On 31st March 2020,  I participated in my first Zoom-linked Money & You Care Call #3, together with people from 11 countries, the key organizers of  Money & You (M&U) in Malaysia, Globe Success Learning (http://www.globesuccesslearning.com/) i.e. Jacylyn Wee (ED), Terence Tan (ED), Dame Wendy Tan (CEO).

The esteemed panelists:
Capt. Koh Chen Tien (Focus Area: Small Medium Industries Crisis Management)
Dato’ James Foo (Managing Cashflow and Human Resource)
Paul Schumann (Focus Area: Getting Your Business Out of Debt)


James Foo

Material ownership by Dato’ James Foo. Check him out: https://jamesfoo.com/about-james

Some key takeaway pointers were  from Dato’ James Foo’s materials:
1, Peaple are least interested in Fear (i.e. Ignored by mass) but most interested in Certainty (Followed).

2. Profit lies least in Need to Have (i.e. Luxury) but most in Need to Have (Demanded).

3. Position is least about Deliver Content (i.e. Physical Exposure) but most to Create Context / Contact (Virtual Experience).

I also like about Paul Schumann’s communication with your creditors, landlords, suppliers and a create a win-win joint-venture partnership to move products and services as everyone is in the same Coronavirus Crisis boat.

The highlight of the Care Call was my question and first time interaction with Dame DC Cordova, CEO of Money & You.

Dame Doria (DC) Cordova, CEO, Global Business Developer, Sustainability Entrepreneur, Ambassador of New Education, Mentor of Nurturing

DC Cordova

I asked DC Cordova about the Money & You history in Hong Kong. I revealed that I was in the first group of Life Dynamics/ ARC International), a pioneer personal growth firm which was established in Tokyo around 1977 by Robert White. My friend Raylene Thompson, a PR expert brought Life Dynamics to Hong Kong in 1991. I tool all 3 levels including IN1 (90-day Integrity Network) program.


Recovery Magical Exercises Webinar with DC Cordova, Money & You - TIME

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I took many gems and reminders in Money & You Care Call #3, on how Coronavirus has changed the way we do business, travel, shop, buy, and meet. I’m yet to access the incredible Money & You local and international network of entrepreneurs, coaches, thought leaders.

Written: Robert Chaen

Published: 31st March 2020.
Updated: 9th April 2020.


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