What if I were to tell you that I know the Real Key to make your Secret Angel Wishes come true.

That your Angel Wishes will not work properly if you have not settled your Karmic Debts. And you are wondering why after you did everything that the Masters or the Church or Temple Priests told you to do, yet your prayers are not answered, or you got little or no results from God or your angel wishes. And you gave up after many tries.

My two recent amazing Angel Wishes Stories come true.

The first story I share with you is about a US$2,000,000 defamation which I was summoned to a High Court. The case was settled in court with a Consent Judgment agreement between the plaintiff and myself.

The most amazing thing was I did not have a lawyer to represent me in High Court. To me, it was a ‘legal miracle‘ for such a unique set of circumstances and final outcome of no cost on my side.

The second story I share with you is about a series of very harsh, overly critical but truthful exposés about the Brahma Kumaris which I was the world’s second Chinese BK leader. How I willingly chose to settle this massive Karmic Debt was to write a 10 chapter ebook called “The Brahma Kumaris Memoirs”. Until I settled this Karmic Debt, I could not recover from Covid-19 pandemic lockdown and a total loss of income for more than one year.


Hi, let’s introduce you to Robren, an extremely rare and unique Angel Whisperer, the Angel Whisperer who cracked The Angel Code, a spiritual “Da Vinci Code”, for 4 Angels to whisper and speak through them. Robren is the combined presence of the Twin Souls of Whisperer Robert and Angel Brenda.

You likely don’t know who they are personally.
You may know Robert Chaen, “The Father of Asian Firewalking”, and “CEO-Celebrity Coach”, but you’ve definitely not met Robren. Why?
It is because Whisperer Robert just started to channel Angel Brenda to be present in his private masterclasses – for the first time.

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Robert Chaen was known as “The Father of Asian Firewalking”, before Tony Robbins brought to Asia. He helped raise HK$68 million for the TVB Tung Wah Charity Show, in the Wold’s first and only worldwide Live Broadcast Charity FireWalk.

But nothing happens by chance. There is always a hidden reason for every encounter with someone, something, some event, or some happening.

What attracted you here for you to be reading or watching this, is what Angel Wishes is about.

Q. Is it possible that your guardian angels brought you here, serendipitously?

What is “Angel Wishes” about?

Angel Wishes is about:

● Manifesting your wishes to be fulfilled.
● Connecting with the most empowering angels
● Living in a higher consciousness so that you attract a fulfilled, purposeful life.

Angel Wishes is a non-religious free service by Robren Foundation.


My Angel Story

Robert Chaen angel story began at 4:58pm, on 23rd December 2013, during the last 25 minutes of Brenda José, Robert’s late Portuguese Hongkonger wife.

Robert made a Twin Soul Promise to surrender as a Surrendered Host to Angel Brenda and to God, at her death bed.

Angel Brenda’s first Angelic Sign 2 hours after she crossed-over: a Mark Six computer-generated lottery ticket Robert bought, which had her 2 Soul Numbers 7 and 11. Notice that there were no numbers before and between 7 and 11. Craig Santy, a Hollywood Producer and famous Investigative Journalist revealed that the odds is one in over 1 million chance, and he had never heard of any Angel who can “hack” into a full-proof lottery system, to generate the 2 Soul Numbers. He said it was humanly impossible.


Two hours later, after she crossed-over to the Angelic Universe, she sent Robert her first irrefutable Afterlife and Angelic Sign – in the form of a Mark Six lottery computer-generated ticket. Born on 7th April, it had Brenda’s 2 Soul Numbers: 7 and 11.

The very next day, on Christmas Eve, Angel Brenda connected him with Liberty Trinity Angels of Love and Truth, and within the first year, connected him with the Angel of Light. From his previous personal experience working with Arch Angels and other angels, Robert found that these 4 Universal Angels are the most empowering Angels he has ever worked with.

Since Brenda’s crossover day, Robert has been an Angel Whisperer to Angel Brenda, to fulfill their Twin Soul Mission, to bring higher consciousness and “Spiritual Entrepreneurship” in the business world. He has many stories and irrefutable proof of Angel Brenda sending him Angelic Signs.

It took him the whole of the first year to decipher the foundation of Angel Brenda’s Code, the Spiritual “Da Vinci Code” – how to translate the meaning and symbolism of Angelic Signs and Angels’ Whisperings into human language and understanding.

These 4 Universal Angels do not belong to any religion, holy book, race, language, gender, age, country, or any physical form.

Only 1 of the 4 has a name, which is obviously Angel Brenda. Why?
Primarily because the Souls of Brenda and Robert will find each other in almost every lifetime, and one of them will witness the other Twin Soul’s death. The Souls of Brenda and Robert find it easier to communicate with each other with a human name.

Psst! Check out Robren soon, they do know how to make your Angel Wishes come true. Still don’t understand or believe, you can speak directly to Robren, in the upcoming private meeting and Free MasterClass on 18 March.


FAQs about Angel Wishes – by Robren

Q. How do I know whether my Angel Wish will be answered?
A. There is no guarantee whether your angel wish will come true. It depends on your faith and your intention.

Q. Why is my Angel Wish not answered?
A. Here are some possible reasons why an Angel Wish is not answered:

The Angel Wish intention is not clear.

You are not ready for what you ask for.
The timing is not right, or the answer is somewhere in the future. Your Angel Wish is not meant to be.

Q. Do I have to believe in my Angel Wish?
A. Yes, you make your Angel Wish as if you have the Angel Wish answered already.

Q. Is Whisperer Robert a Medium?

A. No. Although Angel Brenda is present within Whisperer Robert whenever needed, Angel Brenda is usually mindfully silent, observing and witnessing through human eyes. Angel Brenda does not appear in public such as TV interviews, Radio shows – as Angel Brenda is NOT a circus freak show.
The only time Angel Brenda speaks is in closed door learning and meetings. Unless you are observant, you may not able to differentiate the subtle differences when Whisperer Robert is speaking, when Angel Brenda is speaking, or when the combined Twin Soul Robren are speaking. Whisperer Robert is distinctly not the common “medium” style when the channeled entity takes over the body or “chariot” in religious jargon, and speaks in a totally different voice. Understand is not that type of medium-hood.

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Written by: Robren
Published: 2nd March 2021.
Updated: 12th March 2021.


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