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Triple Luck or Triple Disaster Premonition? [Twin-Soul Part 33]

Triple Luck or Triple Disaster Premonition?
Super intense period from 7 November (a Triple 7 Day) and 11 November, 2014 (a Triple 11 Day)
[Twin-Soul Part 33]

777 -cropped

7-11-mark-six - cropped

In this super intense period what you think-say-do will be MAGNIFIED and ACCELERATED i.e. things will happen bigger and faster!

For example if you think-say-do NEGATIVELY, then you will attract negative effects and maybe triple disasters multiple fold.
Or, if you think-say-do POSITIVELY, then you will attract positive effects and hopefully triple lucky events.

According to my guardian angel and departed wife Angel Brenda, the 5 day period between 7 November and 11 November 2014 is highly significant and intense. Things are rather “quiet” on Brenda’s side since Craig Santy, my partner in branded entertainment, TV, film, new media, and branded events came to Malaysia in August to work on some projects for Chaen-Santy Media Group. BTW, Craig’s birth weight was 7lbs 11oz [7-11].

Brenda’s Birth Number and Soul Number are 7 & 11.
See other blog calculation and her Mark Six numbers afterlife article: Investigative Journalist finds Evidence that an Angel can control super-computers, animals, create power outage, and save lives in MH370 [Twin-Souls Part 28]

Having said that, Craig and I have been seeing consistent Brenda’s Triple Afterlife Signs:
Triple Bats appeared from no where and perched in our neighbor’s ceiling in the day time and have made it their home since 11 October, 2014.

3 Bats IMG_1841
Triple Snails very unusually and properly lined in a straight row – high above the mail box on Monday 3 November, 2014.

3 Snails IMG_9928

Triple Mushrooms by our gate – never seen before
Batches of mushrooms which were never seen before will grow every few weeks. They normally only last and shrivel up after 3-4 days.

3 Mushrooms IMG_8393

Triple appearance of a local Macaque Monkey – eating at our mango tree


Macaque Mango


A Triple Number Day is when the Day, Year or Month, and Total Number have the same (triple) numbers.

Numerological calculation of 7 November, 2014
(add and reduce all numbers to one digit number)
7.11.2014 = 7 (7 Day) + 11 + 7 (2+0+1+4= 7 Year) = 25
2+5=7 (Total Number 7 Day)
Therefore, a Triple 7 day. There are only six Triple 7 Days in 2014.

Note: this is not to be confused by 7 July, 2014 which is Total Number 3 Day)
7.7.2014 =  7 (7 Day) + 11 + 7 (2+0+1+4= 7 Year) = 21
2+1=3 (Total Number 7 Day)

Numerological calculation of 11 November, 2014.
11.11.2014 = 11 (Day 11) +11 + 7= 29
2+9=11 (a Master Number that not reduced to one digit; a Total Number 11 Day)
Therefore, a Triple 11 day. There is only one Triple 11 Day in 2014.

The consequences of a Triple 7 Day and Triple 11 Day will have long-term effects on learning, diplomacy, partnerships, politics, religions, spirituality, mastery, and what principles and values you stand for.

The remaining Triple 7 Days in 2014 are:

[ ] 16.11.2014 = 1+6 (7 Day) + 11 + (2+0+1+4= 7 Year)= 34 (3+4= Total Number 7 Day)

[ ] 25.11.2014 = 2+5 (7 Day) + 11 + (2+0+1+4= 7 Year)= 43 (3+4= Total Number 7 Day)

Read more… Robert Chaen’s Numbers Guide to Characters & Careers© Part 1: Birthdays:

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Published: Thursday, 7 November, 2014.
Watch here for UPDATES:

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