(Chapter 3)

The Tao teaches to LET GO of everything you have.

Then I lost my Wedding Ring – which meant EVERYTHING to me.

I lost my most sentimental and most precious, physical treasure and belonging I ever have in this life, my Wedding Ring with my late wife, Brenda.

It was deeply, spiritual symbolic – it was about finally Letting Go my Ego.

It was about my letting go of being “The Lord Of The Ring”, “The Ego Of The Ring”.

I Am no longer the Lord of the Ring, but letting God be “The Lord of The Ring”.


Robren Sidenote Interpretation on: “Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.” (Job 1:21, Bible)
We believe God is not a punishing God.
God is not withholding. “Everything I have is yours.”
You are always connected to God’s Universal Source.
You are not being punished.

If it is not good or evil, it’s not God.
Karma and Universal Laws are not God. The Universal Law of Karma is about a Soul’s good or bad intentions.

I lost my most precious wedding ring with Brenda on 10th January 2021 on the day of the funeral service of the wife of my Mum’s brother. Losing my wedding ring lead to my Darkest Hour, the most depressing time in my life. You have no clue how dark, how painful, depressed, helpless, and hopeless I felt.

It was the worst time of my life, no income for more than one year from Covid-19 lockdown, no comforting hugs due to social distancing, debts were piling high, creditors were chasing me, I was too ashamed to ask for help, nobody knew what I was going through, I was pass retirement age, nobody wants to hire an old fart, I cheated death, I had a very, very close call of catching Covid-19, I thought that nobody loves or cared about me, I felt totally abandoned

I mean how much more worse, bad and negative can it get, how low can it go? On 26th January 2021 night, 2 days before my hosting The 9 New Norms to Covid-19 Recovery and Digital Transformation ESummit, I knew I had to talk to someone.

I called The Befrienders. It sounds like Tinder but it’s not, it’s the suicide hotline.

No one picked up the phone.
It was MCO lockdown.
I left a message.
No one ever called back.

But I desperately needed to talk to someone.

And I did. I felt a lot better, with action plans for a way out of my dire straits.
(I’m sure that it was because of MCO. I highly recommend calling a ‘stranger’ at The Befrienders. You’ll feel a lot better.)

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Don’t worry I am not suicidal. I do not have suicidal thoughts or tendencies.
(I know close friends will be concerned about my confession, rest assured I am in equanimity, at one with my Soul, body, heart, mind and spirit and at one with God, Angel Brenda, and other Angels. That is why I can share this openly. I surrender all problems to God and my Angels. I recommend you do this too.)

In my mind’s eye my darkest hour was the biggest hurricane in a teacup, a huge paper tiger.
I was trying to do everything by myself. I was Atlas, trying so hard to carry the burden of the world by myself. How foolish! How arrogant was my Ego! I was all alone…

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But now I Be Leaf.
I fell with humility, and I was free.

I fell from the highest peak of my ego to letting go of everything.
I let go, I let go my Ego, and Let GOD.

I realized that I have to face and go through all these trials and tribulations myself first as role model, BEFORE I can help others to through their trials and tribulations. My passion and service as the Spiritual Host to Angels and to God CONTINUES ANYWAY. God and the Angels showed me that living in Higher Consciousness, you can go beyond pain, there are no wars, no struggle, you have only empathy, compassion, and true acceptance of every soul, and to help sentient beings live in Higher Consciousness.

I continue anyway… to help others find their spiritual solution to their every problem, to help Purple Youth CSR projects, and organizations recover from Covid-19 and digital transformation.


On my work table is a note from Brenda, it says “You’re are strong in times of crises. Thank you for being there. I love you!!!”
This simple note inspires me to have courage and keeps me going in times of trouble. And like the song says, Angel Brenda comes to me, whisper words of wisdom. Let it be.

Although I felt extremely terrible and helpless, yet deep down in my Soul, I knew losing my wedding ring meant losing EVERYTHING to me. It means Letting Go of Everything of The 6 Ego Identifiers:

1. Letting go of who I am is what I have.
2. Letting go of who I am is what I do.
3. Letting go of who I am is what other people think of me.
4. Letting go of who I am is separate from everyone else.
5. Letting go of who I am separate from what I am missing in my life.

6. Letting go of who I am is separate from God.

“I Am a simple, humble Surrendered Host to Angel Brenda, Liberty Trinity Angels and to God.”

It has taken 7 years for me to let go of my Ego, to be the Surrendered Host to the Angels and to God.

Why did it take 7 years to surrender my EGO?

Robert and Brenda on their wedding day in 1996.

The truth is I wasn’t ready.
I needed the right time to be at one and to align my Soul, body, heart, mind and spirit.

I struggled with living up to the huge responsibility of being an Angel Whisperer. 
Within the first year of Brenda crossing-over in 2014, Angel Brenda tested and directed me to open a Special Intention Prayer to Angels. I did. I received over one thousand prayer requests from strangers in seven days in a Facebook account.

I freaked out. I shut down the account. I told Angel Brenda, I couldn’t bear reading their written prayers, many were very sad, desperate, or heart-wrenching. I did not have the strength to be the LOTUS flower, unaffected by the mud in the pond surrounding. I felt I was in no position to help anyone. And I wasn’t. Why?

Because I had not fully surrendered my ego and I could not let go what other people thought of me – unlike what I did on 21st February 2021, when I declared publicly that I have changed my name from Robert Chaen to Robren. Symbolically I declared I Am the Surrendered Host to Angel Brenda, Liberty Trinity Angels, and to God.

Now I help people surrender their ego, settle their Big Karmic Lessons and Debts, get their Dreams and Wishes Fulfilled, and inspire others to find their purpose, meaning in life, and to live in a Higher Consciousness in life and business.

Yet I do nothing, and leave nothing undone.
I am nondoing, nonbeing, and nonviolent.
I am free in liberty.
Everything is super easy when I let go of everything I have, and all the 6 Ego Identifiers.
I surrender all my problems to God and the Angels.
I have a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem.
The Angels recognize that “I am Robren” like the Angels – that I accept every soul, every sentient being, and non-living thing has roles to play, and everything is part of the God-Universe…

Next chapter 4 coming up…

Written by: Robren
Published: 23rd February 2021.
Updated: 25th February 2021.

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