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Japan Triple Disaster in 11.03.2011: Earthquake-Tsunami-Nuclear Meltdown


Triple Disasters Premonition on 3 levels: global, national, and social/personal levels [Twin-Souls Part 29.1]

Angel Brenda Triple Disasters Premonition:
high alert on disasters on 3 levels: global, national, and social/personal levels.

I got a confirmation from Brenda that there will be a 3rd Malaysia-related Premonition Disaster after MH370 and MH17 in 23.07.2014. (full details: The TRIPLE Disaster Premonition is confirmed [Twin-Souls Part 25]

What are the coming Brenda TRIPLE Premonition Disasters after MH17? [Twin-Souls Part 24]

11 days later in 03.08.2014 it hit me when I read about the Triple Earthquake Strikes within 48 hours in 6.1 Yunnan (379+ dead so far), Okinawa, and Papua New Guinea.

A day earlier I was shocked when I connected the dots on The 3rd Taiwan-related Triple Disaster Premonition in 10 days: Taiwan-owned factory explosion in Jiangsu in 02.08.2014 (71 dead), Kaohsiung gas explosion in 01.08.2014 (28 dead), and the GE222 air crash in 23.07.2014 (48 dead).

And in Triple Air Disaster in a week, Air Algerie AH5017 crashed in 24.07.2014 (all 116 dead), TransAsia Airways GE222 crashed on 23.07.2014 (48 dead), and Malaysian Airlines MH17 on 17.07.2014 (all 298 dead).

Only after seeing these 3 series of Triple Disasters over the last 17 days (since MH17), it hit me hard that my interpretation that the triple disaster is limited to Malaysia-related disasters only is not the full picture.

Now, what I realized is there will be a series of Triple Disasters on 3 levels: global, national, and social/personal levels.

The rule of 3

1. On a global level:
These triple disasters affect several to many nations such as MH370, MH17, 26.12.2004 Boxing Day earthquake-tsunami.

  1. On a national level:
    These triple disasters affect the nation as a whole e.g. the Triple Taiwan-related disasters, 11.03.2011 Japanese triple disaster in 1 disaster (earthquake-Tsunami-Fukushima nuclear meltdown)
  1. On a social/personal level:
    These triple disasters affect a certain segment of society, or a personal level.

Published: Monday, 04.08.2014. 10:27am

Updated: Sunday, 10.08.2014. 10:39pm


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Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 8.36.11 PM (Hong Kong time)

To track earthquakes:
29 earthquakes in 7 days in Asia.
Banda Aceh 5.3

Coming up… How to detect signs, and prevent or minimize the Triple Disaster effect

Coming up… Triple Happy Events
Since there are Triple Disasters, on the positive side there should also be Triple Happy Events.
With so much bad news lately, I’m so wanting to ask Brenda to reveal more about happy events and other positive things… 🙂

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