RISE 2019 - Day One

AirAsia’s Tony Fernandes’ Juicy Life Stories, His 2 Toughest Times (QZ8501 Crash) and The Blue Plane Najib Razak Incident Untold Explanation. https://tinyurl.com/y6bnezmr

RISE 2019 - Day One

MEET MIN-LIANG TAN, CEO of Razer, in conversation with Jon Russell, Writer, TechCrunch, on Centre Stage
“Razer focused on mobile gaming”

The startup latest trajectory is not a route taken by most – moving from being a static provider of hardware to software, services and payments courtesy of a partnership with Tencent. How do you take mobile gaming to the next level?
RISE 2019 - Day Three

Actress/ Singer/ Author/ Entrepreneur. She is known for her leading roles in the TV drams Hanya Kamu, Monyet Cantik 2, and Ganteng Ganteng Serigala.

“Turning social presence into social good”
With 50% of the population udner 40, and 130m social media users, any Indonesian influencer can have a significant effect on the course of their society.

Meet Prilly. She has 29.5m Instagram followers, she is the most followed social media influencer by millennials in her country. As an active advocate of several key social issues face by her country, Prilly discuss using this incredible power to affect positive social change in Indonesia.

Speakers from left: Renee Wang (Cashbox), Prilly Latuconsina, Clara Fereirra Marques (Reuters, Breaking News) at Startup University Stage.

“From entertainment to entrepreneurship”
How can the entertainment industry learn from entrepreneurs? In this talk Indonesia’s biggest movie star, and founder trying to build the “Netflix of podcasts”, will discuss innovation in entertainment.

RISE 2019 - Day One

“Uber’s road ahead” with Shelly Banjo (Bloomberg) @ Centre Stage, Rise.
In the last decade, ride-hailing behemoth Uber has gone from defiant startup to a publicly traded company valued in the billions.
Thuan Pham, their Vietnamese-American CTO for the past 6 years, explains how he’s scaling Uber’s engineering team to address the challenges that come with the next phase of the company’s journey; and discuss how his journey – from refugee to top engineer talent – has played out.
Read about >> Uber CTO says competing with Didi is ‘very healthy’ despite their complicated relationship

RISE 2019 - Day Three

“The GIFs that keeps giving” @ RISE Conference

Where you are sending a text, posting a story, sharing a snap, etc. – where there’s communication, there’s GIPHY. Curious to how GIPHY has become such a major content tool for more than 500 million DAUs around the globe?

Alex Chung shared how his company is pushing the boundaries of short-form entertainment, bringing search to messaging, as well as what’s next for the world of GIFs.


6. Paul Loo CX

Chief Customer & Commercial Officer @ Cathay Pacific Airways
“Co-Creating Cathay Pacific” @ Centre Stage, Rise Conference

How is Hong Kong’s home carrier moving beyond in its pursuit to build a comprehensive tech ecosystem that helps groom the innovators of tomorrow?

CX CCCO Paul Loo charts a course through the airline’s IT transformation journey and the essential role emerging startups will play in forging Hong Kong into one of the world’s leading tech hubs.

[ Note: Read about the shocking RESIGNATION of both Paul Loo and CX’s CEO Rupert Hogg >> https://tinyurl.com/y3op75wp ]

7. Nanxi Liu, CEO of Enplug, Emmy Award

CEO of Enplug
Liu was selected to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2016.

Enplug is the #1 open software for digital displays. The easy-to-use software lets businesses manage and distribute content on displays. Compatible with any size display, Enplug’s award-winning software is used by Fortune 500 companies around the world including malls, stadiums, corporate offices, restaurants, hotels, and banks.

Uniquely, Enplug’s software enables interactive Twitter feeds, Instagram feeds, waitlists, news, dashboards, and many other content. Effortlessly schedule content on one or thousands of displays on Enplug’s web dashboard.

Read article about Nanxi Liu >> https://nextshark.com/nanxi-liu-enplug/

RISE 2019 - Day Three

Founder @ First Code Academy
Edtech: different region, different software?

Michelle is Founder of First Code Academy, a leading coding and STEM education company that teaches coding to kids from 4 to 18 in over 30 locations in Asia. Michelle was featured on Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia List and BBC 100 Women Entrepreneurs.
RISE 2019 - Day One

“All jokes aside with Hannibal Buress.” @ Centre Stage, Rise Conference
“From entertainment to entrepreneurship” @ Startup University

To be comedian in this day and age can often mean more than just joke telling. Entertainers are, in many ways, society’s conscience.

What is the influence of pop culture figures on our viewpoints and the way we experience the world? Hear from actor, comedian and podcaster Hannibal about his journey in creating content, staying humble, and delving into gaming, investing and even the cannabis business.

How can the entertainment industry learn from entrepreneurs – and how and entrepreneurs learn from entertainment? A top US Comedian, and Indonesia’s biggest movie star and founder trying to build the “Netflix of podcasts”, discussed innovation in entertainment.

Hannibal has expanded his focus to include tech-investments and building Melvina Masterminds, tech and arts nonprofit.

RISE 2019 - Day Three

MEET Raman Hui & Ellen Poon of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences from Hong Kong. “The art of creating awe: Technology and Movie-making. At Centre Stage in Rise Conference.

As the only art form based on technology, storytelling on the Big Screen is accelerating in this age of rapid technological development. How has technology advanced movie-making and movie-going, and how are artists harnessing this technology to tell more emotional, impactful and entertaining stories?

Animator, film director. Worked on movies such as Antz, Shrek, Shrek 2, co-directed Shrek 3. Directed Dreamworks shorts Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five, Puss in Boots: the Three Dialblos. Also directed Chinese movies Monster Hunt 1&2.

Visual Effects Supervisor & Visual Effects Branch Executive Committee member of Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

Poon is a world renowned expert in the highly creative and technical field of visual effects for over 30 years. She has collaborated with many acclaimed and award winning Directors such as George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Christopher Nolan.

CFO & Chief Product Officer @ Stripe
“Moving money at internet speed and scale” @ Centre Stage, Rise conference.

Will Gaybrick is the CFO & CPO at Stripe, a tech company that builds economic infrastructurefor the internet. Will leads Stripe’s business and product teams for Stripe’s core products, including payment, radar, terminal and more.

Read about >> Payment Giant Stripe Talks About Future of the Internet Economy.

RISE 2019 - Day Three

East meets West: The K-pop invasion.

Wendy Ayche, better known as Wengie, is a Chinese Australian YouTuber personality, vlogger, singer, and voice actress. As of 2018, her YouTube channel had over 13 million subscribers, making her the most popular YouTuber from Australia.

RISE 2019 - Day Two

MEET RICARDO VARGAS, Executive Director of the Brightline Initiative, on Corporate Innovation Summit Stage, RISE Conference.

A Project Management Institute initiative together with leading global organizations dedicated to helping executives bridge the extensive gap between strategy design and delivery.
13. Ricardo Vargas 2 IMG_E0669

Get your FREE BOOK on: The Chief Strategist Officer Playbook >> https://www.brightline.org/resourc…/thinkers50-cso-playbook/

What is the Brightline Initiative? 
Video: https://tinyurl.com/y24mjkj3

RISE 2019 - Day One
MEET Bowen Zhou, Vice president of JD.com & President of JD AI, JD.com, on Centre Stage by Stephen McCarthy

RISE 2019 - Day Three
MEET Bryan Uyanwune, Co-founder, Kora Pay, on Centre Stage during day three. Photo by Stephen McCarthy

RISE 2019 - Day One

MEET Cassie Kozyrkov, Chief Decision Scientist, Google, on FullSTK + binate.io Stage . Photo by David Fitzgerald

RISE 2019 - Day Three

MEET CYNTHIA SALIM (Founder @ Citizen’s Mark)
JOSH LUBER (Co-Founder, StockX)
HENNY SENDER (Chief Correspondent, International Finance, Financial Times)
“Predicting what’s in fashion” @ Centre Stage, Rise Conference

Cynthia Salim is an Indonesian-American Forbes 30 Under 30 thought leader in sustainability. She is the founder of luxury ethical fashion brand Citizen’s Mark based in New York, and Director at private members club Straits Clan based in Singapore.


RISE 2019 - Day ThreeRISE 2019 - Day One

MEET Daniel Farkas, Co-founder & CEO, Drops, on PandaConf Stage by Seb Daly

RISE 2019 - Day Three

MEET Eric Gnock Fah, Co-founder & COO, Klook, on Centre Stage Photo by Stephen McCarthy

RISE 2019 - Day One

MEET Janice Lee, Managing Director, PCCW Media Group, on PandaConf Stage by Seb Daly

RISE 2019 - Day One

Min-Liang Tan, Co-founder & CEO, Razer, in conversation with Jon Russell, Writer, TechCrunch, on Centre Stagehoto by Stephen McCarthy

RISE 2019 - Day Three

MEET Sherisse Pham, CNN, right, and Brooks Entwistle, Uber, on Startup University Stage during day three. Photo by Seb Daly

RISE 2019 - Day Three

Speakers, from left, Renee Wang, Castbox, Prilly Latuconsina, Actress, Singer, Author, Entrepreneur, and Clara Ferreira Marques, Reuters Breakingviews, on Startup University Stage by Seb Daly

RISE 2019 - Day One

RISE 2019 - Day Three

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Compiled by Robert Chaen,
CEO-Celebrity Whisperer, Host of Movsha Influencers Show.
A Rise Conference Speakers’ Escort at Speakers Registration.

Published: 26th August 2019.

MEET Rise 2019 Speakers, Asia’s Biggest Tech Conference



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My Highlights: Being a RISE Conference VIP Speakers’ Escort at the Speakers’ Registration Counter


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MEET Rise 2019 Speakers, Asia’s Biggest Tech Conference


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Night Summit (social networking) Photo Gallery @ Rise Conference


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Ophelia Club @ Night Summit


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RISE Investors, Startup Exhibitors, Press and Tech Influencers at Asia’s Biggest Tech Conference.


RISE 2019 - Day Three

My Favorite RISE Conference 2019 Staff


RISE 2019 - Day Three

My Rise Conference Volunteer Experience and My Favorite Rise Volunteers