I want to genuinely apologize for some defamatory articles and social media postings I wrote in 2019 and 2020, about Precession Capital Bhd., Nash Nazril Idrus, Wong Jeh Shyan, Connie Low, Jimmy Phoon, Cynthia Chiam, Dato Rayson Wong, AlphaCap, Fashion Library and Food Bar, Dr. SK Tham, ALPS, UncleZam, Zamsaham, Marcus Leng, and some people in the Miracles Of Capital alumni and some Ladies Powerhouse speakers. 

These publications include the following:-

1. postings dated 5.7.2019, 18.7.2019, 23.8.2019,  19.10.2019, 18.1.2020, 23.1.2020 in https://www.facebook.com/RobertChaen/ 

2. postings dated 13.8.2019 and 23.8.2019 in https://robertchaen.com/about/

I have since removed those publications.

I will not repeat what I wrote in the past and undertake to refrain from any subsequent postings of such nature. 

This is indeed coming from my true deep remorse, I take ownership, I choose to rise above, to make amends. If I had hurt anyone’s feelings, I hope you can accept my sincere apologies.

Robert Chaen
8th March 2021.

Note: This apology notice will stay posted for one year.

A Higher Consciousness Side Note:

From my Muckraking Investigative Journalism scholarship training with KiniAcademy, and in the light of the recent Malaysia’s highest court judgment on Malaysiakini fine of RM500,000 over 5 comments posted by readers, I highly recommend that all parties from all sides, friends, fans, enemies and anonymous trolls to totally refrain from making any comments that may cross the line, or comments that be deemed as defamatory or with malicious intent. I will try to remove such comments if I can.

If any comment crosses the line, and in the event that I can’t remove the comment, then the second best thing is for me to block the person temporarily, in order to save the person from getting into legal trouble.

If you have a burning desire to make a NEGATIVE comment or complaint, please PRIVATE MESSAGE me instead.

Of course, any POSITIVE comments for moral support, compassion, love and encouragement to me or to any related party – are most welcomed. But, I will not be explaining anything to anybody – on who, when, where, what, how and why it happened.

Since 21st February 2021, I no longer comment on trolls’ comments, or even to supporters as I have let go of the 6 Ego Identifiers, which include these 3 false egos” “who I am is what I have, is what I do, and is what other people think of me.”

As a freelance Investigative Journalist, all my articles are proven, founded, and based on researched, verified facts, and evidence verified by authorities such as the Securities Commission Malaysia. But, the “Old Robert” who wrote those publications has learnt a Karmic Lesson. I want to move on with my life on this matter, and I hope you too can move on with your life on this matter.

I accept that EVERY soul, every sentient being, every non-living thing, including Covid-19, Hitler, and Mother Teresa, has roles to play, and everything is part of the God-Universe.

I hope to involve you, my readers and fans in the future to have an infinite mindset, practice higher consciousness and awakening, to master The Law Of Repulsion and settle your Karmic Debts so that you can attract success, make your Angel Wishes come true, and to instill “Spiritual Entrepreneurship Quotient (SEQ)” and integrity principles in yourself, your team and organization.

From liberty, love, truth, and light,

8th March 2021.

Published: 8th March 2021.



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