Revealing The Untold Love Story of How Brenda & Robert met and the Legend of Mahsuri
[Twin Souls Part 67 Part 1]

Let me share our personal Twin Soul love story which will surprise many of our readers, and especially our friends and corporate ChangeU graduates as this is the first time I’m openly sharing our love story and how Brenda was linked with the Legend of Mahsuri in true detail (and rare unseen photos. click the side links to other related stories in light blue).

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Third Eye3

The Third Eye

One of the gifts of a Soul Whisperer like myself is the ability to use The Third Eye to “see” little glimpses of someone’s soul’s destiny and the soul’s Karmic past.

Our love story begins with Mahsuri – a young woman who lived in Langkawi, an island in North Malaysia, during the late 18th century. According to folklore, she was accused of adultery and executed by stabbing. Her tomb, Makam Mahsuri, has become a tourist attraction of Langkawi.

Bren & I Macau

Brenda and I in Macau in February 1996. I needed to send photos of my future wife to my parents after I proposed to Brenda on the second day of Chinese New Year 1996. Brenda Jose was Portuguese, born and died in Hong Kong.



Mahsuri, the legend of Langkawi who cursed the island for 7 generations.

Mahsuri was the daughter of a couple who moved from their native Phuket to the island of Langkawi in search of a better life. She was the most beautiful in all of Langkawi and married the warrior Wan Darus (or Wan Derus). As was required of him, her husband had to go to war with the attacking Siamese, leaving Mahsuri behind to fend for herself. It was during this time that Mahsuri befriended a young traveller and troubadour named Deraman.

The village chief’s wife Wan Mahura was jealous of Mahsuri’s beauty. She spread a rumour that Mahsuri was unfaithful and was having an affair with Deraman in the absence of Wan Darus. Eventually the rumours grew strong enough that the villagers openly accused her of adultery. Mahsuri pleaded her innocence, but no one believed her.

Mahsuri tomb

Mahsuri was accused of adultery and executed by stabbing. Mahsuri was to be tied to a tree (or pole) and stabbed to death but it didn’t work. After every execution attempt failed, Mahsuri told them to kill her with her family’s kris.

When she was stabbed, white blood flowed from the wound, signifying her innocence. Some birds flew above her to cover her body. With her dying breath, Mahsuri cursed Langkawi to have 7 generations of bad luck.

The curse was not as bad as it sounds. Actually Langkawi had already a Big War Karmic Debt from past generations, and Mahsuri’s ‘Curse’ was just a catalyst to accelerate the settling of bad Karma as a collective Langkawi society – over 7 short generations. Brenda had revealed that some countries especially when they wage war and suffering had to settle their country’s collective Big Karmic Debt through tsunami, earthquakes, natural disasters, civil wars, and economic failure.

The kingdom was soon taken over by Siam. The Siamese captured the island in May 1822, killed its leaders, and many of the islanders were taken as slaves, while others were forced to flee.

In the 1980s when Tun Mahathir Mohamad was the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia, Langkawi was his pet project and Langkawi became transformed and prosperous very quickly as a duty-free island. The 7 generations by Mahsuri curse was said to have been lifted then.


Image result for The journey mahathir, siti,

Robert Chaen​ was the MC-Host of The Journey Event on 16 September 2015 (MMU Cyberjaya).
The 3 VIP Guests were Tun Mahathir, Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza, and AirAsia Datuk Kamarudin Meranun. The Co-Organizer & Sponsor Bounce Back Malaysia was a CSR initiative under Robert’s company, ChangeU.

I personally met Tun Mahathir in The Journey event on 16th September 2015 when I was the MC-Host and Co-Organizer & Sponsor.

The Journey event was 2 weeks after Tun Mahathir & Tun Siti appeared controversially for the first time to openly support BERSIH 4 Street Protest in 2015. Those were the early days before Tun joined the then Opposition Coalition.

As the Co-Organizer & Sponsor Bounce Back Malaysia (a ChangeU CSR initiative) and MC-Host, we were sacred that no one would dare to be seen to attend this public event. Back then in 2015 just about nobody wanted to be near Tun Mahathir.

People told us then we were too stupid, crazy, and risky to co-organize an event with Tun M. What a huge difference 3 years makes. No one could predict then that Tun M would join the Opposition, be accepted by Anwar, and be PM nominee – crazy idea but now it’s history as Mahathir became the oldest ever Prime Minister in Earth’s history!

Actually… during The Journey event, my Angel Brenda hinted and whispered to me that this is a Beginning and Return of something huge. To be frank, I, being a Doubting Thomas, wasn’t confident that truth, justice, rule of law and return of Karma in this lifetime will eventually prevail over Najib’s tyranny, corruption and murder. But Brenda’s Prediction of The Return of Mahathir did come true.

I’m also seeing Brenda’s Prediction of The Return of Karma for the fallen Twin Souls of Najib & Rosmah beginning to be come true…

Brenda wanted to thank Mahathir for bringing back prosperity to Langkawi after her 7 Generation Curse.

I don’t what Brenda did… but against all odds and the biggest obstacles of gerrymandering and election cheating were transformed into incredible advantages for Mahathir and united the Opposition to win the 14th General Election on 9 May 2018.
I think this The Power of Divine Intervention and Karma happening.


Mahathir & Siti Nurhaliza duet My Way

Here I am as the MC-Host for The Journey event on 16 September 2015. I set up a pianist and got Mahathir to sing “My Way” with Siti Nurhaliza. This video became viral with more than 50,000 views.  It was a truly magical moment.

(watch viral video Mahathir & Siti Nurhaliza: )


A Perfect Tear Drop Blood Stigmata
I remember I had an extremely strong spiritual connection with Mahsuri when I first visited her grave in 1994 with Dorothy B., a famous American psychic and channeler . The psychic had strong reactions as we approached Mahsuri memorial tourist site. I vividly remember seeing a “perfect tear drop blood stigmata” dripping down from her right knee for about 2 inches long while I was driving a rented car. She did not have any cut or bruise. I’ve never seen a visually stunning blood stigmata before.

Eagle Feeding Langkawi

The famous Langkawi Eagle and sea hawks. Brenda has Hawk spirit (messenger) and I have Raven spirit (magic) and Owl spirit (ability to see through deception) in Native American mythology.

We went on our first trip to Langkawi together in 2000. Both Brenda and I had a very strong connecting firstly to the Langkawi eagles and sea hawks, secondly to Mahsuri when we visited Mahsuri’s grave. Mahsuri has many parallels with Brenda especially number 7 which is one of her Soul Numbers 7 & 11 (born on 7 April).

Our fate and key events are predestined
Back to the American psychic and predestination. Brenda and I met for the first time in the spring of 1994 at Dorothy’s channeling workshop in Hong Kong. There were no sparks of attraction as we were not really the body type that we find to be the most attractive. But a series of predestined “random” events changed both our lives and eventually we married in 1996…

Brenda did a few past life regression and healing sessions with Dorothy. Dorothy was aloft and was never comfortable around Brenda. In one session Brenda asked Dorothy if they were connected in some past lives. They both went back to an ancient time when they were mother and daughter.

In that lifetime Dorothy was the Chief High Priestess of an ancient civilization and she was getting old but she would not let go and give up her position to her young daughter Brenda. Dorothy was very jealous of Brenda’s popularity, beauty, and innocence. To cut the story short, eventually Brenda became the new Chief High Priestess and became even more successful, famous, and more powerful than Dorothy. At the end of that session both of them felt very, very awkward. BTW, both Brenda and Dorothy were Super Alpha Females in real life.

On a Fool’s Journey…
Dorothy wanted a passionate, personal sexual relationship with me. She was beautiful, blond, hot, tall, regal, savvy, had a huge commanding presence –
but… she was married and I felt very uneasy about that.

We did kiss, cuddle up, but we never had sexual intercourse, even when she wanted and desired me. We were emotionally intimate, but it was not intimate enough for her. She believed that only through a sexual relationship can there be a true soul-to-soul connection on all levels of body-heart-mind-spirit. Call me a silly fool! But I just couldn’t do it!

I was simply too naive, I wanted only to do meaningful spiritual and healing work with Dorothy, but not to get sexually involved.

Strict Virgin Celibate
I was single and had lost my virginity only 4 years earlier. I was a virgin celibate by choice for 10 years earlier when I was with the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation group. It was extremely strict, no sex even with couples, wake up for 4am meditation, 100% vegetarian food cooked only by followers. My brother Tom and I were the world’s  first Chinese in the world to join Brahma Kumaris in Australia. We also co-founded Brahma Kumaris Malaysia. So you can say we ranked very high – like a regional Bishop level. (I’ve left the organization since 1989).

A premonition of meeting a young Wizard
Before Dorothy’s first trip to Hong Kong she saw through a strong, vivid premonition of meeting a young wizard who would deeply intrigue her. She secretly recognized me on her first trip and workshop, and came back for a series of workshops in Hong Kong to see more of me.

On her second trip, I did form a simple business partnership with Dorothy to teach a series of spiritual, channeling, and healing workshops. For a few times that year, I tagged along and we traveled together and gave spiritual talks in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. She even visited some of my corporate clients. She wanted to teach some corporate training with me.

The iconic Twin Peak island across Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi (1st from left). During low tide, you can walk on a very narrow and shallow seabed to a sacred, magical sea cave for healing and manifestation rituals (the 3rd island from the left)

One of the projects was for both of us to take a group on a spiritual journey to Langkawi. That’s when we both checked out Langkawi for venue, field excursions, special local food outlets like Barn Thai which in the middle of mangrove reserve, beaches with a rare, roaring tidal bore, eco-hikes to sacred sea caves across Tanjung Rhu, and other sacred places.

Langkawi has a mystical history and ancient vibrations like Bali which has parallels with the mythological Lemuria and Atlantis.

Hell hath no fury like a High Priestess of the highest order scorned!
I put up an initial HK$10,000 capital to promote the event, but last minute Dorothy pulled out when she found out that I had fallen in love with Brenda. She was so pissed and furious when she found that out (think Queen Ravenna, Snow White & the Huntsman as in the super intensity of real life fights). I was so terrified. She proceeded to take a group by herself. I lost money and my pride, but I got peace of mind. It was not meant to be.

Cheung Chau
Langkawi reminded me a bit of  Cheung Chau. Before we got married Brenda and I lived in Cheung Chau Island. To us Cheung Chau is the most spiritual island of Hong Kong – more spiritual in vibration than Lantau Island where the famous, biggest outdoor sitting Buddha is. We had some of the most powerful spiritual experiences in Cheung Chau.

Cheung Chau & Scruffy

Cheung Chau pre-marriage days in 1995-1996. At the waterfront with “Scruffy”, the Warwick Hotel dog (known locally as Lucky). Brenda worked for a Discovery Bay real estate. Every working day I would walk Brenda to the pier with Scruffy. Then I’ll take Scruffy for a walkabout the island. You know every couple have their most favorite home – Cheung Chau was it for us, besides the Sau Wa Fong Wan Chai place. Those were truly carefree days – which I aim to bring back some of that quality of life and values – starting from now onward…

Rainbow Master

During 1995 I secretly taught Rainbow Master, a very deep and spiritual retreat workshop – without telling Dorothy in case she would get very angry or jealous (albeit we were in a business partnership only. She would send me very long faxes whenever she had issues with me. The fights were crazy and super-intense). Brenda was one of the 7 in my first group. I taught 4 Rainbow Masters Retreats only, but it fulfilled one of my life goals.



My last Rainbow Master. Here I was with my 2 other partners in Odyssey (it lasted around 1 year): Helen Forty (back row 2nd from left) and Brenda (in front extreme left).

One Night in Wan Chai can make a hard man humble…

In that period when I first met Brenda I was poor and had little money. I used to run my training business in a small 300 square feet rented and shared office in the red light district of Wan Chai, Hong Kong. At night a small pillow and a thin foldable foam mattress was my bed. My parents never knew about this secret. I would go to The Garden View – YMCA for my daily shower at the gym in 1 MacDonnell Road, Central.

Brenda offered me a bedroom in July 1995 in her 500 square feet Meditation Center in Cheung Chau which we both found earlier around February. At that time we were the best friends for 6-7 months, and both of us did not have any relationship for 3 years prior (It was a desert period for us. We would go to parties and try to meet our potential BF/GF!).

To be continued in… [Twin Souls Part 67.2]


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