Confessions of a Cult Leader: Landmark, Asiaworks, Lifespring & other Large Group Awareness Training & Charismatic Cults

By Whisperer Robert Chaen who personally met Werner Erhard (est), and learned from Alexander Everett (The Father of Human Potential Movement, Mind Dynamics), Robert White (Life Dynamics), and Chris Gentry (Asiaworks).

What's behind LGAT Cults

We have listed only the popular key players in LGAT. Because of their ultra hard-selling and very pushy approaches.

●  Asiaworks
●  Christopher Howard Training   click here
●  Re-evaluation Co-Counselling   click here
●  Life Dynamics
●  LifeSpring   click here
●  EST (erhard seminar training)
●  Landmark Forum; Landmark Education   click here

●  Scientology (Dianetics)   click here
(For a full list of Cults click here)

As one of the first Asian Pioneer Promoter to join and promote LGATs, I feel I have the full authority to give my Expert Evaluation about “Charismatic Cults” – cults that inspire devotion and passion in others by charismatic Cult Founders & Cult Leaders.


The Modus Operandi of Cults
The MO Slogan of most cults is: Slowly, slowly catch the (Virgin) Monkey!

1)  The Cult Bait
The Forms of Cult Bait: ●  Giving FREE food, free previews
ANYTHING FREE is a bait.
●  Dangling Opposite sex attraction: Opposite attracts
●  Offering Instant Gratification of Desire (The Illusion Hook): “recognition”, “belongingness, love, respect, truth, freedom” (why in “apostrophe”? because these hooks are illusion, there’s a very heavy price to pay to gain these)
●  Presenting Poster Men & Women: Cults will put the best example of already successful high profile professionals/ successful businesspersons as role models up in front for all to see and be impressed.


2)  The Cult Kill
The cult leaders will rate and stereotype the ‘level of the kill’ meaning they will see how far they can push with each new follower: can this new follower be:

♦ a Small Team Leader/ Volunteer-Assistant  ♦ Daily, weekend, or freely available Assistant  ♦ service duties at the center/ office   ♦ approaching strangers evangelist, as a poster men & women.


3)  The Cult Slavery
The cult leaders will create long-term isolation religious instructions and may become a ‘control freak police’ to monitor, heavy discipline, daily indoctrination, forcing followers to enroll their relatives, friends into their new ‘true religious family’.

The Typical LGAT 3-Level Format:
I attended all the 3 levels of LGAT of Life Dynamics (LD) in Hong Kong in 1991:
1)  Basic: US$500, Wednesday to Friday evenings 7pm to 11+pm, weekend 10am to 12am
2)  Advanced: US1,000, 2-3 whole days + whole weekend 10am to 12am
3)  90 day Program with a fancy or deceptive title like Leadership/Legacy/ Milestone Program (I was in “Integrity Network #1” in Life Dynamics).

Why the long hours:
The long hours is to wear out participants so that they are more vulnerable and willing to listen the cult coach’s advice.

The Dark Side of LGAT: Hard Core Enrollment
LGAT Coaches are very clever and deceitful in camouflaging hard core selling with their twisted concept of Enrolling Skill is very important skill to have in life. They’ll you that you’ll need this skill to enroll others in our vision, values, project, thinking, etc.

Then especially in the Third Level 90-day program in the first of 3 weekends, they go around the room one by one to get a public declared enrollment figure and the Small Team Leader will write down his/her Small Team Members enrollment figure and will apply peer pressure to achieve the declared enrollment figure, anything below the declared is labelled as failure, and if you achieve the declared figure they tell the whole world or they ring a bell to get everyone high on enrollments, and then the Coach will openly challenge the High Enrollers to increase their enrollment figure, and that this helps the overall group declared enrollment figure as a big percentage do not achieve they public pledged enrollment figure “Joe, increase your enrollment for Jane who did achieve her target!”

NOTICE to LGAT Organizers
The moment a particular group STOP the ENFORCED ENROLLMENT HARD SELLING the name will be removed from the list – UNTIL then Saving 72 Virgins will haunt them until they give up this despicable practice.

There are many Personal Growth Groups who do NOT hard sell such as:
NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming; Founders John Grinder and Richard Bandler in modelling selected geniuses such as Virginia Satir, Fritz Perls and Milton Erickson.
Wings Seminars (Founder: Chris King)
Raylene Thompson, a dear American friend of mine was the PR agent for LD in Hong Kong. She attended LD in Tokyo. LD kind of broke up the marriage of Raylene Thompson and Jim Thompson, the Founder of Crown Worldwide Group.

But first let me share with you how I met the man who started it all Alexander Everett. I took his workshop in Hong Kong in 1992, then his Love, Life, and Light Retreat in Orcas Island in 1993, and stayed at his house in Eugene, Oregon after attending the Love, Life, Light Conference.

Image result

Alexander Everett: Who is the Father of the Human Potential Movement Cult?
Alexander Everett (1921–2005) was a British self-improvement and personal development consultant. He was the founder of the company Mind Dynamics, and author of the motivational books The Genius Within You and Inward Bound.

Mind Dynamics proved a precursor to other groups that used similar techniques. Alexander was referred to as “The Teacher of Teachers” and “The Father of the Human Potential Movement” … as his employees included Werner Erhard, founder of “est” Erhard Seminars Training and of the Landmark Education; John Hanley Sr., co-founder with Robert White of Lifespring; James H. and Janet Quinn, founders of LifeStream, LifeResults, LifeSuccess and New Perspectives; Randy Revell, founder of Context Trainings; Tom and Jane Willhite, founders of PSI World; Robert White, founder of ARC and Life Dynamics; Howard Nease, founder of Personal Dynamics; Bill Schwartz, founder of the Meditation Institute of Milwaukee; Stewart Emery, founder of Actualizations Workshop, Russ and Carol Bishop with Insight Seminar.

My Bottomline Expert Prognosis:
Large Group Awareness Training have some good training modules but the BIG BUT is their bad practice of hard core selling and peer pressure enrollment of each and every participant to make big money from them and their connections is totally not acceptable in my professional opinion.

Watch my Video My CULT Confession: Landmark, Asiaworks, Lifespring & other LGAT & Charismatic Cults:   click here


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By Whisperer Robert Chaen 
Published: 14th September 2017.
Updated: 1st March 2020.

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