My Rise Conference Volunteer Experience
With my experienced interpersonal skills as CEO-Celebrity Whisperer, I was rotated to nearly every area in RISE. Involved in all registration counter types from Speakers, Press, Investors to General Attendee and Women in Tech.

I was involved in Night Summit counter which I did well with transportation directions as I lived in Hong Kong for 18 years.

And the highlight of my Volunteer Experience was being a Speakers’ Escort for Tony Fernandes (Group CEO of AirAsia) and to handle protocol access issues of his 10-member AirAsia Entourage.

#RobertReview (Rise Volunteer): 9.5 | 10

Volunteers' Refreshments IMG_9379.JPG

Volunteers’ Refreshment is basic: coffee, tea, apples, bananas (gone daily by 3:00 pm). HK$65 for lunch is too little – not enough to have a drink. HK$90-100 is more appropriate for all the free hard work Volunteers provide.

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Robert’s favorite Counters were Speaker/ Chairperson/ Forum, Press, and Night Summit.



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1 of 6 “No Talking, Only Posing & Teasing, Strictly No Touching, Nameless Mannequins in Venetian-Domino Masks & Quasi Cheong Sum” at Ophelia Club, Wan Chai, HK 
@ Night Summit (nightly social networking in the best HK pubs after Rise Conference).

20. Ticket Support - IMG_9405.JPG

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R.I.S.E. = Robert Is Speakers’ Escort. Escorting Tony Fernandes and his 10-Member AirAsia Entourage.


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Katie Bolger (Head of Volunteers) and Michael Whelan (Volunteer Coordinator @ Web Summit

My Favorite RISE Volunteers:

Claudia IMG_9809.JPG

Claudia Kosasih (Intern from Indonesia)

5. IMG_9939

Lili Nyugen (Brinc Intern from Paris)

6. IMG_0041

Robert’s Partners-in-Crime:  Danny Lee (IT Consultant from Holland) and Ethan Yan (HR Labor Entrepreneur from Malaysia)

7. IMG_9595

Robert helped a  Volunteer to get an autograph from Tony Fernandes

8. IMG_0006

9. Henry Cheng IMG_9795

Henry Cheng (Associate Director, UBS)

10. IMG_9806

Alexandra Harrington (Collaborative Partnerships Director from Australia)

11. Elaine

Elaine Lau (Senior Consultant at EY, HK from Malaysia) and Hana Makhlouf (from Egypt)

RISE 2019 - Previews

Celia Leung (Partner @ GEO Wines) & Grace Lam (Strategic Development Manager @ Foodpanda Hong Kong). 8 July 2019; Volunteers prior to the start of RISE 2019 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Hong Kong. Photo by Cody Glenn/RISE via Sportsfile


13. IMG_0019RISE 2019 - Previews15. IMG_959816. IMG_021918. IMG_0034


Published: 31st July 2019.