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RISE 2019 - Night Summit Wednesday

Venture Dinner @ Ophelia (photo by Seb Daly)

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1 of 6 “No Talking, Only Posing & Teasing, Strictly No Touching, Nameless Mannequins in Venetian-Domino Masks & Quasi Cheong Sum” at Ophelia Club, Wan Chai, HK
@ Night Summit (nightly social networking in the best HK pubs after Rise Conference). 

“Er… excuse me, would you like a Starbucks? Whisky Sour?
What’s your name? You look like a Hong Kong Chinese, aren’t you? 
Actually now that I think of it – you do look like one of last night’s Protesters. Remember I shielded and saved you from a pepper spray with my looooong Yellow Umbrella… were you the one I saved?
Anyways, what’s the deal with the Peacock Feathers?
Hey, I know a great Dim Sum place. When are you off work?
You know… one day… soon I’ll be a Crazy, Rich Asian Tycoon… my brother is a doctor and we run a Beauty & Botox clinic near Sogo… and… and my LOVE 18C Handmade Dark Chocolates Franchise…er… Ma’am, would you like to taste my Love… chocolates.
Hey I know a funny joke about “EYES WIDE SHUT” movie…er.. never mind alady.
Hola, you don’t talk at all. You don’t smile, do you uh?”

(Me trying my best to chat with an Ophelia Queen but failed desperately. She didn’t even look at me haha) 

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MEET MS. PARFAIT (receptionist from Belarus)

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Published: 7th August 2019.

Ophelia Club @ Night Summit (nightly social networking in the Best Hong Kong Pubs), Rise Conference