Saving 72 Virgins’ Top CULT List 2018. These Cults will likely Isolate Your Children & Friends

Saving 72 Virgins’ Top CULT List 2018
You need to Know WHO are listed as Cults
List 2018 has Cults which range from extreme, toxic, militant Jihadist groups like ISIS to benign religions like Bahai Faith.

Both Cults & Isms are listed here.  Not every group mentioned on this site is considered a destructive, sinister, or dark cult. Some are ‘benign isms’ — different but not emotionally or socially destructive.

Definition of a CULT:
●  a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.
●  a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.
●  a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing.
●  a person or thing that is popular or fashionable, especially among a particular section of society.
Michael Langone, ICSA’s Executive Director, defines a cult as “a group or movement exhibiting a great or excessive devotion or dedication to some person, idea, or thing, and employing unethically manipulative techniques of persuasion and control designed to advance the goals of the group’s leader, to the actual or possible detriment of members, their families, or the community”.

●  Saving 72 Virgins have simple criteria for cult evaluation, what is the bottom line results and outcomes of the cult no matter how lofty their ideals are: 
●  Example 1:  If the cult breaks up families and isolate them from friends and relatives then the cult is dangerous, even if it thinks strict celibacy (brahmacharya)  is good discipline for all its members. 
●  Example 2:  If the cult encourages its members to kill thousands of non-believers and apostates, or labels apostates as the worst humans on earth then it’s obvious the cult is major threat to humanity.
Example 3: If the cult advocates racism, extremism, religious fascism, heavy policing, mind control, then the cult is a destructive, dark cult.

Example 4: If the cult strike fears by predicting the end of the world, global destruction, and end times for the Earth and asking its followers to renounce the worldly desires and give their assets, money, property to the cult, then the cult is a Doomsday Cult.

●  Note:  Celebrities fan-cults are not listed here.

A Wake Up Call Introduction to Saving 72 Virgins’ Top Cult List
At SSTV we had observed that in the last 50 years of Earth’s history how Cults have infiltrated, spreaded, and some deceiving dark cults listed are actively destroying the very fabric of modern society but the Cult Leaders and Followers are truly blind to their faith.

It is 100% likely that you or some of your friends and relatives are or were involved in some cult, or another. There are obviously various degrees of destructiveness and fanaticism in cults. No every group mentioned here is considered a dark cult.

Research, read more and decide for yourself – Knowledge is Power.

DONE crowd

Cross-Cultural & International Cult Research by SSTV and ALC:
The Editors, Cult Expert Associates, and Investigative Journalists of both “SAVING 72 VIRGINS” [SSTV] Network and her sister organization “AFTERLIFE CHANNEL” [ALC] have many years of extensive knowledge and experience in Cult Research in The Top Cult List 2017.

Therefore, we have every Human Right to:
1) Comment – Criticize – Counsel – Coach – Challenge – Confront any cult listed in SSTV Top Cult List 2018.
2) Check & Balance the radical extremism power of cults.
3) Help Cult Members get the right, truthful, independent insights about their cult.
4) Assist Cult Members to escape especially Extreme Toxic Cults from their daily brainwashing and deceptive mind control.

Ground Rules
We are not interested in fiery rhetoric in videos or blogs, or long comments or counter-comments with commenters – we can have a Public Debate for this purpose.

Cult Followers, you too have every right to believe in WHOEVER you want to believe, to worship your guru, religious founder, or God.

Blind Faith

Our only advice to Cult Fanatics is: “Blind faith may lead to ignorant bliss, but it also lead to bad choices, and letting your religious leaders control and police all your key life decisions.” ~ Whisperer Robert Chaen ~

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”
~ François Voltaire ~

It’s Time for The Good Citizens of Earth to Wake Up, Stand Up, and Protect Mother Earth, its living beings, living things, and humans before we humans destroy Planet Earth.

Saving 72 Virgins Network (SSTVN) has compiled cult information from the following websites:
International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA)      click here
Cult Education & Rick Alan Ross    click here
Cults New Zealand:
Cult Awareness and Information Centre
 (since 1995):
Cult Awareness Network (CAN) – BEWARE: this website now owned by a Scientologist, and now acts as its front   click here

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20K & 250 Americans Joined ISIS



Jihadist Islamic Militant Terrorist Cults:
Abu Sayyaf
ISIS   (read article on Malaysia’s Wake-Up Call: The Dark Truth about Extremism and the 50,000 IS supporters in Malaysia    click here)

Boko Haram

Christofascist Cults: 
  click here

Ku Klux Klan (KKK)


Buddha-Fascist  Cults:
969 group (led by a Myanmar monk, Ashin Wirathu)    click here

Christian/Bible Cults:

Christian Science – Mary Baker Eddy   click here
Family International, The (TFI; previously known as Children of God)    click here for ABC News 20/20 video
Jehovah’s Witnesses   click here
Mormons / The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints / LDS Church
Shincheonji Church of Jesus the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony    click here
Seventh Day Adventism   click here

Commercial Cults:

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM, Network Marketing): Amway, Herbalife    click here

Eastern Cults:

Ananda Marga/ Sidda/ Syda Yoga   click here
Asaram Bapu   click here
Aum Sinrikyo   click here
Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (Raja Yoga Centres)    click here
Brahma Kumaris Splinter groups:
Dera Sacha Sauda Sect (Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Rape Conviction)    click here
Eckankar   click here
Falongung   click here
ISKCON; Hare Krishnas   click here
Mahikari   click here
OSHO (formerly Rajneesh)    click here
Soka Gakkai   click here
Sri Chinmoy   click here
Sri Swami Satchidananda   click here
Syda / Sidda / Siddha Yoga   click here
TM – Transcendental Meditation (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi)   click here

Political Cults:

Larouche   click here

Other Cults
some of these cults are rated as benign
Bahai Faith     click here
Conspiracy Theorist; New World Order   click here
Trekkies (Star Trek)
Druidism (Wicca)    click here
King Arthur & Camelot    click here
Native American Medicine & Medicine Cards    click here

Islamofascist/ Extremist Political NGOs Cults:

Islamic Defenders Front (Indonesia)   click here
Islamic Research Foundation (Zakir Naik)      click here
Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa (Ibrahim Ali, Malaysian)    click here

ISMA & (aka Malaysian Muslim Solidarity, Ustaz Abdullah Zaik b Abd Rahman ; Malaysian)    click here

Hindu-Fascist Cults:
Hindu Fascism Marxist Swearology     click here
The Saffron Swastika: The Notion Of “Hindu Fascism” by Koenraad Elst    click here
Cow vigilante groups     click here

New Age Cults:

some are rated as beign    click here
Doreen Virtue and Angel Therapy – highly rated with good reviews    click here
The Old Age New Age Movement    click here
Mysticism in America     click here


Saving LGAT Junkies


Psychotherapy & Large Group Awareness Training Cults:    click here
CULT WARNING:  Many LGAT’s MO is to deceptively coerce ENROLLMENTS from every graduate convincing them that they need to learn enrolling skills to make it in life BUT Enrolling becomes the main driving force of LGAT Coaches focus and just about every new Group challenge is to ever increase enrollments.

Another LGAT course format is they push very hard to promote the 3 Levels of Participation (most LGAT follow Alexander Everett (The Father of Human Potential Development Movement) format with small variations:

1) Basic Level (Wednesday to Friday evenings 6pm to 12 am), Saturday & Sunday 10am to 10pm or later): price ranges around US$500.

2) Advanced Level (Wednesday or Thursday to Sunday, 4-5 whole days and evenings 10am to 10pm, probably 12 am): price range around 50%-100% more than Basic around US$1,000+ – this is their sales Killer they desire. They cleverly give a 1-on-1 Interview immediately after the Basic to supposedly evaluate your progress in Basic but actually the ulterior motive of this Interview (which you must sign up during registration) is to hard sell you the Advanced.

3)  90 Day “Leadership Program”: there are many names for this, usually with a lofty, title such as Legacy, Integrity Network (for Life Dynamics,  Leadership Program for Asiaworks) over 3 weekends: at the beginning of the 90 days, in the middle weekend, and last weekend (10am to 10pm, or later):  US$400-500.

Cult Warning: This 90 day program is cleverly positioned as as a legit leadership program but actually the LP is the ultimate massive Enrollment Machine to coerce LP students to openly commit in front of everyone an enrollment number which will be recorded and listed openly for Small Team Leaders (small groups of 10s) to use group pressure for push very hard that Enrollment is a Life Goal/ Skills they must pass. If you enrol anything LESS than 100% the student will label as a failure in this Enrollment area.

NOTE:  The seminar hours are very long, it covers the whole weekend. It is to ensure that they wear down the resistance of LGAT students.
If the above MO doesn’t look like a hard-selling Cult, we don’t know what is.

Some of these brands had asked us to remove them from the SSTV Top Cult list. It is obvious  because their $$$ multi-million income is at $take, that’s the main reason why they are the most protesting of all Cult groups.

We stand by our warning of these big money-making groups as these groups have the most complaints of the cult categories listed. Many Ex-LGAT had very strong opinions about them as newer and newer splinter groups break away, and the cult cycle gets repeated again with hard-core enrollment drives.

Note to Other Anti-Cult Websites who face Protests from LGAT groups:
You are doing a great service to the society by warning potential students of loss of income, etc. Always remember:  LGATs should complain DIRECTLY to the families and colleagues of their cult students who has lost their relationship with them. LGATs have no scruples and no shame.
At Saving 72 Virgins Network, we stand in solidarity with the Cult Victim Families.

We have listed only the popular key players in LGAT. Because of their ultra hard-selling and very pushy approaches.

Christopher Howard Training   click here
Re-evaluation Co-Counselling   click here
Life Dynamics
LifeSpring   click here
EST (erhard seminar training); Landmark Forum; Landmark Education   click here
Scientology (Dianetics)   click here

A List of Large Awareness Training Organizations    click here

A Note to LGATs:  Saving 72 Virgins & Afterlife Channel will UNLIST any LGAT group only if they STOP the bad ENROLLMENT practice of openly coercing graduates especially the third level 90 day program.


Cults are like Cancer

Evidence-based Medicine & Health Cults:
Our ancestors lived in a pre-scientific world where the evolution of “logically illogical” thinking helped them survive.
Science doesn’t come naturally; we prefer stories to studies. How can we decide if a medical treatment works?
The scientific method is the only way to get reliable answers. Evidence-based medicine was a good idea but failed to live up to its promise.
How science-based medicine is different from evidence-based medicine and why it is better.

Science Based Medicine vs.Evidence Based Medicine
(Lecture 1 by JamesRandiFoundation)    click here
What is CAM/ Complementary & Alternative Medicine (Lecture 2)    click here
Chiropractic  (Lecture 3)    click here
Acupuncture   (Lecture 4)   click here
Homeopathy   (Lecture 5)   click here
Naturopathy and Herbal Medicines   (Lecture 6)   click here
Energy Medicine   (Lecture 7)   click here
Miscellaneous “Alternatives”   (Lecture 8)   click here
Pitfalls in Research  (Lecture 9)   click here
Science-Based Medicine in the Media and Politics (Lecture 10)   click here



1. World Religions -symbols


World religions such as Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism etc are NOT cults.

Understanding Judaism   click here
Understanding Islam    click here
Understanding Hinduism    click here
Understanding Confucianism   click here
Understanding Buddhism    click here

Ex-Cult Support Groups


Ex-Political & Therapy Cults
EX-EST/Hunder Project
Ex-Hare Krishna – ISKON
Ex-Syda Yoga
Ex-Trancendental Meditation (TM)
Ex-United Pentecostal Church
Ex-Seventh-Day Adventists
Ex-Way International
Ex-2×2’s, Workers, Cooneyites
Ex-Christian Science
Ex-LOCAL CHURCH / Living Stream Ministry
Ex-Moonie (Unification Church)
Ex-International Church of Christ (Boston Movement)
Ex-Mormons (Latter Day Saints)
Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses

Other Cult Alert
As it’s not possible to list every latest small splinter cult group, if after you have done your due diligence and think that we should include some Cult groups, write your comments below, with article links.

The owners and the writers featured in this website and other social media/website links are NOT responsible for any good or bad actions by individuals or groups resulting from reading these articles, videos, quotes, and all media.




By Whisperer Robert Chaen,
Consciousness Thinker-Writer-Speaker

Published on 14 September 2017.
Updated on 7 April 2018.

Copyright 2017-2018 ©

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Published by

Robert Chaen

Global CEO-Founder of ChangeU and Movsha Movers & Shakers, Hero-CEO Whisperer, Writer, The #1 Alpha Change Expert, Father of Asian FireWalking Robert Chaen is an International Keynote Speaker, writer, researcher, and corp games designer. He is famously known to be the “Hero-CEO Whisperer”, 1-on1 coaching with many CEOs and Celebrities for corporate strategies, staff & office political issues, personal branding, and even public figure OSHA safety drilling called Drager Defense. He has transformed CEOs and managers in Coca-Cola China, TVB Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Airport Services, VADS, TM, Public Bank, Auditor General's Office Maldives, etc. He is the prolific creator and online Author of innovative management tools such as DragonCEO, Diamond Leader, Papillon Personal Effectiveness, OSHA Drager Defense, KPI Bank, etc. He is also the Founder of Movsha, an international networking with monthly mingles with MOVers & SHAkers, Angels, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Celebrities, HR-PR-CSR, HODs, and the Most Influential IDEA people. ​Chaen is widely considered as one of the top International Platform Keynote Speakers for Resorts World Genting Senior Management Conference (Manila), 7-Eleven HK, Samsung, Coca-Cola China Mini-MBA @Tsing Hua University, Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Jockey Club, The Story Conference where he interviewed Datuk Kamarudin (Chairman of AirAsia) and Siti Nurhaliza. He has been widely featured in TVB, AWSJ, CNBC, SCMP, The Star, and Sin Chew. As “The Father of Asian FireWalking”, he coached TVB celebrities (Ekin Cheng Yee-Kin) to walk on 650°C fire; and raised HK$68M in the world’s 1st and only live TV Charity FireWalk (TVB Tung Wah Charity Show), before Tony Robbins even came to Asia. If Robert can get you to walk on 650⁰C fire, he can inspire you to be THE BEST. He champions CN-HK-EU-US Tycoons to be philanthropic, and to be angel investors to support the next generation of Jack Mas, Steve Jobs, Richard Bransons, Steven Spielbergs, or Barrack Obamas. With some slick motivational speakers with fake doctorates out there, graduates often describe Robert to be "the most credible, empowering, truthful Coach" who believe in his graduates to believe in themselves. ​However, clients have described Robert as "The #1 Cool Badass Alpha Change Expert". He has the coolest first class stature, rapport and trust from clients. He will not hesitate to tell the badass truth ever so gently because clients are paying him big bucks to reveal the truth, find solutions, persuade the hostile HODs, and align cross-teams within the organization. Originally based in Hong Kong for 20+ years, he had worked with top Branding/Ad agencies at J Walter Thompson and Leo Burnett, and was a certified FranklinCovey (7 Habits) in USA, and NLP MasterCoach (USA). His warmth is known to soften the most hardened, resistant sceptics. He will inspire your team to Go for Top 1, or to be a Dragon CEO. With boundless energies, Robert owns 15+ successful business Joint-Ventures, and created unique products under his global VC network called Chaen's Angels VC. He is deeply passionate about ChangeUTH Youth CSR, Science-Based Medicine (vs. quackery), short films and Reality TV. Touched by a personal tragedy through the loss of his HK-born Portuguese wife, co-coach and business partner, Brenda José of 18 years, Robert explores the many ways in which the spirit world is communicating with the living with real scientific studies and evidence. He gives inspiring conferences on The Secret Afterlife.

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