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Here’s a thorough Exposé of Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligences Test (DMIT) by Martijn van Mensvoort, Hand researcher & psychologist in The Netherlands (Holland).
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As long as you don’t question if there is any correlation basis, you will be blissful.
But the big danger is you are putting your kid or yourself in a fake hope-career – which is exactly what they claim DMIT will help you to identify your natural inborn talents.

Like many faith healing, MLM health claims, hair loss remedy, weight-loss, fake charities, and instant wealth schemes – the majority are scams I’m afraid.
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The following are past articles research evaluation of Fingerprint DMIT IQ Test

Thumbrule DMIT – IQ TEST: Does intelligence correlate with fingerprints & dermatoglyphics?

Post  Martijn (admin) on Sun Dec 05, 2010 1:09 pm

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April 2014 update:
Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligences Test (DMIT): a fundamental review!

During the past year I have found various websites which are marketing the DMIT-test (= the ‘Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test’). It’s a test which is build on an (old) theory by Dr. Howard Gardner – who argued in 1983 that the concept of intelligence as traditionally defined in psychometrics (IQ tests) does not sufficiently describe the wide variety of cognitive abilities humans display..

During the past years this method came into the hands of a few marketeers, who presented this method in: China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. Most of these websites are developed in Asia.

A few examples (15 websites based in 7 countries – alphabetic ranked):

Based in Malaysia & Singapore:

Based in Malaysia, Singapore & the UK:

Based in India:

Based in India:

Based in Malaysia:

Based in Singapore:

Based in India:

Based in Malaysia:

Based in Malaysia:

Based in Thailand:

Based in the US & Taiwan

Based in India:

Based in Malaysia:

Based in India:

Based in India:

One of the commercial slogans is:

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But does the test really do what is says? Is it really possible to ‘assess’ IQ talents from the individual tips of our fingers?

Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory includes (only) 9 basic types of intelligence: Spatial – Linguistic – Logical-mathematical – Bodily-kinesthetic – Musical – Interpersonal – Intrapersonal – Naturalistic – Existential

NOTICE: Originally there were only the first 7 types but in 1999 he added the ‘naturalist intelligence’. And he has also considered ‘existential intelligence’.

I – In the DMIT-test is each finger is connected with one brain lope plus a specific type of intelligence, see the pictures below:

And each fingerprint type is connected with the following ‘type of learners’:
– whorl = the cognitive learner
– ulnar loop = the affective learner
– radial loop = critical thinking learner
– tented arch = enthousiastic learner
– arch = reflective learner


And each finger has been connected with a specific type of ‘ability’:

– right thumb = plannic ability
– left thumb = creative ability

– right index finger = logical analysis ability
– left index finger = artistic ability

– right middle finger = operating ability
– left middle finger = imaginative ability

– right ring finger = language ability
– left ring finger = acoustic ability

– right pinky finger = observation ability
– left pinky finger = visual ability

II Additionally, an analysis of the palmar AtD-angle is also included. According this method the size describes:
– AtD-angle < 40 degrees = identifies an ‘effective learner’
– AtD-angle 40 to 44 degrees = identifies a ‘normal learner’
– AtD-angle > 44 degrees = identifies a ‘affective learner’

(Earlier discussions at the PI-forum indicates that the theory also appears to be that a low AtD-angle correlates with higher intelligence)

Here’s a quick visual impression of the steps taken :

Finally, here is a Youtube presentation of a Thumbrule-DMIT analysis sample-report:

And the sample-report is also available here as a document:

Plus a sample report for another person:

NOTICE: The following info has been edited – initially PROF. ROGER LIN was not mentioned:

Who designed the ‘Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test’?

Basically, the Thumbrule DMIT-test can be recognized as a commercial spin-off from the work of Professor Roger Lin. More info about the history of his work is available here: (this website is also listed above!) (Indonesian language, but there are multiple translation buttons available)

Professor Roger Lin from China:

Another person who is said to have played a role in the development of this product is Mary Lai from Taiwan – it appears that she sort of ‘designed’ the model describing the connection between the fingers and the brain lobes, see:

Mary Lay (MMEA – Mind Measurement Education Association)


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Martijn van Mensvoort
Hand researcher & psychologist in The Netherlands (Holland)
Presents: Multi-Perspective Palm Reading + the Global Palm Reading Network
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Re: Thumbrule DMIT – IQ TEST: Does intelligence correlate with fingerprints & dermatoglyphics?

Post  Martijn (admin) on Sun Dec 05, 2010 1:34 pm

Now, I think the presentations are quite impressive.
But what do we really think about this DMIT test?
I could describe my opinion as follows:scratch I am sceptical about various elements in the Thumbrule DMIT-test. Just to mention a few points:1 – The DMIT method suggests that each finger is connected with a brain lobe, but I think there is no direct evidence for such a specified theory at all. On the contrary: it is a fact that all fingers are connected with for example the motor cortex (which is in the frontal lobe) AND the somatosensory cortex (which is in the parietal lobe) – and I am quite sure that there are likewise multiple-connections with the other lobes.2 – The AtD-angle is no reliable indicator for IQ, nor the efficiency of school performances. Actually, the words ‘effective learner’ and ‘affective learner’ are rather abstract concepts (which might only have linguistic value).

3 – For me… it is actually quite shocking that the commercial marketeers even appear to use UNETHICAL SUGGESTIONS to market this speculative DMIT ‘product’. For example, the following website suggests that DMIT is ‘needed’ because of the many suicides due to exam stress:


“Need of DMIT in India

• 12,000+ studentscommit suicides in India every year due to exam related stress
• Parental and peer pressureare prime causes for such high number of suicides
• DMIT can provide crucial inputs for student counseling and guidance”

Your experience/opinion is welcome: what is your thought?
Does anybody have any experience with this method?

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Re: Thumbrule DMIT – IQ TEST: Does intelligence correlate with fingerprints & dermatoglyphics?

Post  Martijn (admin) on Mon Dec 13, 2010 6:36 pm


(I have just added another website to the list in the first post)

Additionally, these are a few studies focussed on studying the relationships between dermatoglyphics and (basic) IQ – but I think none of the results support the DMIT test:

2010 –
2009 –
1996 –

2002 –
1996 –
1995 –
1989 –

NOTICE: There are quite a few more related studies availabe so the list will probably grow in the near future.

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Martijn van Mensvoort

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Re: Thumbrule DMIT – IQ TEST: Does intelligence correlate with fingerprints & dermatoglyphics?

Post  Martijn (admin) on Tue Dec 14, 2010 2:15 pm

Here’s another critical ‘Silly Beliefs’ review of the dermatoglyphic multiple intelligence test (focussed on the website and this Dec 2008 TheJakartaPost article ):

See the post from october 14, 2010:

Quote from the report:
In fact DMIT is almost unheard of in the West. It’s not found in the USA, in Canada, in Europe, in the UK, in Australia, in South America or NZ. It is only found in the East, such as in China, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and now India. This claim that it ‘has got immense popularity in foreign countries’ is misleading.

“So in conclusion, DMIT is most likely a scam because:

• There is no scientific evidence that it works
• They tell blatant lies in its promotion
• They make misleading claims
• The provide testimonials, not evidence
• They speak in the language of pseudoscience
• Even the affluent and often gullible West hasn’t accepted it”

PS. In my second post in this topic I have independently presented 3 points of critical evaluation… which sort of relate to the 6 conclusions in the ‘Silly Beliefs’ report Exclamation

More details about the DMIT-franchisee model are available in this 33 pages powerpoint presentation:

– On page 19 is suggested that DMIT provides a method to assess IQ, EQ, AQ and CQ… but on page they suggest that IQ is an ‘incomplete tool’.

thinking …Intellectually, this DMIT concept looks like a complete chaos… because they are suggesting that the method identifies multiple forms of intelligence, but basically the concepts of AQ (Adversity Intelligence Quotient) and CQ (Coaching Intelligence Quotient) do not related at all to Gardner’s model of mulitiple intelligences, etc, etc..

(Here you can read what AQ and CQ really concern: )

So, basically… it appears to me that DMIT was build with some theoretical ‘copy-and-pasting’ combined with some statistical ‘hocus-pocus’ … scratch


Martijn van Mensvoort

Does the AtD angle correlate with intelligence?

PostMartijn (admin) on Wed Dec 15, 2010 1:59 pm

Does the AtD angle correlate with intelligence?

My short answer:  thinking … yes!

My longer answer:

Various studies have indicated that there is indeed a link between the AtD angle and intelligence, but one should be aware that most of these studies were focussed on the hands of people who are featured with a low IQ (including: mentally retarded subjects and/or people who have Down syndrome).

One should also be are that the IQ AtD-angle can vary from 25o to 75o (values outside this range are very rare). Which also implicates that principally these can all be found among invididuals of high IQ and low IQ.


The following studies present strong evidence that the AtD angle correlates with IQ:
– [2010] Axial triradius as a preliminary diagnostic tool in patients of mental retardation
– [1996] Quantitative dermatoglyphic analysis in persons with superior intelligence

Plus the following Chinese report:
– [2006] Report on study of multivariate intelligence

What do these reports generally indicate?

A few general guidelines that can be derived from these reports are:

– AtD > 60o = typical for Down syndrome [trisomy 21] (+ some other trisomy disorders);
– AtD > 55o = often seen in people who have mental retardation (IQ below 70);
– 40o < AtD < 55o = normal;
– 30o < AtD < 40o = often seen in intelligent people (IQ above 120);
– AtD < 30o = often seen in people who have mental retardation (IQ below 70).

Two examples from the 2010 study:

Example 1: Palm print of control or normal person having atd angle t (<45 o).

Example 2: Palm print of mentally retarded (MR) having atd angle t’ (45o to 56) and t”(>56).

Two Down syndrome examples from my website also show the large AtD angle:

Down syndrome example 1 – full analysis is available at:

Enlarge this imageClick to see fullsize

Down syndrome example 2 – full analysis is available at:

Enlarge this imageClick to see fullsize

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Martijn van Mensvoort



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