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Afterlife Bat Signs [Twin Souls Part 68]

Afterlife Bat Signs
[Twin Souls Part 68]

Twin Bats

Cute Twin Bats that have my backyard ceiling as their home – a very unusual occurance

My free cutest Pet Bats hang near my window, and 1 of them watches over me. I call them  “Batty Boop”. I say hi to them everyday and blow my cool breath at them. They react in the cutest way with their super-flexible ears. They are only 3 feet above my head.

I recorded these series of bats over a few nights and daytime. They look small when they are perching but when they are flying they look like an average size Asian bat. They like to groom themselves during the daytime before they go hunting at night.


The bats bring back fruits to eat from the perch.


It’s a very rare, auspicious afterlife sign from my Twin-Soul, Brenda.
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