1. Title:  #MeToo Movement Awareness and Rape Prevention need to be Implemented in Religions

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Without holding a gun, Bishop Franco Mulakkal must have been very forceful, quoted that this is the Will of God, the nun was too shocked and paralyzed, drugged, or something else.

The arrest comes at a time when the state’s Christian community is reeling from a string of cases – including the arrests of five priests last month on allegations of sexual assault.

Outside India, the Catholic Church is facing sexual abuse scandals in the United States, Chile, Australia, Germany and other countries.

Pope Francis has summoned the heads of national Catholic bishops from around the world to the Vatican to discuss the protection of minors at an extraordinary meeting from Feb. 21-24.

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– for exposing religious crimes.

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5. Source: Bishop in India arrested on charges of raping nun:

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7. Published: 22nd September 2018.



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Published:  22nd September 2018.
Updated: 23rd September 2018.
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