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Why I’m so Gen Z, where I’m different, and what I haven’t tried [Twin Souls Part 43]

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I always said that I’m so Gen Z. This is proof:
I own and run 5 start-ups, my favorite toy is my iPhone 6 Plus, I spend at least 8 hours a day in front of my 27 inch Apple Thunderbolt Display, I personally operate 6 Facebook Public Pages with 3 personal FB accounts, I have 3 YouTube vlog channels, 1 blog website, I have 3 LinkedIn, 3 Twitter and 3 Instagram accounts, I’m in the global breaking news loop, I operate a very flat organization with little hierarchy (some Interns says none but that’s not possible)…

My hobbies are my job-mission (i.e. personal growth, transformation, giving back, charity work, spirituality, afterlife experiences, pursuit of truth), I FEEL the suffering, poverty, and death of people, animals, and nature (I handle crisis and stress well, I do have some sleepless nights), my company is fun, innovative, creative, ethical, with high integrity and purpose. Yes I’m always in a rush – impulsive.

I have great curiosity of life. I’m an Alpha, I don’t like people hindering my way, I have little patience for stupid people, liars, and hypocrites, I’m savvy, tough yet flexible, open, with a huge heart. I have a child-like innocence yet I can bring you to tears of realization.

What I don’t do as Gen Z is:
gaming (like TV, gaming to me is  a waste of one’s life), I’m not agile enough to twerk, novels (I’m a non-fiction reader, my library is extensive, I’m a walking encyclopedia).

What I have not tried as Gen Z is:
dating websites (looked but never dated), drugs (never tried any, even weed – I’m so high on life already haha).

Where I’m different from a typical Gen Z is:
I read thoroughly (skim-reading half information is dangerous to a Consultant-Coach, writer), I always take time to verify the truth before I pass on information, I have long attention spans, can research hours and be totally absorbed (or obsessed) in finding the depth of an issue or coaching tip, I can laboriously scan through tons of data and come up with 1 or 2 key points and “connect the dots” of complex ideas, if I’m in heavy creative writing mode I may switch off from the outside world…

I’m  bohemian, non-conformist, free-spirited, avant-garde, artistic, outrageous, yet I’m not a hippie, I’m very corporate,  (I’m very comfortable in full suit).

I live a simple life, I don’t want a car (although I love reading about the latest Lamborghini or Mclaren; I like being driven around and love siting in the front seat – I want to be in front where the action is, and the air-con is colder), my PMs are in proper English, I don’t like to watch violence, gory scenes, horror movies. I’m big picture and visionary. I don’t instantly google for solutions – I usually get my interns or Managers to do google research, I double check spelling and meanings with furore (a writer’s perfectionism & professionalism, it real matters). I constantly tweaking and re-tweaking (now that’s different from twerking or tweeting, ok Gen Zs)…