Escaping the Karmic Debt Cycle of the Addicted Seducer
[Twin Souls Part 79]

If you realize you are a Seducer Daji, well… there’s still hope for you.

Some 9-tailed Fox Dajis may choose to go from the Dark Side to the Light and become a “Kitsune” a benevolent Fox.

How to Escape the Karmic Debt Cycle of the Daji
 The first step is to recognize you have the Characteristics of a Daji Seducer.

 Getting out of the Addiction to Vices like luxurious lifestyle, shopping sprees, affairs, smoking, vaping, alcohol, gambling, drugs, prostitution, internet, and gaming will need determination and support from committed friends and loved ones.


 If you are a womanizer or promiscuous, you need to realize that once you actually STOP your sexual conquests, you’ll begin to attract a real relationship with even an attractive woman or man.

 You also need to stop thinking that the grass is greener on the other side as this is a defect of Seducers.

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 Be in the company of 9-Tailed Fox Catcher-Slayer: Benevolent Kitsune Fox, Fox-catching Dog or Wolf Wizard

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 Being in a willing relationship with a Wolf or Dog may be an easy way to reform from the Fox Seducer.

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 Some Psychologists and Sex Psycho-Therapists suggest Masturbation as a safe way to release your sexual outlet. But more importantly, masturbation can partially satisfy the need for sex obsession and romance addiction.


From Twin Souls Whispering between Wizard Chaen & Angel Brenda.

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