RISE Staff
Here are my favorite RISE Staff:

Ricardo Pinto IMG_9811.JPG

Ricardo Gandara Pinto (Portuguese Data Engineer @ Web Summit) – mainly at Speakers, Chairpersons, Guests Registration Counter.



Soraia Torres Lage, Portuguese Startups Coo @ Web Summit



Christy Ko, Registration @ Web Summit (Hong Kong Chinese)



DRAKE Doppelgänger: RICARDO LIMA, Team Leader Startups, Web Summit


Katie Bolger (Head of Volunteers) and Michael Whelan (Volunteer Coordinator) @ Web Summit


RISE 2019 - Day Three

11 July 2019; Staff on Centre Stage during day three of RISE 2019 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Hong Kong. Photo by Stephen McCarthy/RISE via Sportsfile

Published: 30th July 2019.

My Favorite RISE Conference 2019 Staff