My days of being the “Old Robert Chaen” as an Anti-Cult Activist, ANTI-anything, and Exposé Investigative Journalist ARE OVER.

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, I am now an Advocate FOR Living in Higher Consciousness, Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Entrepreneurship, Mediation between religion-cult and the families of cult members, Purple Youth CSR, and making your Angel Wishes come true.

The most amazing thing was I did not have a lawyer to represent me in High Court. To me, it was a ‘legal miracle‘ for such a unique set of circumstances and final outcome of no cost on my side – an Angelic Sign of the proof of the help of my Angels. I could not receive free legal advice as Legal Aid does not represent civil cases. Legal Aid only represents criminal and family related cases.

It is very unusual to settle in High Court, without a lawyer. Had the RM4M judgment went further, it was very unlikely for a High Court Judge to allow me to represent myself as I am not a lawyer. The truth of the matter is, had I used a lawyer the outcome will definitely not be the same, that is at no cost. Using a lawyer would have costed me over RM20,000, wasting around 2 years of my precious time, and if I lost the case, I would have to pay RM160,000 compensation, the minimum plaintiff’s lawyer’s fees of RM15,000, plus other damages.

I didn’t want to spend precious money for expensive lawyer’s fees as I am now a Surrendered Host to the Angels and God. My life, skills, expertise, all my assets and resources are given back and dedicated to the Robren Angel Foundation as the Head.  

From my experience moving from my recent Darkest Hour, and going through a series of ongoing epiphanies in 2020 and 2021, cheating death from Covid-19, and being spared from a RM8 million/ US$2 million defamation High Court case, I share with you how you too can have Second Chance in life, pm me if you are interested in my Free upcoming Life-Changing Masterclasses.

The Law of Repulsion. Your unsettled karmic debts will repulse your success and dreams.

This story is actually my own Testimonial for an Angel Wish come true – that I make peace with the plaintiff, and others, and that we move on, without incurring the $3,750 legal fees. I could have been made bankrupt, but The Unseen Hand of My Angels protected and guided me, and others who were against me.

I thank my Angels and God, Angel Brenda, Liberty Trinity Angels, and my Ancestor Guardian Angels Papa & Granny for making my Angel Wish come true.

I believe that there is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem.

Robren Angel Foundation provide free life-changing masterclasses, to inspire an infinite mindset and higher consciousness awakening in youths, individuals, and to instill “The Spiritual Entrepreneurship” and integrity principles in organizations. This is a true calling to fulfill a Twin Soul Promise I made to my dying wife, Twin Soul, Brenda José, in her last 25 minutes of her life, to surrender my life to God and the Angels, and to do our Twin Soul Angel Mission.


The Story of Legal Part of the High Court Consent Judgment.

The original RM8,000,000 Defamation case was settled IN court amicably at the Shah Alam High Court on 15th March 2021, through a Consent Judgement signed by the plaintiff, Precession Capital Bhd. and Robert Chaen. The presiding High Court Judge was Dato’ Faizah b. Jamaludin.

I have never been to a High Court. It was interesting to see the inside of High Court room, the witness stand (where Najib had appeared in a criminal High Court case), the judge sitting high in front, big screen TV recording of the High Court hearings. Lawyers had to wear full lawyers attire when they appear in High Court. My case went to Civil High Court as the judgment amount was over RM1,000,000.

Admission to the Bar of Wong Wai Chee Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Long Call -  Alex Chang & Co.
Malaysian lawyer dress code in high court. Photo by Alex Chang & Co

The original amount of RM8,000,000 was reduced to RM4,000,000, then to Consent Judgment if I agreed to:

1. I made an Apology Notice to Precession Capital Bhd., Nash Nazril Idrus, Miracles Of Capital Alumni, and Wong Jeh Shyan, Connie Wong, and specific individuals in Miracles Of Capital (MOC) Alumni, and Ladies Powerhouse speakers.
2. I removed all ‘defamatory’ publications, articles and social media postings I made about Miracles of Capital in 2019 and 2020
3. I will not repeat what I wrote in the past and undertake to refrain from any subsequent postings of such nature.
4. Indeed coming from my true deep remorse, I take ownership, I choose to rise above, to make amends. If I had hurt anyone’s feelings, I hope you can accept my sincere apologies.

From what I understand as a layman, the Consent Judgment works like this: it is effectively a deterrent from repeating what I wrote in the past and undertake to refrain from any subsequent postings of such nature. The apology notice stays published for one year. When I signed the Consent Judgment, and if I break my consent agreement, then there is a compensation of RM150,000 and lawyer’s fee of RM15,000/ US$3,750. I could also be made bankrupt, with a search of assets.  But all that was settled in court, when I complied to the terms of demand.


Written by: Robren
Robren is the combined presence of the Twin Souls of Whisperer Robert and Angel Brenda. Robren is an extremely rare and unique Angel Whisperer, the Angel Whisperer who cracked The Angel Code, for 4 Angels to whisper and speak through him.

Published: 15th March 2021.
Updated: 17th March 2021.

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