“I Origins” Film Review: Impossible Signs of Afterlife and closure [Twin Souls Part 37]

 Craig Santy pm me that Brenda was on the plane when he flew from Hong Kong to Los Angeles. He said Brenda sent him a movie to watch “I Origins”. It’s full of number 11 (Brenda’s birth number).

When I flew from Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur on 7 December 2014, I had to watch “I Origins”.

The story is about a cynical scientist Ian Gray who discredits God and creation by discovering that eyes have evolved. And then he discovered impossible signs of afterlife.

In one part of the story Ian felt he did not have closure with Sofi, a woman he planned to marry – because he did not had a last chance to talk to Sofi. But he seems to have closure through other ways. “I Origins” is a great film, go get it and watch it with someone you love. I cried.

I too deeply felt I did not have closure as Brenda was in a coma by the time I saw her in ICU, Ruttonjee Hospital, HK. But I did talk with her telepathically in her last 25 minutes of her physical life. Hundreds of friends saw my Robert Chaen Changeu FB posts on the day of her death. I smelt her the whole night of her crossing over. I channeled her the very next day as she wrote her own obituary-tribute through me. She sent me the irrefutable “7 and 11″ afterlife sign (her birthday and birthpath numbers) in a form of a computer generated lottery ticket 2 hours after she crossed over.

Although she has been communicating with me and I’ve been channeling her ever since her crossing over, I felt I did not had proper closure. I wished, I wished I had talked to her when she was conscious. The last time we talked was 64 days before her death when I hugged her goodbye before she left for Hong Kong after staying with me for 2 weeks in October 2013. But it was not meant to be. This Brenda-sent-movie finally made me realize that there was closure but not in the form that I wanted.

This is also Brenda’s message to her friends who think that they had no closure as they did not say goodbye to her directly or consciously. She has been listening to you. You can always chat with her on a spirit level. You are spiritually connected with her. If you want an afterlife sign from her, ask for it and she will respond. Just be open-minded.

Brenda used to say that sometimes we want love to come in heart shapes only. And when love comes symbolically in square, round, or triangle shapes we don’t recognize or we are not willing to accept these odd shapes as other true expressions of love…

2 parts of the movie I really liked:

“Humans are like blind worms. Just because humans can’t see God doesn’t mean that God doesn’t exist.”

The other is a quote when the Dalai Lama was asked if he would change his mind about some aspect of religion if there was some new scientific proof. He said yes. The question was then asked in reverse to the skeptical Ian if there was a spiritual experience that challenges or disproves some scientific fact, would you change your mind about spirituality or God? (these were not the exact words but what I could remember as the essence of the matter).


“Afterlife Signs from My Twin Soul Brenda”
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Afterlife Signs from My Twin Soul Brenda by Whisperer Robert Chaen


Published on 14 December 2014
Updated on 26 August 2017

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