I tested positive at 10:30pm on 17 February 2023.
If this is it, I feel I have done enough in the last 9 years to deserve to cross-over.

It’s time to LET GO of close relatives accusing me of all sorts of things (“Sik Sei Maau” 食死貓 or eat dead cat, false accusations). grossly exaggerated lies, and the most hurtful to be called “Ma Fan” or troublesome in Cantonese after helping them for years.
One of the principles of a Master Giver is to give without expectations, and stand for truth, love, light, and what is right.

I’m ready to go. I know how to cross-over to the other side since my first Near Death Experience (NDE) on 5 January 2022 – this is a similar situation.

Technically when I find myself in the similar ‘choking to death in one’s phlegm’ situation I consciously tell myself that this is it, resist the involuntary kneejerk effect of fighting to breathe, the body will adjust accordingly, and I can choose to cross-over or not. I’m not so sure I have the courage to do that, or my time has not come yet.

I’m ASKing and requesting Angel Brenda & The Liberty Angels to join them in the Angelic Realm… from Angel Whisperer to Angelic.
I surrender to the Universe.

Q1. The Differences between this Covid variant (rapid antigen test will not be able to tell the variant) and normal flu for my body:Achy joints, headache, coughing, less running nose, knocked out and slept for 2 full days, but no high fever, no loss in smell, and hopefully no Long Covid symptoms such as fatique, general weakness and lack of stamina.

Q2. WHERE do I think I got Covid from (the most asked question):After asking individuals whom I was physically close with 7 days before I noticed the first symptoms of lumpy dry throat, none had Covid or were in contact with any known Covid patient. I can only conclude it is from a STRANGER, maybe KTM ETS inter-city train, indoor shopping mall, or lift.

Written by: Robren
Published: 19 February 2023.