Facing Test of Faith #6 (on-going until death): The Attack of The Stones
[Twin Souls Part 94]

So far I had no preparation time, no warning when the first 5 Tests of Faith hit me.
And I passed all the first 5 Tests of Faith.

This Test #6 is about the betrayal, attacks from cynics and detractors – ongoing until death.

Test 6. Cosmic baseball bat

I’ve already been betrayed thrice. But I see it as a necessary setting of past karma with my Twin Flames – those who are closely connected to the Twin Souls Mission, and a catalyst for self realization and humility. I called it “the cosmic baseball bat” or “the cosmic fool’s joke is on me“.

Actually detractors are a good sign that you are on the right path. When you become a public figure there will always be fans and haters. And the the internet age, everyone can be a keyboard warrior or troll with or without a cause.

I think this Test #6 will accelerate as time goes on – as more and more people hear about my Afterlife Channel, Afterlife eBooks, fb.com/AfterlifeChannel, and YouTube videos.

This test is an ongoing test as more and more people read about my posts. I intend to write a book with all these documented material and hopefully publish this year in 2016.
(updated: I have already written 93 Parts of my first Afterlife eBook, and now writing my second Afterlife eBook.)

“No prophet is accepted in his own country.”
I’m not scared of this Test #6, as I’m well aware that there will always be cynics, skeptics, and detractors. They can attack me or even  kill me physically but they can’t kill my soul. Like a holy book said “no prophet is accepted in his own country.”

Test 6. Shot angel

In any case if anyone attacks, cheat, or hurt a Twin Soul, the return of bad Karma is 10,000 fold punishment.

Obi-Wan-Kenobi copy




I had déjà vu of my past reincarnations with Brenda as Twin Souls when we or one of us were tortured for our faith, betrayed, ostracized. As the key mission of Twin Souls is to light to the parts of the world in darkness.

Test 5. Walking in dessert

Walking through the Valley of The Shadow of Death

I had walked the valley of the shadow of death many times in past lives, and in this life.
I fear no evil.
Brenda was always on my side as my Twin Soul.
I’m protected by the Angel of Truth and Angel of Unconditional Love.


“Afterlife Signs from My Twin Soul Brenda”
The First Afterlife eBook by Whisperer Robert Chaen

Afterlife Signs from My Twin Soul Brenda by Whisperer Robert Chaen


Written on 25 February 2016.
Published on 20 August 2017.
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To be continued… Test #7 Believing in the Angelic Twin & Living the Call of the Twin Souls Mission