A Lesson in Sales Etiquette for Property Sales Companies.

For the Record:

5 Sales Harassment in 5 Minutes at Jardin Smith Property Event.
– by 5 Sales Agents while eating my complementary meal and Security called to remove me from the room (first time ever).

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For unprofessional sales agents, sales harassment by 5 agents in 5 minutes while eating my free meal, and embarrassing me with the threat of removal by hotel security.

I had a very embarrassing experience attending a Jardin Smith (JS in Brief) property event at One World Hotel (OWH in brief) today (19th August 2018). I clearly asked to be left alone to finish my rushed complementary buffet lunch. I said I was willing to hear their sales pitch. I requested to be serviced by Ali Nasar as he persistently called me 3 days in a row to remind me about our Sunday lunch presentation.

A fierce-looking Director of Sales Ms Shamala approached me that Ali was with a client for the next 1 hour. I said if the sales agent is effective he/she can get my sale and buy-in in less than 10 minutes. I can know very quickly if a property is a good investment as I have attended countless property sales events in Hong Kong, Manila, Shanghai, Singapore and New York. I told her I do not have 60 minutes to spare.

But 5 different sales agents dropped by and sat next to me, and begin their sales pitch. Each one I told them to let me eat as I was very hungry – it was 2:30pm.

You would think Ms Shamala would have done an internal cue among her team not to sales pitch me as I requested.

After the 5th sales agent said hi in 5 minutes, I frustratingly uttered the F-word. Then all hell broke loose!

Ms Shamala yelled at me for using the F-word, and asked me to leave the room, and she called the Security to remove me.

I wasn’t going to be threatened and embarrassed as an unwanted and unruly guest. Therefore, I stayed put to see what happens next. In 90 seconds a confused security asked me what happened as he was told nothing by Ms Shamala except to remove me. I was dressed in a tailored Hugo Boss jacket, and looked like an investor.

I quietly told the nervous security guard that I personally know Tan Sri Teo, the owner of One World Hotel as I had trained all the top OWH Managers and HODs in Phuket. The security guard insisted me to leave, pressured by Ms Shamala.

I quickly made some calls to OWH GM Chris Niuh and Andy Yap (HR Head, and my ChangeU Alumni graduate) but it was Sunday. Then I called my buddy Tengku Badariah who was the ex-Director of Sales of OWH for many years and now the Director of Four Seasons Hotel KL.

After calming the Incredible Hulk within and laughing about old times, she asked me to re-consider buying some Four Seasons Hotel KL Residence properties. I said I’ll consider as my family are very happy with our Verticas Residensi properties in Ceylon Hill.

Guess what Ali Nasar, Ms Shamala, and Jardin Smith, I’ll giving my business to your indirect competitor Four Seasons Hotel KL Residence, since I’m in town this coming week.

I emailed to complain to OWH GM Chris Niuh cc-ed to JS CEO Richard Sheradon as this definitely affects OWH image to rent out to unprofessional and sales desperados at Jardin Smith.

Spoiled my lunch – I couldn’t finish my meal as I willingly left the room with Ms Shamala yelling her last insults at me. As BorneoHunter Executive Search CEO, I recommend JS Richard Sheradon to warn or even sack her for her unprofessionalism and hard-core selling bad practices. Ali told me later that all sales agents were pressured to hard-sell and to move around customer tables.

SIDENOTE after googling:
Monetary Authority of Singapore black-listed Jardin Smith Int’l as UNREGULATED in their Investor Alert List.

Watch video on Jardin Smith sales harassment >>


On 23 August Chris Niuh replied to my letter on 19th August 2018, and categorically stated that “this incident should best be sorted out amicably between yourself and Jardine Smith directly as the Hotel is literally NOT involved.”

This is my reply:

ATTENTION: CHRIS NIUH, General Manager, One World Hotel

RICHARD SHERADON, CEO Jardin Smith Property
Dear Chris, Richard,
You can review the CCTV if I created a scene, or is it Ms Shamala, Director of Sales Jardin Smith who created a hostile and rude scene?
I merely uttered the F-word after a ridiculous 5 sales agents and Ms Shamala sales harassed and interrupted my complementary meal within a short 5 minutes period.
One of your security guard insisted I leave the room as pressured by Ms. Shamala.
I did leave willingly after making some unsuccessful calls to you and Andy Yap (Head of HR), and Tengku Badariah (ex-Director of Sales) – about 3-5 minutes after the security guard asked me to leave.
On leaving the room by the ballroom entrance, Ms. Shamala again created a huge scene by yelling at me her last unprofessional and uncouth insults, and embarrassed me even further.
You can be sure I will not attend any property sales show or event in One World Hotel and Jardin Smith event again.
And I have warned my whole social media network not to go a Jardin Smith event as they will be hard-selling by a gang of sales desperados every minute while they eat their complementary meal.
As I have not received any apology letter from Jardin Smith after 4 days, I have instructed my headhunters to black-list Ms Shamala and Richard Sheradon from all our BorneoHunter executive search candidate database.
Many thanks.

Warmest regards,

Robert Chaen, CEO of ChangeU International


Scam & Cult Expert
Robert Chaen is an International Scam & Cult Expert. He has exposed and criticized well known Large Group Awareness Training such as AsiaWorks (a breakaway group from Life Dynamics Hong Kong), Landmark, Lifespring, and MLM Business Cults like Nu Skin, and Amway, and religious organizations such as Brahma Kumaris, and islamofascist-political groups.
Published: 23rd August 2018.
Updated: 21st May 2019
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