The 7 Uprootings of Whisperer Robert Chaen
[Proof & Secrets]

The First Uprooting:  Studying in Melbourne [1977]
I left the comfort of my parent’s den for good in hometown Ipoh, Malaysia and my Alma Mater St. Michael’s Institution, Ipoh, and studied at St. Kevin’s College in Melbourne. I studied Business Studies at Swinburne University.

Tom, my eldest brother (I’m the youngest of 3 other siblings) introduced me to Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University & Raja Yoga Centres. Tom & I were the first Chinese to be Raja Yoga leaders in the world. I went on pilgrimage 10 times to Raja Yoga’s Headquarters in Mount Abu in Rajasthan, India.


Robert & Ferrari in Toorak

Swinburne University days and living in Toorak (opposite the Australian Open Kooyong Tennis courts, and St. Kevin’s College is on the left). No it’s not my Ferrari 308 GT/4. There were many sports cars parked outside my residence house as Toorak is where the rich and famous live.


The Second Uprooting:  Servicing Spirituality in Malaysia [1981]
I gave up my studies to found the Raja Yoga Centres in Malaysia (the first center was in Bangsar) with Tom as the Country Head. My first corporate career was J Walter Thompson, a top Advertising agency while I conducted meditation classes in the evening.

On hindsight I consider Raja Yoga as a ‘doomsday religious cult’ but they have lofty intentions of changing the world from Hindu concept of Kali Yuga (Iron Age, the most degraded human state on Earth) to Sat Yuga (Golden Age, the most highest human state on Earth 5,000 years ago).

I was a teacher of Raja Yoga strict practices of waking for 4am meditation, Brahmachariya or celibacy (I was  a 31 year old virgin when I pop the cherry with a Brit woman), pure, strict vegetarian. I converted thousands into vegetarians as I became famous in Raja Yoga for my Chinese vegetarian and sweet Chinese/Malaysian/ Nyonya desserts. At work I did not eat food cooked except by Raja Yogis.

Read more about: My CULT Confession: Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University & Raja Yoga Centres are a Dark Cult    click here


Raja Yoga - Tom & I at 25th Anniversary.jpg

From the 25th Silver Anniversary of Raja Yoga Malaysia book (2006)

The Third Uprooting:  Building a Corporate Business, Researching New Age, and Finding Brenda in Hong Kong  [1987]

I was invited to Hong Kong by Sister Maureen Chen, my sister-in-law who was the Country Head of Raja Yoga Hong Kong (Tom and Maureen were a couple but was instructed to live in separate country-centres).


After studying Numerology and Symbolism extensively and privately I changed my name to Robert Chaen as soon as I arrived at Hong Kong – for a higher numerological with 2 Master Numbers 22, 33 adding to 55 which is perfect harmony with my “Number 1” Soul number.

I started studying in the New Age Shop, Hong Kong – that was where I first met Brenda at a channeling workshop by Dorothy Bodenberg.

Anniversary - I carry you as we help others to be strong

I married Brenda de José, a Portuguese born in Hong Kong on 27 April 1996 at Hong Kong Park. I took care of Brenda in sickness (she had Crohn’s Disease for most of our marriage and separation) and in health.

Brenda joined ChangeU as my COO and Co-Coach from 1999-2012. I gave her 99% shares of my business without asking for my family’s advice. In any case, I was happy and willing to pass my earnings to Brenda who was in charge of finance and payment.



The Fourth Uprooting:  Moving the Back Office of ChangeU to Malaysia [2006]
Brenda and I suddenly decided to move ChangeU a few days after Christmas in 2005. Within 1 week we had our back office operating fully with SunDance our Golden Retriever and Company Mascot joining us.

Brenda and I separated three times in 2007, 2010, and in early 2013 she went back to Hong Kong and crossed-over there 2 days before Christmas at the end of that year 2013.

Show Host of ALC & SSTV

The Fifth Uprooting:  Hosting the Afterlife Channel and ChangeU Ops in USA and the World
This is my most scariest uproot of all in this lifetime. Why?

Because I’m now 58 years young with limited income and assets, and no children of my own who may take care of me. I do have 3 God-Daughters Stella (Kuala Lumpur), Suyi (Hong Kong), Flora (Hong Kong), and 1 God-Son Javin (Kuala Lumpur).

I’m looking for a Partner/ Investor/ or Manager to help me operate and spearhead my successful training, consulting, headhunting, events, short films, PR-CSR.

For my new fans who don’t know my history, I promised my Hong Kong Portuguese wife Brenda José at her death bed on 23 December 2013 to fulfill our Twin Souls Mission. It took me more than 3½ to Decipher Brenda’s Code and connect the dots what this Twin Souls Mission is (read more: )

In a 15 February 2017 Movsha event, Brenda whispered to me through a spontaneous channeling by a psychic celebrity MC that she will incarnate 5 years after crossing over, and I need to get my act together as time is very short before she get born after 23 December 2018.

Some well-intentioned close friends, business associates, and family members have discouraged me from doing this “crazy obsession-mission” at such late stage of my life and near retirement age, and to LET GO of Brenda. But friends don’t realize or accept that I had let go of Brenda at her death bed.

When she visited and stayed with me in October 2013, I was so shocked to find out that she was extremely unhappy living and helping her aging parents in Hong Kong. On the last day of her stay with me, I promised Brenda I would bring her back from Hong Kong and work out a plan. 64 days later she died.

Imagine the super-GUILT of not fulfilling my promise to her. And this time at her death bed, she just wouldn’t go until I promised that I surrender to God and to her to fulfill our Twin Souls Mission. 3 minutes after I promised her to be an Instrument Tool, her Heartbeat Machine rang out a loud continuous beeeeeeep – it was flat-liner. Time of Brenda’s death: 5:23 pm.

For Brenda’s last 25 Minutes of her life and conversation with me, I whatsapp the entire text to my ChangeU Team to upload on my personal Facebook account (read more about the Brenda’s last 25 minutes

I’m sorry I am not willing to take my loved ones’ advice, the Twin Souls Calling is too strong, it’s predestined, I need to move on… this will be my 5th Major Uprooting of my life.

I now have the most master skills, with the best corporate, life skills, and spiritual wisdom YET the Doubting Thomas in me is whispering to me not to do it – with my Mum, siblings, and best friends advising me not to do so.


I’m sorry if my leaving Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Asia may hurt or scare my family and friends but I will fulfill my Soul Promise & Eternal Twin Soul Agreement to Brenda, my Twin Soul and The Love Angel.


The Sixth Uprooting:  Finding Brenda’s New Incarnation & Continuing the Twin Soul Mission  
I have seen Brenda’s powerful irrefutable Afterlife Signs so I’ll go with the flow and see where and when I’ll first meet Brenda’s new incarnation who will be a girl from age 2-18 by the time we meet naturally.

We made a Soul Agreement Brenda & I will naturally find each other 2-4 years after Brenda incarnate in a girl’s body – which should be as soon as 2020 or as late as 2036 [watch this movie called I Origins which I listed 8 close parallels with Ian-Sofi-Karen Afterlife story: ]

I Origins poster

Brenda & I Twin Souls Story has 8 close parallels with Ian-Sofi-Karen Afterlife story i Origins:

The Seventh Uprooting:  Flying to and Serving from the Angelic Realm 
I’m a simple Instrument Tool of God, Love Angel Brenda, Truth Angel, Light Angel, ArchAngels, etc. 

Those Hate-Mailers, Trolls, extremists, cult defenders reading this, go ahead and throw your e-rocks at me, a Messenger. I’m NOT a fighter. I’m a Whisperer, a Wizard, and a Writer of Light-Truth-Love.

I’m ready to go anytime – even earlier if God & the Angels have other unknown plans…
It happened to Brenda. The famous Blind Hong Kong Fortune Teller told her she will die at around 60 years old, she died when she was 51 years old     click here for Blind HK Fortune-Teller Story

I know I’ll be ready when it’s my time to return to my Seed/Egg/Nirvana/ Moksha state in the Soul Universe and move between the parallel universe of the Angelic Realm, Soul Universe and Earth.




The Eternal Uprooting:  Continuing the Next Cycle of Twin Soul Mission with Brenda  
This is Brenda & I first time as Twin Souls in this Internet Age will transition and see each other cross-over and return in the same lifetime, recognizing each others’ identity. This has not ever happen before.

I had already seen Brenda crossover on 23 December 2013.
I will be able to recognize Brenda’s next incarnation as a girl of 2-4 years old.
Brenda’s new incarnation will see me crossover when my human body dies.
She will see me get reborn 2-7 years after I crossed-over.
As Twin Souls, we always meet each other as predestined (we never have to search for each other).

I speak the TRUTH. 
The Truth Angel and Light Angel are with me together with The Love Angel Brenda.

DONE all-truths-arthur-schopenhauer



Proof & Secrets from The Afterlife with The Love Angel Brenda
The Second Afterlife eBook by Whisperer Robert Chaen

Proof & Secrets of The Afterlife with The Love Angel Brenda by Whisperer Robert Chaen

By Whisperer Robert Chaen.
Published on 10 August 2017.
Copyright 2017 ©

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