Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim claimed that “tens of thousands” of Malay Muslims are gambling on slot machines in at least 62 clubs licensed with such facilities.

During his speech on Budget 2022 today, Anwar claimed that the number of Muslims with such membership had increased during the past one and a half years.

Curious The Robren Show went to some clubs and did a survey with Muslims at slot machines who are willing to express their opinions.

When asked do they know the slot machine is a form of gambling, some commented that they were confused. They thought the slot machines are fun, food and drink vending machines, and that they must keep trying to get the same symbols such as chickens or strawberries in one line to get their food or drink.

We showed an old A&W Root Beer can, and asked some if they are confused whether they know Root Beer is not actually beer. They said they definitely know root beer is non-alcoholic. We showed a Tiger Beer can, and the majority were confused and ask us why they call it Tiger when there is no tiger in the beer. They remarked that the manufacturer should change the brand name from Tiger Beer to Barley Beer to avoid confusion.

Malaysia company rebrand Empat Nombor Ekor > Magnum4D
Empat Nombor Ekor changed to Magnum4D

Then we interviewed some elderly Muslims whom we saw passed money to their non-Malay friends to buy Magnum 4D. We asked if they know lottery is gambling. They commented “No, it is called Empat Ekor, meaning empat ekor ayam atau empat ekor itik.” (translated it means 4 chicken or 4 ducks).

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Realizing how extensive the confusion is, we approached an ex-PM’s wife for her comments on corruption in 1MDB. She replied, “Can I advise you something? People are so confused! It was simply a donation by a dead king, OK!” “You see I can tell a real Birkin bag from a fake one, but many Malaysians can tell the difference! Malaysians are the most confused people on Earth, tahu kah!”

Finally, 100% of interviewees agreed that if one does not know that he has consumed something with alcohol or pork, he is free of that sin!

A Satire by: Whisperer Robren.

Published on: 1st November 2021.


The Great Malaysian Confusion Survey. Some are so confused that they think a Slot Machine is a F&B Vending Machine!