The Strongest Debate Why Shiva Baba’s 5 Ages is Impossible, and his Golden Age is Not Coming by 2036
By Robert Chaen (co-founder of Brahma Kumaris Malaysia and Cult Expert)

In this short and impactful debate article, Robert Chaen proves the Key Belief Cornerstone of Brahma Kumaris’ 5 Ages and 5,000-Year Cycle are impossible, and why BK is a Fake Doomsday Cult.

Shiva Baba’s Shrimat on Brahmacharya is not just celibacy to conquer lust which is practiced by many religious faithfuls – nothing wrong with that. But Shiva Baba has an extremely weird belief that sex is the #1 destroyer of ‘purity’ of the soul. Shiva Baba brainwashes BK couples that they are no longer husband and wife but brother and sister, effectively destroying their marriage vows as a couple.


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Shiva Baba’s fake Earth’s 5,000-year Cycle history and the 4 Ages split equally in 1,250 years.



Shiva Baba believes in his version of Golden Age (Satyuga) that ALL humans and all living beings will be perfect, reproduce without sex, and be 100% vegetarians including lions and mosquitoes – repeated in every 5,000-Year Cycle. Shiva Baba promises ONLY Brahma Kumaris will be PERFECT humans in a perfect India for a continuous 2,500 years, starting around 2036 – when the world is predicted to be destroyed and all impure Iron-Aged (Kaliyuga) humans die en masse. But we all know there is not a single proof that India was perfect with perfect humans, with no wars or any suffering for 2,500 years – around 5,000 years ago.

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Therefore with his delusional Golden Age belief, Shiva Baba insist that BKs must be perfect, have no sex and be vegetarians in his Confluence Age (Sangamyuga: 100 years transition period from Iron to Golden Age). He imposes an extremely strict Maryadas and ultra-austere cult life on regular student BKs, brainwashes BKs in his daily Murli classes to renounce their families and the world, and prepares BKs for heaven on Earth and the End of the World SOON.

BKs deceptively pretend to ‘maintain’ lokik (physical) relationships but in reality BKs live separated lives, often in separate rooms as a massive cover-up for countless BK marriage & family failures, with no new children allowed.

BKs can’t explain… how Earth can change in just 100 years from imperfect to perfect (i.e. Iron to Golden Age), and perfect to imperfect (Silver to Copper Age) – every 2,500 years.

IMAGINE…  all humans and living beings will change from imperfect, reproduce through sex to no sex, non-vegetarian to vegetarian in 100 years;
and then 2,500 years later all humans and living beings will change from perfect, reproducing without sex, vegetarians to imperfect, reproduce with sex, and non-vegetarian. How is the 100-year Transition between Iron to Golden Age and Silver to Copper possible, please explain BKs.

The History of Earth has proven that Shiva Baba’s 5 Ages and his concept of perfection is simply IMPOSSIBLE.

“The universe doesn’t allow perfection.” 
~ Stephen Hawking


BKs, if his concept of perfection is impossible, this implies that Shiva Baba’s promise of Golden Age is fake, and latest by year 2036 BKs will realize that the End of the World is not happening, and Shiva Baba’s Golden Age is never going to happen.

Your efforts to be perfect or Karmateet, and giving all your assets, time, money, and GIVING ALL YOUR MAJOR LIFE DECISIONS including Marriage to Shiva Baba i.e. following Shrimat & Maryadas will be WASTED. 



Robert Chaen’s initiative Saving 72 Virgins Channel is bringing awareness to stop media, celebrities, politicians, and tycoons from supporting and funding the dangerous, destructive, doomsday BKWSU cult. Read more: The Story of How “Saving 72 Virgins” Network Began with an Ex-30-year old Cult Virgin 

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Brief Biodata of Robert Chaen
(for people who had commented Robert knows nothing about BK knowledge)

Robert was the World’s Second Chinese Brahma Kumar. He was in the highest echelons of ‘Double Foreigner’ leadership & service from 1979-1989. Robert and Tom, his lokik (physical) eldest brother, were the Co-Founders of Brahma Kumaris Malaysia.

By the time Robert migrated to Hong Kong in August 1987, he had lead the establishment of 10+ BK centres in Malaysia which still holds the reputation of one of the most productive service outside India. Robert trained many ‘pakar’ (strong in ‘Maryadas’/ strict disciple, and strong in BK knowledge) BK Teachers who then went to do BK service in UK, Bali, New Zealand, Australia, China, Sri Lanka, etc.

After serving 10 years of his prime youth in BK service, Robert realized the truth that BKs is a delusional doomsday cult. In 1989 he walked away from a very high position in BK hierarchy – with integrity as a liberated, free individual and rebuild his life.

In 2017 Robert exposed the Brahma Kumaris Cult in a series of insightful, viral YouTube videos and articles. He was indirectly inspired by the #MeToo Movement to speak the truth after 28 years of silence – to stop the BK Cult cancer from spreading. Just like the brave actresses who spoke the truth about the rape and sexual harassment by their Hollywood bosses after many years of suffering in silence.

Tom and his then wife Maureen were the World’s Second Double Foreigner BK couple (started in Sydney in 1977) but the Senior Dadis’ Shrimat (godly directions) split them from being a normal married couple to do separate service, and leading separate lives. This was one of the earliest examples how BKs break up countless marriages & families, and stop couples from having new children.

Robert and Tom have left BK and moved on, while Tom’s ex-wife Sister BK Maureen Chen is still one of the most active, visible, senior Double Foreigner BK Teachers.

Like many strong Ex-BKs, Robert has successfully turnaround his Brahma Kumaris cult life. Robert is an Advocate for returning BKs and other Cult members to their beloved families and friends whom they had isolated. He is a Cult Mediation Expert, Keynote Speaker, Afterlife Channel Show Host, Whisperer of Truth, Change Expert & Corporate Coach for Fortune 500 corporations.

He channels and writes about his Afterlife conversations with her Twin Soul & Love Angel Brenda José. He produces videos as the Show Host of the Afterlife Channel. He wrote 2 Afterlife e-books which is accessible for free at

Read full article:   A #MeeToo Story of Why Robert Chaen Exposed Brahma Kumaris, The World’s #1 Doomsday Cult



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Robert Chaen has issued a Notice in 2017 for a Public Debate to the most senior Brahma Kumaris such as Sister Jayanti, Sister Shivani, or Dr. Nirmala. So far none of them have responded.

Choice of Public Debate Topics:
[ ]  Proof of Brahma Kumaris’ 5 Ages and 5,000-Year Cycle
[ ]  Brahma Kumaris’ Views about Sex, Celibacy, and Marriage
[ ]  Brahma Kumaris Views about Perfect Human-Deities, World Destruction, and Golden Age

Robert will sponsor the venue, with only one term and condition that Media is allowed to report the event.


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Published: 2nd June 2018
Updated: 21st April 2019.

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Since Robert’s Brahma Kumaris YouTube videos and articles have gone viral, Robert has been swarmed by many Ex-BKs and family members of BKs desperately wanting help. He has written a useful, self-help BK Cult 101 Guide on WHAT you can do if you have a BK family member, spouse, or friend.

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