Integrity doesn’t buckle under pressure, Tony.
~ Robren

Integrity is one of the 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem. If you don’t have integrity, you don’t have self-esteem. Integrity goes beyond your reputation, image, job protection, career advancement, family protection, religious protection, race protection. Integrity should a core value of your character

What do we mean by family protection, religious protection, and race protection?
If you have integrity, you will blow the whistle on your parents, siblings, relatives and best friends, pastor, priest, pope, iman, community leader, NGO chief, tribal chief, chief police, chief justice, attorney general, political party head, and prime minister; and hand them to the police or the authorities despite how much good they have done for you.
If you  have integrity, you will be against corruption, crime, stealing, lying, domestic violence, murder, and rape. 

Integrity is a core value & principle in your character, one of the 10 Qualities of Leadership, your modus operandi, your way of being, your promise to keep your word, your choice to be early rather than to be late and break a time agreement; integrity is your stand in life for accountability, ethics, high morals, conscience, honesty, truthfulness, wholeness, and oneness.

Integrity doesn’t buckle under pressure.
Get it, Tony, Zahid, KJ, Apandi, Arul Kandasamy, sons and daughters of Najib-Rosmah, and The Malaysian Hall of Shame?


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Written by Robren
Robren is the combined Twin Souls of Whisperer Robert Chaen and Angel Brenda, his late wife, co-coach, and business partner.
Published on 23rd August 2018.
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