Recognizing the Twin Angels: Brenda as the Angel of Unconditional Love, and Robert as representing the Angel of Truth: Test of Faith #2: Recognizing Robert as representing The Angel of Truth [Twin Souls Part 81.2] 

So I freaked out to discover that Brenda is now the Angel of Unconditional Love.

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Twin Souls – the eternal connection

Later that afternoon after she crossed over, it dawn on me that if I am Brenda’s Twin Soul and she is the Angel of Unconditional Love, then what angel am I representing…

The revelation was the Angel of Truth. I was in deeply torn between disbelief and skepticism and realization and acceptance of my new role. Brenda clarified that I’m just representing the Angel of Truth as I’m still in a human body. I was relieved.

On the last day, 6 days after she crossed over, while I was showering I felt a gigantic energy Force came into me. I started to say “I’m the Angel of Truth” many times – louder each time.

Bumble Bee & I
Bumble Bee Metaphor
I felt like Transformer Bumble Bee. I felt like a gigantic angelic force came inside my small human body and mind I could hardly contain all the energies. I managed to video this experience. I had read about such super intense spiritual experiences of saints, religious founders – but me. No way!

I fought it off and pushed very hard to get back to normal as I had a flight to catch. The moment I got into the taxi to go the Lai Chi Kok MTR station, I collapsed in exhaustion. All my high energies for the last 6 days were gone. I felt the physical reality of not sleeping enough. I felt very very tired. I texted Min Jie my CFO that I .

As my trusted advisor he had earlier advised me not to blog about my experiences as friends and especially my corporate clients may be think I had gone cuckoo. I told him I must share the truth of what I had experienced.

I was in the biggest roller coaster period of my life. I flipped from sheer faith to pure doubt. It really looked like a bipolar  grandiose episode. The Brenda did the impossible. She showed me her first irrefutable afterlife sign – her 2 soul numbers in a computer-generated Mark Six lottery which I “randomly” bought 2 hours after her crossing over – while walking from Ruttonjee Hospital in Wanchai to Causeway Bay to meet Andrew my brother for dinner.

Test 3. truth

Connecting the Dots of the Twin Souls Mission: My First Twin Soul Milestone

Over the next 11 months after she crossed over, she sent me countless of afterlife signs for me to connect the dots on what our eternal Twin Soul Mission is. One impossible and therefore irrefutable afterlife sign was a common fly sitting on my right hand for at least 21 minutes. 2 of my interns and Craig Santy who was staying with me saw the afterlife phenomena. Sue May my intern video-taped it.

Only after I visited Brenda’s ossuary for the first in 4 December 2014 I was able to connect the dots of our Twin Soul mission. BTW, both of us would not be able to recognize our true Twin Soul Mission until one of us crossed over. The crossed over soul who has taken an angelic form will communicate with the Other on Earth about our mission. There are many reasons why it is so and that’s for another article.

My Second Twin Soul Milestone: Valentine’s Day 2016
I’ve been on high gear since Valentine’s Day 2016. All the ducks are lining up. I now fully recognize that Twin Soul Powers and representing The Angel of Truth come with full responsibility. I need to keep my body as good, healthy temple of God and The Angel of Truth.


From Twin Souls Whispering between Wizard Chaen & Angel Brenda.

whispering baby

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To be continued… Test #4 Fit for The Temple of an Angel