued by him
It’s almost like I knew this man from another life
Like back then maybe I was his husband and maybe he was my wife
And even, the things I don’t like about him are fine with me
Because its not hard for me to understand him because he’s so much like me
And its truly my pleasure to share his company
And I know that it’s God’s gift to breathe the air he breathes [Repeat Chorus] [Verse 2:]
How can the same man that makes me so mad
-do you know what he did- [spoken]
Turn right around and kiss me so soft
-girl do you know what he did-[spoken]
If he ever left me, I wouldn’t even be sad, no
Cause there’s a blessing in every lesson
And I’m glad that I knew him at all[Repeat Chorus]

I love the way he speaks
I love the way he thinks
I love the way he treats his mama
I love that gap in between his teeth
I love him in every way that a woman can love a man
from personal to universal but most of all its unconditional 

-you know what I’m talking about- [spoken]
Thats the way I feel
-and I always will- [spoken]

There ain’t no substitute for the truth
either it is or isnt
cause he is the truth
you see the truth it, needs no proof
either it is or it isnt
Cause he is the truth
Now you know the truth by the way it feels
and if I am a reflection of him then I must be fly
cause he is yes he is


Yes, Brenda I know.
Your Personal Song is also a Unconditional Love Song for me.
Thank you for your birthday gift 17 days ahead.
Thank you for everything.
I love you forever.

Soulversations with Brenda, Robert’s Twin Soul
Published on Tuesday 18 August 2015.
Updated on 5 April 2016 (9:20 am)