On 31st March 2020,  I participated in my first Zoom-linked Money & You Care Call #3, together with people from 11 countries, the key organizers of  Money & You (M&U) in Malaysia, Globe Success Learning (http://www.globesuccesslearning.com/) i.e. Jacylyn Wee (ED), Terence Tan (ED), Dame Wendy Tan (CEO).

Globe Success Learning Team

The highlight of the Care Call was my question and first time interaction with Dame DC Cordova, CEO of Money & You.

Dame Doria (DC) Cordova, CEO, Global Business Developer, Sustainability Entrepreneur, Ambassador of New Education, Mentor of Nurturing

Doria corrected my original story. She shared with me the history of Money & You. She said, “I was part of the team that did create the entrepreneurial, experiential, transformational industry – my mentors were Marshall Thurber, Bobbi DePorter – and I was there as a student at first, and I learned so well, I ended up inheriting the work 😊  and have been building, running the organizations that present our programs since for 41 years.”

Marshall Thurber   Bobbi DePorter

I then asked DC Cordova about the Money & You history in Hong Kong. I revealed that I was in the first group of Life Dynamics/ ARC International), a pioneer personal growth firm which was established in Tokyo around 1977 by Robert White. My friend Raylene Thompson, a PR expert brought Life Dynamics to Hong Kong in 1991. I took all 3 levels including IN1 (90-day Integrity Network) program.

My Life Dynamics Advanced Course and Integrity Network program was Chris Gentry. Gentry split with Life Dynamics and started AsiaWorks which became quite successful in S.E. Asia.

Chris Gentry2

Chris Gentry (Asiaworks)


John Hanley Sr., Robert White, Randy Revell, and Charlene Afremow founded Lifespring in 1974. As of October 1987, Hanley owned 92.7% of the company. Prior to Lifespring, Hanley worked for the company Holiday Magic. He and the other founders also worked for Mind Dynamics with Werner Erhard, the founder of est, which became the basis for Landmark Education.

John Hanley Sr

John Hanley Sr


Some of my first IN1 group such as Nancy Bekhor of Vital Life Centre promoted Money & You in Hong Kong. But I didn’t take M&U.



I went on a different path, helped a startup called Wings Personal Effectiveness by Chris King, Eugene, Oregon and Eau De Vie by James Newton, San Diego.

James Newton

I proposed to my late Hongkong-born Portuguese wife, Brenda José, on the third day of Chinese New Year (21st February 1996) Fireworks at the end of a four-day Eau De Vie spiritual and personal growth seminar. James played us his choice of couple song for us.

In A Simple Way I Love You. My 2nd beautiful Wedding Love Song for Brenda José
click to watch: https://tinyurl.com/v5zkx5f


“Will you marry me?” “Yes!”  Robert Chaen’s marriage proposal to Brenda José – the precise moment

Astrologist Helen Forty whom my late wife Brenda and I were partners in a joint business called Odyssey. We were pioneers in the iconic New Age Shop, Hong Kong, the most spiritually happening venue in Hong Kong. The person-in-charge was Sally Andersen, who later became a dog rescuer.

Sally Anderson

Sally Andersen (New Age Shop, Hong Kong)


Helen Forty (top row, middle, right of Robert Chaen; Brenda José (first from left) in Rainbow Master spiritual program. The three were known as Odyssey.


Then, I took Love, life & Light Retreat 1993 in Orcas Island by the late Alexander Everett, the Father of Human Potential Movement. Alexander drove me back from Portland to Eugene, Oregon. I stayed at his house. Everett was a larger than life character.

Alexander Everett

I meet Werner Erhard in a yacht in Hong Kong. My good friends lawyer Elizabeth Thomson and PR publicist Raylene Thompson organized the exclusive get together. Just four or five of us for fine dining on board the yacht. Erhard was a ladies man, ever charming, chivalrous to the point of opening doors, holding the ladies hands as they board the gangplank.


Werner Erhard


Werner Hans Erhard (born John Paul Rosenberg; September 5, 1935) is an American author and lecturer known for founding est, which operated from 1971 to 1984. He has written, lectured, and taught on self-improvement.

In 1991 Erhard retired from business and sold his existing intellectual property to his 10 employees, who then formed Landmark Education, renamed in 2013 “Landmark Worldwide”, with which he consults occasionally.


DC Cordova revealed that the M&U group moved from English to Cantonese to cater to the local Hongkongers. Hovever, the Chinese group went astray into raising funds for investments, away from the core philosophy of M&U. And I remember not hearing about them after a few years.


Around that time I was certified as FranklinCovey Trainer for “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” in Utah, USA, managing the Nu Skin account, certified in NLP (Nero-Linguistic Programming), and certified in FireWalking and became “The Father of Asia FireWalking”. I helped raised HK$68 million in the World’s only Charity LiveFireWalk for TVS-Tung Wah Charity Show.

FireWalk page

My Working Experience with MLM Business Cults like Nu Skin and Amway, and FranklinCovey and the Mormon Cult Networking


Recovery Magical Exercises Webinar with DC Cordova, Money & You - TIME

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Published: 2nd April 2020.
Updated: 8 June 2022.


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