My first visit to Brenda’s Ossuary: my Transmutation from “Doubting Thomas” to Wizard Chaen
(Twin Souls Part 35 of the true real time story of a ‘Twin Souls’ connection)

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From Brenda’s last 25 minutes of physical existence, she has been communicating with me in many ways, through many people (staff & strangers), and has given me and others countless afterlife signs.

One recent afterlife sign was a young fly that sat my right hand for an impossible 20+ minutes with a message to all, including that my father may live longer when there is the will to live, and the focus is on good news, encouragement, and the positive.

I’ve documented only the key events and significant afterlife signs in my blog:

This is Part 35 of the true real time story of a ‘Twin Souls’ connection.

I feel every day Brenda’s love, guidance, presence, her attracting good people to join our vision & mission, and her protection from toxic, harmful people – for 11 months now. She is truly my Guardian Angel of Unconditional Love and Twin Soul.

Because I feel her presence daily, I didn’t had the urge to visit her ossuary. But finally… I took the courage to visit Brenda’s ossuary in Chai Wan, Hong Kong. It was very emotional, healing and empowering.

I’m Wizard Chaen
I felt I went through a year long transmutation and 7 key tests of faith. Now I let go of the “Doubting Thomas” in me. Let God.

I’m Wizard Chaen. I’m ready to live my destiny, and travel the world to bring light, truth, unconditional love, hope, healing, learning, transformation, 7th sense, afterlife signs, angelic phenomena, triple psychic premonitions, symbols, numerology, and spirituality. The Twin Souls odyssey continues…

Join angelic Brenda & I as we take you to places that you’ll never dream is possible – places in your heart, mind, spirit, and soul, places in the human psyche, animal medicine (spirit), nature, the unknown spirit world, oneness, and the universe.


Brenda’s 1st Anniversary Crossover Get Together
Date: 23 December, 2014. 8:00pm
Venue: ChangeU Center, 38A Jalan SS22/39, Damansara Jaya, P.J., Malaysia

To join event, click:

1. IMG_1358I put Brenda’s favorite flower (Sunflower) and her memorial card on the vase.


3. IMG_1444

Craig Santy accompanied me for brotherly support and to film a video documentary.
The exact view from Brenda’s ossuary – overlooking Chai Wan, Hong Kong and MTR. The exact facing direction is 15° NE.

It’s interesting that the HK International Airport airplanes’ flight path is directly above her ossuary view.
Craig tried a few times to photograph some planes but they disappeared into the clouds.

Read Brenda’s afterlife signs about MH370 and MH17 in my blog:

5.It was too emotional seeing the actual ossuary for the first time.

13. IMG_1451
14. IMG_1348

Craig Santy having a quiet moment with Brenda.
She brought us together through a seemingly random tweet I tweeted about condolences to the families of Freescale Semiconductor (20 staff died in MH370)
and how my cousin was saved by a role swap with his colleague who was on MH370.

Brenda send 2 similar first afterlife signs to connect us. One big spider strangely climbed up my projector screen which symbolized meeting someone in the film/ TV industry.
Craig a LA film & TV producer contacted me the very next day. He encountered a similar big spider motionless on his kitchen floor a week earlier. Read more:

15. IMG_1374

A big group of Hong Kong Kites (Hawks) live on the hill range.
Brenda has Hawk medicine (spirit) which means she is a Messenger – rightfully as she is the Angel of Unconditional Love.
She send quite a few hawks directly above her ossuary and us.
Read about Brenda’s Hawk Medicine:

16. IMG_1383Two hawks were seen fly-dancing, and they finally perched on the summit of the tallest building next to cementery.

17. IMG_1436

 Published: Friday 12 December 2014.

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