Meeting of 2 departed wives and a green plastic plane MH370 sign
(Twin Souls
 Part 5 of the true real time story of a ‘Twin Soul’ connection, and the search for unconditional love, truth, healing, attraction, and spirituality)

Last night I had a most amazing conversation with Sun Fun CHONG. He first wrote in my Facebook on 30 March, 2014, “I believe she must have met your wife else why on earth should I find your blog!!!” What he was referring to was he thought that both our departed wives had met in the afterlife…

He told me his wife Geok Lee died in November 2012. And Brenda died on 23 December 2013. Our wives were born in the same year 1962, with only 3 days difference. Geok Lee was born on 4 April, 1962, and Brenda was born on 7 April, 1962.

Sun Fu went on a 3 day no food or drink fast and was on a remote beach south of Kuantan. On the first day of fasting on 26 March he saw a horseshoe crab and then suddenly a green plastic plane

kuantanBeach O

Kuantan beach (East coast of West Malaysia) – in a remote beach south of Kuantan where the green plastic plane MH370 sign was first seen.

He obviously wondered if it had to do with MH370. He saw another horseshoe crab. Watch the video:


green plastic plane

That night before he went to sleep he asked for some revelation in a dream. He did not receive any about MH370 but he felt he spent a great night sleeping together with her departed wife. He woke up feeling good. But he was curious about the green plastic plane. He google search MH370 and found my unique posting about a black beetle angelic sign stood out among millions of entries.

He contacted me in Facebook, as mentioned above. It was only 7 days later that we conversed. He had a lot to share with me in that 2 hour Skype chat. He practically told me his life story. I do have the uncanny ability for people especially strangers to share their life stories on the first encounter.

One story stood out – the night before the death of Geok Lee. She was dying of cancer which she fought for 7 years. She was heavily drugged and was like a zombie. She was not able to recognize anyone. Suddenly Sun Fu felt her pain. He had a strong urge to talk to Geok Lee. He told her not to worry, she can let go, and he will take good care of their 6 children.

Tender mercies, grace, and miracles

The next day on the day of death and with a great reduction of the drug, Geok Lee became conscious from being a zombie-like. She wanted to talk to all her 6 children scattered around the world. Her 2 eldest daughters were in USA. They hardly answer their mobile but that day she got through to chat with them. The sons were easier because they were sleeping at home or on the way home. The 4th son was the challenge. He was in UK on volunteer work. For some reason the 4th son’s head of volunteer work had the urge to lent his mobile for him to call her mother at 7:00am UK time.

Right after 7pm that night Sun Fu got the call that Geok Lee had passed away and the caller was sorry to inform him that he did not had the last opportunity to be with her when she passed over. But Sun Fu and each of the 6 children had said their last goodbyes to their mother. There was closure, tender mercies, and GOD’s grace. From Sun Fu’s perspective it was a little miracle.

It reminded of my own ‘little miracle’ when I connected dozens of our close friends from around the world to ‘talk’ with Brenda during a small window of opportunity from 11:15am to 2:45pm on the day of Brenda’s death. There were messages posted in my Facebook which were whatsapped to me by my team in Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong. I would read out loud those messages to Brenda. Close ones wanted the last opportunity to converse with Brenda at her death bed.

I thank my doctor brother Andrew for reminding me that she could still hear and ‘sense’ us even in a coma. She responded with tiny drops of tears and instant increase of blood pressure and jump in heartbeat ranging from 10 to 60 instant increases. In her last 2 hours when I massaged her and the heartbeat went from zero (with a small blip in the tv monitor) to 64 and hovered around 60 for half an hour!

Read Sun Fu Chong’s blog:

You can also read Sun Fu’s blog in memory of his wife, Geok Lee. It is written in real time just like my current style of blogging. If you are open and can go beyond the religious references, the story is a touching one about their battle with dealing with his wife’s cancer for 7 years.

I particularly love Geok Lee’s story about her pregnancy. It’s hilarious and won the best story-telling contest:

Lastly, in my last moments of the Skype conversation with Sun Fu, I revealed that Brenda’s last 3 words spoken through telepathy was “I, drama queen!” 

Sun Fu then said Geok Lee loved to call herself a ‘drama queen’. Our departed wives with only 3 days difference in birth must had talked in ‘the other side’, and they had some things in common so far.

This new chapter between Sun Fu, myself and our departed wives has only just begun… and the beauty of it all is I do not know what’s next if anything… that’s called ‘going with the flow’…

Angelic Sign

Maybe it’s not about the afterlife signs per se like the green plastic plane, beetle, or hawk but that afterlife signs are serendipitous catalysts to connect people here and from across the world to a greater good…

Published: Monday, 7 April, 2014, 3:55pm
Updated: Tuesday, 8 April, 2014, 12:53am

[Continued in… Part 6]

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