Don’t depend too much on anyone in this world, because even your own shadow leaves you when you are in darkness.

Many people hold on to the false hope that someone, parents, children, family, friend, boss, government, investor, gambling, luck, Angel or God will come to rescue them.

In this sense, there is no hope – don’t play like a victim and wait for anyone to rescue you. 

God and Angels help those who help themselves.

Your hope lies in your “Inner Coach or The Angel Within, Your Light Side”, your inner self to find a way out. Your “Inner Critic or The Devil Inside, Your Dark Side” will discourage you and tell you that it is impossible for you to do it.

Your hope lies in re-building your 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem: Awareness, Accountability, Acceptance, Assertiveness, Purpose and Integrity.

If you can raise your 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem dramatically if you simply:
● 1.  Raise 5% in being more aware and mindful of your own patterns of behavior, habits, strengths and weaknesses and other people’s needs and wants;

● 2. Raise 5% in being more accountable and responsible of your choices;

● 3. Raise 5% in being more accepting of all parts of yourself – the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful; be comfortable in your own skin, looks, age, bodily imperfections;

● 4. Raise 5% i being more assertive about your boundaries (not building “walls and fortresses” in your relationships); in saying no without feeling guilty; share with others how they can meet your needs and wants and how you can give back and support to their needs and wants, ;

● 5. Raise 5% in discovering and living a fulfilling life of purpose, vision, mission, values, and having meaning in life; happiness is not the constant pursuit of money, seductive materialistic lifestyle, keeping up with the Joneses and Kardashians; name, fame, , let go of shame, blame, game

“Live a fulfilling attactive life than chasing a seductive lifestyle.”
~ Robren

● 6. Raise 5% in integrity; be a woman or man of your word; fulfill your promises you make; walk your talk; 

“Integrity doesn’t buckle under pressure”
~ Robren’s message to Tony Fernandes

Integrity doesn't buckle under pressure, Tony

It is in your darkness, in your most dark periods of your life that you find truth, love, light, wisdom, and contentment. It is in your struggles that you grow the most emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Quotes from The Tao-te Ching:
Tao-te Ching is a Chinese classic text traditionally credited to the 6th-century BC sage Laozi. The Tao Te Ching, along with the Zhuangzi, is a fundamental text for both philosophical and religious Taoism.

“Darkness to darkness.
The gateway to all understanding” 

“Yet mystery and manifestations arise from the source. This source is called darkness.”

The female always overcome the male by tranquility.

If you want to shrink something, you must first allow it to expand.
If you want to get rid of something, you must first allow it to flourish.
If you want to take something, you must first allow it to be given.
This is called the subtle perception of the way  things are.
If you want to become full, let yourself be empty.
If you want to be reborn, let yourself die.

Robren’s interpretation and adapting the Tao-te Ching into practical living:
If you want to do something, first do the opposite.
If you want to be free, work through all your limitations.

If you don’t want to clean, clean up your own room, work space, mess, aura, character, weaknesses, 9 vices, addictions and attachments.
If you want to be rich, feel what it is like to be poor.
If you want to eat the richest food, eat the most basic plain rice porridge, un-buttered slice of plain bread or plain roti with no dhal.
If you want to feast, starve yourself and skip one meal a day.
If you want to travel, stay still, center yourself and meditate.
If you want to travel and meet foreign strangers, let foreigner strangers stay at your home.
If you want a supercar, try first to walk and use Uber.
If you want your own business and be your own boss, work tirelessly for a boss and serve others and your customers.
If you want investors, first put your money where your mouth is and invest in your own business, talent, skills, and people.
If you want a raise, first contribute beyond just passing your minimum KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and your job description.
If you want a promotion, demote yourself and work and play with the lower levels.
If you want to be a leader, do the dirty work of a subordinate or follower.

If you want to be debt-free, first learn how not to spend, focus on your spending patterns not your increasing your income.
If you want a property, sleep in your couch or sleeping bag in the living room and feel homeless.
If you want success, make more mistakes and failures.
If you want a life partner, learn to live alone with yourself and independently.
If you want a girl friend or a boy friend, eat, watch movies, sleep, shop, and do things by yourself.
If you want to see how compatible your partner is, show all your incompatible aspects of yourself but first warn him or her.

If you want sex, practice voluntary celibacy or masturbation.
If you want to be a moderate, try being an extremist.

If you want to stop extremism, intolerance and religious fascism, first be extreme and intolerant of extremists, islamofascists, christofascists.
If you want to stop islamophobia, first be really afraid of your own islamic scholars, and speak out against jihadists and exremists.
If you want to stop racism, first see what your own race is racist against.
If you want to be original and creative, first copy someone’s work.
If you want to be wise, take the fool’s journey.
If you want to feel young, grow old, wise, and crazy.
If you want to date a much younger person, act mature and sharp, dress classy, be decisive and experienced.
If you want to feel sexy, first be comfortable with plain, no sex appeal, no make-up and no sexy dressing.
If you want to be beautiful, first live with your most ugly self.
If you want to be innocent, choose a folly and play it out as though it matters knowing all the time it doesn’t.
If you want to believe, first be leaf, fall and be free.
If you want your family member to leave a cult, first learn and live in the cult.
If you want to act in a film, act the best part in your film of life.
If you want to have passion, say nothing about what you are passionate about.
If you want help, first help others.

If you want to overcome jealousy,  be jealous all your achievements and assets.
If you want to conquer lust,
If you want to overcome laziness, don’t do anything and see how long you last.

If you want to overcome greed, live with the most basic model, live on US5 a day.
If you want to overcome gluttony, starve yourself until you go beyond feeling your hunger pains; or stuff yourself silly until you want to vomit.

If you want to overcome arrogance, listen and read some criticisms.
If you want to overcome anger, get mad about what matters.
If you want to be free from an attachment, be obsessed, talk, write, and think all day about the attachment.
If you want to overcome your addiction, until enjoy your addiction until you are sick and tired of it.
(WARNING: in this article I purposely publish unfinished raw parts; this is is one rare occassions, so “enjoy” it while it lasts haha)

sorry readers, many raw and refined thoughts and whisperings come in the middle of the night. I need to write it down.
Writing and publishing my spontaneous, raw unedited thoughts publicly has always been my style since I channel Angel Brenda from 23 December 2013.
As my writing is ongoing, progressive and comes in surges and waves of inspiration, realizations, and whisperings, many of my articles end up with multiple parts which later is edited out into other separate articles.
I also have many “unpublished or uncompleted” writings.
I kind of operate along the lines that it is better to publish a raw article, an untested theory, than to keep it secret, hidden, and no one can benefit from it.
Unfortunately there will always be someone or troll who will be highly critical for the unedited, unpolished, unrefined version with errors, unverified facts, and . They are a tiny minority and is not my main audience. But I do appreciate them as their throwing rotten tomatoes at me catalyses me to improve, reinvent, and reframe things. 

Let’s put it this way. I am at greatest awe when I know I am the first and only person on Earth who knows and has discovered a new wisdom, principle or truth as I’m writing and channeling from the Other Side – The Afterlife, and from Angel Brenda; who discovers the beginning and the end of my new Love Story Novel (think: you are the first to know about the ending of the new Harry Potter book).
You too will feel a great sense of awe when you become the second batch of people on Earth to discover and know some new wisdom and insights into the human psyche from my writings and Robren’s whisperings…

Those readers who only want to read edited, structured writing, can skip my raw writing, and revisit when the writing is more refined and updated.
Parts of the above will be relocated into other articles.

Please revisit this insightful article now and then as I always update my articles and Robren’s articles – without notice.


I’m not attached to my own legacy as when I die, I become nameless, fameless, formless, bodyless, brandless, religionless, Godless, –  nothingness. I take another name and body next. I’m not Robert – the name and brand of my current body. I’m nameless. 

Our Twin Souls name is Robren. When Robert and Brenda dies or reincarnates in different or same gender our twin souls name changes constantly. Do you understand, our readers.


Jungian therapists in general talk about the “shadow” – the side of ourselves we fear, dislike, and keep out of conscious awareness – and the “persona” – the side we accept, are proud of, and allow into our consciousness. Healing, as the Tao-te Ching clearly indicates, does not come from increasing the amount of light in our lives, but from reaching into the shadow and drawing reconciled elements of ourselves into the light where they can be healed. 



~ by Robren

The above transformational methods are covered in Papillon-Butterfly Life-Changing Principles PowerWorkshop; and the foundation for Freedom Butterflies, a self-help series for families of Cult members to move beyond being victims of cult isolation and harassment.



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Written by Robren
Robren is the combined Twin Souls of Whisperer Robert Chaen and Angel Brenda, his late wife, co-coach, and business partner.

Published on 20th August 2018.
Updated on 21st August 2018.
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