Painting The 50 Shades of KARMA [Twin Souls Part 47]

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The Universal Law of Karma is the hardest law for human beings to comprehend as human beings simply cannot see how it actually works.

God works in mysterious ways, so does Karma, Death, and Justice“.
~ Robert Chaen

According to the Law of Karma “What one sows in one season, and one will definitely reap what one sowed in another season.”

The severity or reward of return of of Karma will depend on intention and final outcome of the damage or benefit.

Because the return of Karma is rarely instant but in another season, people don’t realize why they are receiving bad karma for no apparent reason. The return of Karma often times are carried forward to the next lifetime.

In a normal judiciary system, the severity and punishment will depend of the nature of the crime and who was the victim. In some Western nations, to kill a policeman will be a very serious crime with maximum  sentence. In the Law of Karma, the return of Karma is not just about how severe the crime was, but more important was the victim.

The Multiple Scenarios of the Return of Bad Karma
There is a old belief that if one does a crime e.g. rape, murder, steal to a commoner, the return of Bad Karma is 1-fold.

If one does the same type of crime to a Teacher, Nurse, Lawyer, the return of Bad Karma is 10-fold.

If one does the same crime to a Policeman, Soldier, Judge, Doctor, Journalist, Philanthropist, Professor, Animal Rescuer, Activist, and those who protect and help people, the return of Bad Karma is 100-fold.

If one does the same crime to a Priest, Nun, Charity worker, or a religious leader, steals from religious places of worship & orphanages, or destroys cemeteries, the return of Bad Karma is 1,000-fold.

If one does the same crime to a Pope, a Saint (before he/she became one), Dalai Lama, Prophets, Twin Souls, Country President, King, General, Chief Judge, destroys religious statues or relics, holy books, terrorists using God’s name to kill or rape, Sifu (depending how high level it is), the return of Bad Karma is 10,000-fold (yat marn chee in Cantonese).

However, all the above will not apply if the victim is a criminal, murderer, or tyrant dictator like Hitler. The above is just a very loose interpretation of the return of Karma.

The return of Karma applies to human beings, animals (animal cruelty), plants, living things, but NOT to God and Angels – as God and Angels do have any human body.

If someone insults God, an Angel, or a dead Prophet, he will not receive any return of Bad Karma. But, he may receive a Life Lesson about this though.

The Return of Good Karma
On the flip side, if one helps especially in times of critical need, donates, loans, restores religious items, build religious worship places and orphanages, the return of GOOD Karma is like the above examples of the Return of Bad Karma in relative multiplication.

The Return of Karma is relative
The return of good karma is relative. For example a multi-billionaire who donates say a $billion of his “spare cash” may have the same return of good karma as a poor starving person who donates $10 or who give most of his money to maintain an animal rescue place.

TIMING is very important.
For example if you help a person at the very critical time of need say at the point of suicide, the return of good karma is many times more than when the receiver is not in critical need of help. There is a true story of a very rich billionaire who was robbed and left abandoned in a remote place. He finally made his way to a small village restaurant and begged for some food, drink, and money to call back his HQ office. Years later this small restaurant owner received 100 million for helping the billionaire at his critical time of need.

“It’s very important drop everything to help a friend who is in a critical time of need.
Because a minute, an hour, or a day later maybe too late to help.
The moment of great need had passed, or the person had killed himself.”

~ Robert Chaen

What if the perpetrator is one of categories above, what is the Return of Karma?
If the perpetrator is say a king or a prime minister and he murders or orders a murder, the return of Bad Karma is 10,000-fold. This goes all the way down the scale of people where trust and power are given.
Therefore, in one lifetime a super rich king or billionaire may end with a minus karmic account and become a pauper in his next birth.

How do you absolve your Karma or sins?
You can absolve some if not all your sins or Karma by:
* amendments to rectify your sin, crime, or lies.
* asking for forgiveness from the victim
* public admission or public apology for your bad deed or crime.
Public means those who were involved. If the general public is involved or affected, the public apology must be made in the media or news.
* charitable work or good deeds.
* being a good example of reformation like the story of “The Prodigal Son”.
* private confession to a religious head.
* last rites prayer (at your death bed) by a priest of your faith.

Note: all references of he/ him / his applies to both gender for easier reading.


Robert Chaen’s other Quotes on Karma:

“You can never harm God or Angels because God and Angels do not have any physical bodies. Karma only applies to living human beings and the physical world .”
~ Robert Chaen

“God does not need any human followers’ protection, defense, justice, jihad, crusade, or punishment.
These are mere humans’ understanding of punishing and controlling other humans in the name of God.”

~ Robert Chaen

“If one uses in the name of a Prophet, an Angel, or God in vain (or whatever name of God one uses) to steal, rape, lie, falsely accuse, punish, maim, or kill, the Return of Bad Karma is 10,000-fold.”
~ Robert Chaen

From Robert’s conversations and channeling Angel Brenda, Robert’s Twin Soul.
First published in as “101 Shades of Karma [Twin-Souls Part 47]”
Published on Sunday, 15 March, 2015.
Updated on 21 February 2016 (see unannounced updates on this ongoing article)