This is my experience as a Volunteer for 2 days, and as an Attendee for 2 days in RISE, Asia’s biggest tech conference. The RISE statistics show: * 16,000+ Attendees * 350+ Speakers  * 700+ Journalists * 100+ Countries  * 71% Senior Management

A4. RISE = Robert Is Speakers' Escort

Entrepreneurs and Government Ministers in Asia and around the world are encouraged to be present to see and feel the SCALE of RISE, the innovations and trends happening in the global tech world.


Scale of Rise IMG_9780.JPG


10 July 2019; Attendees at MoneyConf Stage during day two of RISE 2019 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Hong Kong. Photo by David Fitzgerald.jpg

The Stages & Sections:

Centre Stage / Q&A / Venture Stage / Startup / Growth Summit / PITCH / CIS Stage / MoneyConf / Women in Tech / Roundtables / Machine Demo / PandaConf + creatiff / Press Village


My Highlights: Being a RISE VIP Speaker Escort at the Speakers’ Registration Counter
I escorted some VIP Speakers and  Tony Fernandes (Group CEO, AirAsia) and handling Speaker & Guest Protocols of his 10-member entourage. Not surprisingly many attendees have not heard of Tony Fernandes even though most have heard of AirAsia.

Judging from the crowd, Tony Fernandes was one of the top three most popular Speakers besides Thuan Pham (CTO @ Uber), and Mon-Liang Tan (Co-founder & CEO @ Razer).




CEO-Celebrity Whisperer Robert Chaen was the first to welcome Tony Fernandes at Speakers Registration in Day 1 (9th July 2019)


RISE Speakers


RISE 2019 - Day One

9 July 2019; Min-Liang Tan, Co-founder & CEO, Razer, on Centre Stage during day one of RISE 2019 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Hong Kong. Photo by Stephen McCarthy/RISE via Sportsfile

Image result for Min-Liang Tan at RISE

The Cult of Razer: From Startup to Global Brand – Min Liang Tan. click Youtube video (2016):


Image result for Thuan Pham (CTO @ Uber) at RISE

Uber CTO, Thuan Pham, says competing with Didi is ‘very healthy’ despite their complicated relationship. Read article:

3 Reasons Why I Attended RISE?
Reason #1: The RISE International Networking with Speakers & Chairpersons/ Media/ Investors/ Startups & Exhibitors (Alpha, Beta, Growth)/ Volunteers/ Staff is amazing. It’s way better, wider, and higher caliber than any networking group you can ever join.

Reason #2: The Talks & Latest Insights from Speakers

Reason #3: The High Energy & Inspiration to sustain and face the challenges in the year ahead


The RISE App will provide you:
● schedules in the different Stages
● access to: Individual’s brief Bio, Interests, Details (job title, fields, country), Social Networks (e.g. Twitter) and Chat: with ALL RISE people involved, including email (which must be downloaded). However, there are no mobile numbers for obvious reasons that you need to connect directly with the individuals.


Night Summit
Social networking after 8:00pm at the best pubs in Hong Kong

2. IMG_9910.JPG

3. IMG_0219.JPG

Community Events
Invitations (mostly free with limited food and drink) to different startup incubators


RISE Speakers & Guests (i.e. Speaker’s entourage), Forum Chairpersons:
This is the first and most important registration counter.

RISE Press (Green Tag), Media Village & 6 Press Interview Booths
This is the second registration counter empathizing the importance of publicity and massive coverage of RISE. 700+ journalists cover RISE. They are housed in Press Village.
They need to book 30 minutes slots for one of the six Press Interview Booths.


One of the six Press Interview Booths in Media Village


RISE Investors (Light Blue Tag)

This is the third registration counter. It’s very obvious the most popular people are the Investors. Some are felt they are too “harassed” by too many people approaching them that they turn over their Investor Side to the general RISE Pass side.


3. IMG_9936.JPG

RISE Startup Grading
Alpha:  early stage startup
Beta:  expansion-stage startups
Growth:  growth-stage startups
Growth Summit:  The world’s top growth stage startups present
f.ounders x Hong Kong:  Private gathering of 150 founders of the world’s top private tech companies


General Attendee

A toast to the women in tech community at the Women in Tech lounge by David Fitzgerald RISE.jpg

Women in Tech

Ticket Support
This is like an offline Tech Support. All problems that other registration counters can’t handle such as missing key information are directed to Ticket Support.

Ticket Support - IMG_9405.JPG


RISE Staff

1. Group Photo by Stephen McCarthy - Cropped.jpg
Here are my favorite RISE Staff:

Ricardo Pinto IMG_9811.JPG

Ricardo Gandara Pinto (Data Engineer @ Web Summit) – mainly at Speakers, Chairpersons, Guests Registration Counter



RISE Volunteers

With my experienced interpersonal skills as CEO-Celebrity Whisperer, I was rotated to nearly every area in RISE. Involved in all registration counter types from Speakers, Press, Investors to General Attendee and Women in Tech.

I was involved in Night Summit counter which I did well with transportation directions as I lived in Hong Kong for 18 years with Hong Kong Permanent ID and married a Portuguese Hong Konger, my late wife Brenda José. Brenda studied in King George V School (KG5). Brenda’s eldest brother is Gerry De José who was a famous Radio DJ in RTHK Radio 3.

Volunteers' Refreshments IMG_9379.JPG

Volunteers’ Refreshment is basic: coffee, tea, apples, bananas (gone daily by 3:00 pm). HK$65 for lunch is too little – not enough to have a drink. HK$90-100 is more appropriate for all the free hard work Volunteers provide.

My Favorite RISE Volunteers:

Claudia IMG_9809.JPG

Whisperer Envisioning at Centre Stage RISE.jpg

In 2020 I’ll be back as a RISE Press

One Day I’ll Be Back as a RISE Speaker

xx My suggestions:

#RobertReview: 9 | 10

Robert highly recommends spending your hard-earned money in RISE Conference for 3 reasons:
1.  The RISE networking is Asia’s largest tech network. You have access to world’s top tech speakers, investors, and editors from Uber, Razer, JD, Giphy, JP Morgan, and TechCrunch. Or just network with General Attendees for support along your tech journey.

2. Sourcing for good startup projects to invest in (from Alpha, Beta, Growth to Top 150 Tech companies). You can find them in the PITCH stage.

3. Selecting from the widest range of Tech Services from Venture Builders, Incubators, Tech Solutions, etc.

Compiled and written by: Robert Chaen, CEO of Movsha Tech Influencers Show Host


Published: 23rd October 2019.


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4. IMG_9552.JPG

My Highlights: Being a RISE Conference VIP Speakers’ Escort at the Speakers’ Registration Counter


2. Min-Liang Tan 1, Co-founder & CEO, Razer, on Centre Stage by Stephen McCarthy RISE.jpg

MEET Rise 2019 Speakers, Asia’s Biggest Tech Conference


2. IMG_9910

Night Summit (social networking) Photo Gallery @ Rise Conference


1. IMG_0197.JPG

Ophelia Club @ Night Summit


1. IMG_9943.JPG

RISE Investors, Startup Exhibitors, Press and Tech Influencers at Asia’s Biggest Tech Conference.


RISE 2019 - Day Three

My Favorite RISE Conference 2019 Staff


RISE 2019 - Day Three

My Rise Conference Volunteer Experience and My Favorite Rise Volunteers