Around 9pm on 28th September 2019 I was very slowly cycling on the pedestrian walkway along Jalan Pudu (opposite Pudu Sentral and before Tung Shin Hospital). This was my first time cycling on the slightly raised walkway – normally I would cycle on the road edge.

The stretch of walkway along Jalan Pudu, KL where the snatch theft happened the night before.

Suddenly a man in front of my bicycle lunged forward to snatch my favorite Rayban sunglasses hung on my t-shirt collar. The ease and smooth targeted move gave the impression he had done this many times before i.e. snatching people’s things.
But he did NOT run away.

I went back the next day and took this photo. He was on a long video call, wearing a different color cap. He ate in a Malay food outlet and hung around the general area. 

While still on my bicycle I turned round and politely ask for it back, and started talking with him standing in front of my bike. He was probably in his 40s, did not wear torn or dirty clothes like a homeless person. He looked Indonesian and well fed. He was not drunk or aggressive.
In fact he was highly aware: he read the words on my red t-shirt, pointed at my rings on both hands, and mumbling. I spoke in Bahasa and English but he just mumbled. I asked if he worked at the tour guide shop in front. He pointed at a parked van and here and there.
He let me snatch his decent-looking black cap but he was not interested to have it back. He wanted my shades and refused to give back to me. I gave back his cap.
Then he pointed at my golden Wide-angle Lens for my iPhone clipped on my right pants pocket. He started to come to my right side. I immediately got down and use my bike as a protection barrier.

I decided it was not worth fighting.

I told him my sunglasses was my GIFT to him and cycled away.

Otherwise the return of Karma will be 10,000 fold to steal from a Soul Whisper or Twin Souls.

In my heart and Soul I thanked him for averting a much bigger KARMIC THEFT.


My favorite Rayban shades that was snatched.
(photo credit: my portrait by Artist Lyndon Loo

By Whisperer Robert Chaen

Published: 28th September 2019.
Updated: 29th September 2019.



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The Jalan Pudu KL Snatch Thief who doesn’t run away.
A lesser KARMIC THEFT averting a much bigger Theft.