This article is in response to people who had commented in his YouTube videos or articles that Robert Chaen knows nothing about Brahma Kumaris knowledge, and why he exposed BKs.

10 Sub-Topics covered:
● Who are the Brahma Kumaris?
● Setting the record straight
● Why did Robert join Brahma Kumaris?
● Why did Robert leave Brahma Kumaris?
● The most frequently asked question to Robert: Why did he expose Brahma Kumaris, instead of just keeping silent?
● Brahma Kumaris is listed in the Saving 72 Virgins Top Cult List
● To be or not to be: Should Robert keep or delete his Brahma Kumaris videos and articles
● Moving on from Brahma Kumaris
● Is there life after Brahma Kumaris?
● Massive cover-up of countless Brahma Kumaris failed marriages and families


By Robert Chaen
World’s second Chinese BK, Co-Founder of BK Malaysia, Ex-BK (1979-1989), International Cult Expert 


Who are the Brahma Kumaris?
In a nutshell, Brahma Kumaris (or BKWSU, Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University) actively proselytize their extremist Doomsday Cult isolation ideologies under the guise of Raja Yoga Meditation Centres – with 825,000 regular students in over 8,500 centres in 100 countries (2008).


Raja Yoga - Tom & I at 25th Anniversary.jpg

Two pages from Brahma Kumaris Malaysia 25th Silver Anniversary Book (2006). In 2006 Robert had long moved on from BKs. He gave an interview as goodwill. But in 2017 he was indirectly inspired by the #MeToo and Time’s Up Movement, he decided to expose BKs as he felt it is the right thing to do to prevent the BK doomsday cult from breaking up countless more marriages, families, careers and lives. He could not remain silent anymore after 28 years leaving BKs. He continues to expose the massive cover-up of countless BK marriage & family break-ups and to speak the Truth about BKs.


Raja Yoga - Tom & I at 25th Anniversary - Part 2

Setting the record straight
Let’s set the record straight, Robert Chaen was the World’s Second Chinese in Brahma Kumaris. He was in the highest echelons of ‘Double Foreigner’ leadership & service from 1979-1989 (double foreigner means foreigner to India and this physical world). Robert and Tom, his lokik (physical) eldest brother, were the Co-Founders of Brahma Kumaris Malaysia; while Tom’s then wife Maureen opened Hong Kong service. He co-established the first BK Centre (1st May 1981) and the current main BK Centre in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

Tom & Maureen were the World’s Second Double Foreigner BK couple(started in Sydney in 1977) but the Senior Dadis’ Shrimat (godly directions) split them from being a normal married couple to do separate service, and therefore leading separate lives. This was one of the earliest examples (outside India) how BKs break up countless marriages & families, and stop couples from having new children.

By the time Robert migrated to Hong Kong in August 1987, he had lead the establishment of 10+ BK centres in Malaysia which still holds the reputation of one of the most productive service outside India. Robert trained many ‘pakar’ (strong in ‘Maryadas’/ strict disciple, and strong in BK knowledge) BK Teachers who then went to do BK service in UK, Bali, New Zealand, Australia, China, Sri Lanka, Singapore, etc.

Why did Robert join Brahma Kumaris?
Firstly, because his eldest brother Tom drove all the way from Sydney to Melbourne to tell him about Shiva Baba. In one Murli class Shiva Baba told BKs that their families will complain one day why BKs don’t tell them about the end of the world and Golden Age.
He had a wonderful experience and was convinced by Tom.

Being the world’s second Chinese BK, Brother Charlie Hogg and Dr. Nirmala fast tracked him to make his first pilgrimage to Madhuban (Mt. Abu, Rajasthan, India) after only 3 months in BK. After meeting Bapdada, he decided to leave his last year university studies as he was told the world will end by 1986. The Dadis and Senior BKs never stopped him from discontinuing his studies, rather they cheered him on as being ‘pakar’, strong in strict Maryadas and following Dadis’ Shrimat (supreme directions).

In 1981 after one year of BK service and intensive learning from Senior Australian BK ‘Original Jewels’ in Melbourne and Sydney, he and Tom left Australia and co-founded Brahma Kumaris Malaysia – the first BK centre in S.E Asia, and probably the third BK centre in Asia (outside India). He was 21 years old then.

Why did Robert leave Brahma Kumaris?
After serving 10 years of his prime youth in BK service, Robert realized the truth that BKs is a delusional doomsday cult. In 1989 he walked away from a very high position in BK hierarchy – with integrity as a liberated, free individual to rebuild his life.


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The most frequently asked question to Robert: Why did he expose Brahma Kumaris, instead of just keeping silent?
In 2017 Robert exposed the Brahma Kumaris Cult in a series of insightful, viral YouTube videos and articles. He was indirectly inspired by the #MeToo Movement and Time’s Up Movement to speak the truth after 28 years of silence – to stop the BK Cult cancer from spreading. Just like the brave actresses who spoke the truth about the rape and sexual harassment by their Hollywood bosses after many years of suffering in silence.

He continues to expose the massive cover-up of countless BK marriage & family break-ups, and renunciation of career ambition because of their god Shiva Baba promised that ONLY BKs will be perfect human-deities in a 100% perfect India when the world is supposed to be destroyed by 2036, and all the estimated 8.9 Billion Iron-Aged human beings die en masse. This is why Brahma Kumaris is the World’s #1 Doomsday Cult, based on Robert Chaen’s cult expert evaluation.

The TRUTH will set Brahma Kumaris FREE to return to their beloved families and friends.


Brahma Kumaris is listed in the Saving 72 Virgins Top Cult List

There are many varieties of Cults. Find out which organizations are listed.

Through Robert’s initiative Saving 72 Virgins Channel, he is bringing awareness to stop celebrities, politicians, and tycoons from supporting and funding the dangerous, destructive, doomsday BKWSU cult.

He receives a fair share of troll and detractor hate comments. In fact in some YouTube videos there are slightly more social media dislikes than likes, for the obvious reason that some of the 825,000+ BKs will actively defend and attack while only a handful Ex-BKs, family member of BKs, and readers will go beyond being neutral and bother with writing comments and likes.

To be or not to be: Should Robert keep or delete his Brahma Kumaris videos and articles?
Robert had deliberated on deleting the viral YouTube videos and articles on BKs as he didn’t want his readers to be distracted from his main focus which is articles and ebooks about The Afterlife. Afterall,  he had moved on and BKs is not his key focus in life. However, many had written that they are inspired by Robert’s transformation from cult conditioning and his ‘David vs. Goliath’ courage to speak the truth about Brahma Kumaris.

He was thinking that many readers especially families of BKs and Ex-BKs will be extremely disappointed if they have lost their access to his insightful experience and articles on BKs. But more importantly, they would have lost an advocate and Cult Mediating Expert to help them return BKs to their families.

Therefore after consulting various key people, Robert decided to keep the BK videos and articles for now and focus on his research and conversations with Angel Brenda about The Afterlife, Karma, Universal Laws, and Truth about important things.

Moving on from Brahma Kumaris
Robert and Tom have left BK and moved on, while Tom’s ex-wife Sister BK Maureen Chen is still one of the most active, high profile, senior (Double) Foreigner BK Teachers.

Like many strong Ex-BKs, Robert has successfully turnaround his Brahma Kumaris cult life. Unfortunately there are also many Ex-BKs who don’t recover fully from their cult trauma.

Is there life after Brahma Kumaris?
It took Robert around 4 years to reform and “get the BK Cult out off his system”. This implied it took 40% of his time to remove the BK heavy cult brainwashing and conditioning compared to the total time with BKs. He proudly wore the prestigious Baba’s Golden Ring until around 1993 when it became irrelevant.

Robert lived a fulfilling married life for 17 years and is a widower since 23rd December 2013. He channels and writes about his Afterlife conversations with her Twin Soul & Love Angel Brenda. He produces videos as the Show Host of the Afterlife Channel. He wrote 2 Afterlife e-books which is accessible for free at

Tom has remarried and is happily living a free, non-BK life.

BK Maureen Chen still keeps her married surname.

Massive cover-up of countless Brahma Kumaris failed marriages and families
Many BK couples give the false, deceptive impression that they are still in a marriage when in reality BK couples are living extremely strict, celibate, and separate lives as ‘brother & sister’ instead of ‘husband & wife, and often times in separate rooms. (Note: if a journalist needs to talk to a failed BK marriage, contact Robert as he has verified cases)

BK Maureen Chen occasionally visit Robert’s mother in Malaysia or his other non-BK brother Dr. Andrew in Hong Kong. BKs deceptively pretend to ‘maintain’ lokik relationships as a massive cover-up for countless failed BK marriages and families.


Final Note:
Some trolls have accused Robert for getting famous, popular, and getting likes for his social media platforms by exposing Brahma Kumaris. He is already well known as the CEO-Celebrity Coach in his field and industry for his expert consultancy work and his many CSR initiatives, with countless graduates, fans, and social media readers – numerous times more than when he was a BK (see Robert Chaen biodata). The truth is he is using his own money, resources, networking, time, energy, and passion to help people return Brahma Kumaris to their beloved families and be free.

For him, even if only ONE BK leaves Brahma Kumaris and returns to one’s family – it’s worthwhile.

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By Robert Chaen


How YOU can support: Through Cult-Buster Activism and Media Exposé 



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Written by Robert Chaen (in a third party format)
Published on 7th June 2018
Updated on 28th December 2018.
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