In God and Angels I Trust to Let Go Until I Die
[Twin Souls Part 82]

The last 2 Fridays and the last 2 weeks have been a roller coaster test of faith in letting go. On Friday April 2016, April Fool’s Day, my guardian angel Brenda locked me out of my master bedroom bathroom for the first time in my life.

Earlier the week was a very stressful week before the Drager Defense Launch Press Conference. My ChangeU Dream Team was stretched to the maximum although they were having the time of their lives. I had some friction fights with Carolyn Wai, my Chief Branding Strategist. Carolyn had asked me point blank to trust her to deliver a successful Drager Launch.

I pledged that I would let go and trust her. Then I went up to my master bedroom bathroom to find our that the door was locked. I just knew it’s Brenda who did this. I tried many times with 2 different sets of keys, I pushed very hard and tried many ways to open the door. Then I looked at the lock, it looked quite new. I went to a first drawer and found a set of 3 keys. I opened the door with the new set of keys.


I immediately took a shower and while showering I heard Brenda ask me “You said you trust Carolyn 15 minutes ago. Why do you still don’t trust me?” I cried and sobbed uncontrollably.

I was a doubting Thomas for 2 years since she crossed over. I pledged I will trust God and Angel Brenda for everything:
I trust Angel Brenda to take good care of me until I die.
I trust Her that my businesses and charitable causes will be successful.
I trust Her that I’ll have all my favorite “latest toys” until I die.
I trust Her that I’ll discover my future “Twin Flame” wife who will love me and be my companion until I die.
I trust Her that She will protect my loved ones, staff, and business associates.


The following Monday I found the only backyard sign, the Guard Dog Warning, had fallen which was a very bad warning from Brenda that Carolyn might leave us for good after the Drager Launch. Carolyn is well known in my company as the new loyal “General” and a guard dog who can detect cunning business Foxes.


1. IMG_8748.JPG

On Friday 8 April 2016, 3 Brenda’s Afterlife Signs happened one after another. My team and I came from a extended lunch with a client and news editor. First thing I noticed was my wooden Sun from Boracay, Philippines had fallen from the wall to the ground (the black tie broke), breaking off my ceramic Dragon’s tail off cleanly without toppling the dragon and completely missed hitting my favorite coffee mug from Langkawi.

It was a very weird scene.

2. IMG_8730.JPG3. Sun & Dragon1.JPG
The broken Dragon’s tail rested on Brenda’s black ink ceramic art-piece without breaking it.

4. Sun & Dragon2.JPG
One small fragment of the tail was lodged on the surface of the Sun, with another small hole next to it.

5. IMG_8747.JPG
Earlier that morning I had put up the Drager Defense Launch poster on the wall. I told my team at least 5 times that I would be quite upset if my once-of-a-kind coffee mug was broken from the Sun falling.


20 minutes later I start making coffee with Arissto coffee capsule maker in the pantry. Although there are strong vibrations from the coffee steamer I never had a coffee mug vibrated until it falls off until now for the first time. My team and I heard that same favorite mug break. And to my surprise I was not at all upset that my favorite coffee Langkawi mug of 17 years was shattered.

I discussed with Javin Tan, my intern leader that the broken mug scene was truly amazing! There were 4 broken pieces. The 3 smaller pieces I felt was about 3 people or staff. I said the biggest piece is me, the CEO but the mug handle was with one of the other 3 smaller pieces which may indicate that the operations of my company ChangeU will not be spearheaded by myself.

Brenda’s  afterlife message was clear I need to let go and let others lead.

Then both Javin and I nearly freaked out when suddenly Carolyn popped her head through the pantry door. She also brought the only sign that had just fallen from the gate. This was beyond any doubt Carolyn is here to stay as our “Chief of Staff”. She was very upbeat and said she wasn’t meant to come in but a series of unforeseeable events were cancelled last minute and the traffic was unusually clear for her to arrive at the right serendipitous moment.


I still have not connected the dots about the fallen Sun, but now I have 2 possibilities of this very important psychic premonition.

Last night I went to see “The Kid from The Big Apple”. For the first time there were no video but there was only sound for 10 minutes. I took the initiative to complain. The video came back and showed ads and upcoming movies right from the start, so the actual movie started 23 minutes after the showtime at 10:08 pm.

Tonight 10 April 2016 I had eaten a satay and paper dosai meal. I ordered a teh tarik (pulled hot milk tea). I was going to wash my mouth when suddenly there was a power outage for 20 seconds for the first time ever for me in this shop after coming here for 10 years. The Owner Boss who is hardly here forgot my teh tarik as immediately after I ordered the power outage happened. I got my tea 10 minutes after the first time order.

I think these series of rare afterlife signs are related to the unresolved Fallen Sun Afterlife Sign… All I know is there is something that needs immediate attention or to be high alert. But what is it Angel Brenda? Is it a good or bad sign, or a decision/ action I need to make?


From Twin Souls Whispering between Wizard Chaen & Angel Brenda.

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