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Re-construction – not Brenda’s leg. I did not want to take any pictures of Brenda at her death bed. Her face and dying body in a coma were too sad for me to take. It would surely make you cry. She wanted to be remembered for her (extraordinary) life not her death.

Massaging Miracle: A mini miracle happened – Brenda’s heart rate went from 0 to 64 (Part 12)

I held her hand for long periods but it was 0 with a blip.
Occasionally hovering from 0 to 12 to 27 to 0.

I had so much time that I directed my team back in Kuala Lumpur to start designing a Obituary-Tribute-Condolences page.

I asked a nurse what is 0 heart rate with a blip, and 0 over 21 blood pressure mean?
She said it means a slow death that may last 1-2 hours.

Actually on hindsight she was on a very, very slow death (until the heart completely failed) since she went into coma on Friday.

A mini Miracle happened at 4:25pm
– from 0 to 64 heart rate instantly when I massaged her. Then it hovered at 60 for 30 minutes!

I did not massage her since before lunch at around 2:00pm.

I just massage her to test.
And her heart rate went from 0 to 64) instantly (with 0 over 22 blood pressure)..

It totally freaked me out.

I looked at the nurse, she stared back.
I couldn’t believe my eyes!

The heart rate came alive.
It hovered around 60 for about 30 minutes!

Anita and Brenda’s Dad had been waiting on standby to sign the death certificate since 3:00pm.
In fact Brenda’s Dad was just waiting the whole night since 1:30am to sign the death certificate.
Anita stared at me with disbelief.

I started talking quite aggressively to Brenda to please go already.
“We don’t Dad to wait another whole night again… no please” I begged Brenda.

I whispered louder and louder into her ear – “Bren, please go, please go!”
“Everyone is tired including me, OK.”

The Catalyst – Update at 4:53pm
(the exact words in the original Whatsapp from my mobile – no re-editing unless in brackets to clarify):

Someone (Anita) just commented that she miss me (“em sa tuck lei” not willing to go) therefore hanging on to my love.
I told her a hundred times already to let me go and not to worry about me.

And that they (typo) are many good people she has sent and manifested to (for) me in the last month or so
– Robert Chaen

Watch Robert’s video explanation on Brenda’s Day of death (source: Brenda Memorial KL)

Published: Sunday, 27 April, 2014. 3:07pm

[Continued in… @Part 13]

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