Robrenda, Twin Souls
Bringing Light, Truth & Love
[101 Summary. Proof & Secrets]

Robrenda Twin Souls

This Robrenda visual includes the original picture of Robert & Brenda’s Wedding GuestBook Cover.

Wedding guests wrote their wedding messages in both the Hong Kong and Ipoh, Malaysia Celebrations. Brenda José was a Portuguese born in Hong Kong. Robert Chaen is Chinese Malaysian born in Ipoh, Malaysia.

Anniversary - I carry you as we help others to be strong

Twin Souls Research by The Afterlife Channel
Robert have been researching and writing extensively about Twin Souls since his wife Brenda cross-over on 23 December 2013. Brenda his guardian angel of love has been whispering Secrets of The Afterlife to him ever since.

Brenda's Ossuary

Robrenda Twin Souls Mission:
In a nutshell: Bringing Light, Truth & Love.

(Robrenda is pronounced as rob-bren-da)


Robrenda’s Purpose Statements (V-M-V)

Robrenda’s Vision: Sharing the Secrets from The Afterlife with Love Angel Brenda
Robrenda’s Mission:  Bringing Light, Truth & Love.
Robrenda’s Core Values:  ● Light   ● Truth   ● Love   ● Wisdom   ● Compassion

Twin Souls Showdown -

Light Twin Souls Banishing Dark Twin Souls, Deceiving Spirits, and False Gods


Robrenda’s 7Bs Purpose:
The key activities and objectives of Robrenda Twin Souls Mission:
1)  ●  Bringing Light, Truth & Love.
2)  ●  Building Awareness, Proof & Secrets of The Afterlife, Afterlife Channel Communities, raising funds, providing workshops for spiritual breakthroughs, speaking and organizing Afterlife Conventions regionally
3)  ●  Blessing spiritually lost souls, grieving families, saying Crossover Prayers to the newly departed – through the Power of Trinity Prayer (praying soul-to-Angels-to-receiving souls); Predicting Premonition Disasters.
4)  ●  Bridging together Light Twin Souls, Light-Workers, and Interfaith Religions to counter the cancer spread of destructive cults (constructive and positive cults are welcomed).
5)  ●  Backing “Saving 72 Virgins” Network: Cult Awareness & Rescue and providing support for Ex-Cult Members and their families.
6)  ●  Banishing, Cornering, and Praying for Fallen Dark Twin Souls, Deceiving Spirits, and Fake gods to return back to the Soul Universe and immediately incarnate as human souls to pay for their Mega-Big Karmic Debts. click here
Backing and Praying for ArchAngels to banish Evil Fallen Angels of Lucifer-Satan grade: “Good Conquer Evil”
7)  ●  Balancing Check & Balance in Politics in Countries which had gone further into the Dark Side of Corruption, Crime, Killing, and Wars.

Robrenda's 7B Purposes

Robert & Brenda’s Twin Soul connection is eternal which means we are connected from time immemorial. They met in every lifetime, and they swap roles in various relationship configuration – some lifetimes as husband-wife (was in this current lifetime), soul siblings, sisters, brothers, cousins, parent-child, grandparent-child, Mongolian army chiefs/warriors, philosophers, apostles of a religious founder, crusaders, and French writers.


triple angels of light truth love

A beautiful art representing The Praying Angel, The Love Angel & The Truth Angel
Robrenda, Twin Souls: Bringing Light, Truth & Love


Aurora Goddess 25-Angel-art_by_Ironshod Anne Stokes

Twin Soul channeling the Truth Angel, Love Angel & other Angels and praying for Fallen Angels, Dark Twin Souls, newly crossed-over souls, grieving relatives  – through the Power of Trinity Prayer   (praying soul-to-Angels-to-receiving souls) nn[Art by Anne Stokes]

The Power of Trinity Prayer
(praying soul-to-Angels-to-receiving souls)
Robrenda recommends you to try this simple soul-to-Angels-souls method of channeling Angels for their blessings, 
The 4 simple steps in The Trinity Prayer Method:
1.  First state who you are by your first name (no need for your full names as even Angels are known for first names only):  “I’m Robert”
2.  State who are the receiving souls or yourself:  “I’m praying for Michelle and her boyfriend Sam.”   “I’m praying for myself or my soul.”
3.  Call upon specific Angels or Deities and the energies they represent e.g. “I call upon Love Angel Brenda.”  “I call upon Robrenda to shower blessings of light, truth, & love.”   “I call upon Kwan Yin to bless 
4.  State clearly your Intention of your Trinity Prayer:  “I pray for Michelle to have the courage to leave her abusive boyfriend Sam.”

So the entire Trinity Prayer will sound like this:
“I’m Robert. I’m praying for Michelle and her boyfriend Sam. I call upon Robrenda to shower blessings of light, truth, & love. I pray for Michelle to have the courage to leave her abusive boyfriend Sam.

Triple overlap rays RGB

Links with Angels:
Twin Soul Robert is linked with The Angel of Truth aka The Truth Angel.
Twin Soul Brenda is linked with The Angel of Unconditional Love aka The Love Angel.
Robrenda Twin Soul (combined form) represent Light, Truth, & Love.

Note: Whisperer Robert Chaen is just a human albeit with the 7 Purposes & Capabilities at this moment whereas Brenda has become a full-fledged Angel, 100% in the Angelic Realm and connecting with channeling souls on Earth.

Please don’t pray to Robert as he has not gone 100% to the Angelic Realm yet. Rather if you want to call upon Truth and Light (Light is the synergistic combined energies of Truth & Love), then call upon Robrenda instead.


Difference between Angelic Realm and Soul Universe
The Angelic Realm is where Guardian Angels, ArchAngels (such as Michael, Gabriel, Metatron, Auriel, and Raphael, etc.), The Holy Ghost, Angels (like Brenda, the Love Angel) sends their messages, guidance, protection, and Divine Intervention


Where is Brenda now and When is she Incarnating?
Since Brenda has crossed-over to the Angelic Realm, her angelic entity operates only in the Angelic Realm and not from the Soul Universe. She whispered to Robert through a psychic celebrity Joanne on 15 February 2017 that she will incarnate 5 years after she crossed over.

TwinSouls icon - never-ending-love-cropped

Twin Souls Soul Agreement Meeting
Robert & Brenda made a Soul Agreement on 23 August 2017 that Brenda’s Soul will enter a womb and will be born around after 23 December 2018. Twin Souls Robert & Brenda are predestined to meet each other naturally without actively searching for each other from the 7.5 billion living humans on Earth.

Likely Brenda will incarnate as a girl and the process of Soul Agreement Meeting may start as early as when the new incarnated Brenda is 2-4 years old (around 2020-2022), up to as late as 18 years old (around 2036-2037).


SECRET Twin Soul New Incarnation Verification Tests:
The New Incarnation Verification Tests will not be revealed to the public so as to ensure that potential parents or suspected girl incarnations do not read about them and try to convince Robert.

Only Brenda & Robert had ‘Soul Agreed’ some secret tests BEFORE she incarnates.
During the period of September 2017 to December 2018 the Twin Souls Agreement whisperings will be formalized.

Test 3. infinity-heart-cropped

Robrenda Twin Souls Continuous Incarnation
This is the very first time in Robert & Brenda Twin Souls History where a Continuous Twin Soul New Incarnation as each Twin Soul take turns to incarnate is happening. Brenda whispers that it is because Earth has evolved so drastically in the last 50 years and especially in the Internet Age where human and spiritual evolution is greatly accelerated.

This compares with The Dalai Lama’s new continuous incarnation process (the current Dalai Lama is the 14th Incarnation of Tulku). Since Dalai Lama had lost his Potala Palace, The Dalai Lama had openly declared he had chosen not to incarnate until the Tibetan issue is settled which he thinks it will not happen in his lifetime.

Let Your Soul Fly


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By Robrenda
Published on 1 September 2017.
Updated on 30 September 2017.

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