1. Title:  Why You should have the #MeToo Courage to Expose a Famous Sexual Perpetrator, Religious Leader or Cult Group

2. Review:

People have asked me WHY I exposed Large Group Awareness Training Cults (LGATs such as Landmark, Lifespring, Asiaworks) and Brahma Kumaris after 26 and 28 years leaving Life Dynamics and Brahma Kumaris respectively.

My answer is simple.
I was inspired by the #MeToo Movement and the countless, courageous women and men who decided to expose their rapists and molesters 20-30 years AFTER the situations happened.

Many people and trolls had attacked the victims instead saying they should have kept quiet because their perpetrators were famous public figures and religious heads like Bishops and the victims have now ruined their perpetrators’ lives.

That’s one perspective. How about walking in the victims’ shoes and try to imagine what suffering, shame, guilt and even self-blame they had to endure all these years because they chose to keep a DARK SECRET quiet. They somehow chose to remain silent maybe because the majority people will not believe them as their perpetrators were famous, rich, powerful, or have very high social status.

These trolls just can’t handle the truth!
They rather live with the lies of the rich and famous perpetrators. 
They rather attack the victims and accuse them for having an ax to grind, to be famous, or to make lot of money from the exposé – when in reality the victims just want the truth to be out, and to prevent more victims form getting hurt.


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Why Robert Chaen exposed Large Group Awareness Training Cults (LGAT such as Landmark, Life Spring, Asiaworks)?
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7. Published:
  22nd September 2018.
Updated: 30th September 2018.



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Published:  22nd September 2018.
Updated: 30th September 2018.
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