At first I noticed a lumpy throat developing quickly over 2 days. In a normal flu, I would get a running nose first, followed by a bad cough, and an allergy to a running nose and phlegm which makes me want to vomit badly. Last year I had my first Near Death Experience (NDE) of nearly choking to death from phlegm shutting my throat.

This time it was different, cough first, I was knocked out and slept for most of the first 2 days of symptoms. At the end of day 2 symptoms I was surprised I tested Covid-positive for the first time in my life. I’m immediately self-isolated in my bedroom. I called my Mum sitting in the living room that I tested positive.

My first thought and investigation is why did I get Covid from?

I asked around specific friends whom I was in Cameron Highlands trip and in a car a few days earlier before the symptoms to see if anyone was in close contact with a Covid patient but there were none and none of them were sick like me. I observed the majority of locals, shop assistants, local and foreign tourists in the 3 towns in Cameron Highlands were not wearing masks especially in the outdoor areas and even indoors.

I can only conclude that I caught Covid from a stranger, likely after Cameron Highlands, in a KTM-ETS Intercity train from Sungkai to Ipoh, or in shopping mall or in a lift in Ipoh.

The Differences between this Covid variant (the dominant variant in Malaysia is the new subvariant of the Omicron variant, XBB) and normal flu for my body:
Achy joints, headache, coughing, less running nose, knocked out and slept for 2 full days, can’t focus, can’t do any creative work, loss of smell for 5 days (smell is returning in the last 2 days), but no high fever, and hopefully no Long Covid symptoms such as fatique, general weakness and lack of stamina.
Still have a lingering a cough, with phlegm.

Medicine taken:

Panadol, “FluiFort” cough syrup for phlegm, Fedac (to stop some running nose).
I can now testify that the triple vaccination 100% helped in reducing the effects of Covid, without which it could prove fatal.

I self-isolate for 7 full days, and tested NEGATIVE to double check that I am not contagious. The 7 days isolation felt like a very long time.

I was ready to go. I felt I had done enough in the last 9 years to deserve to go.
I did ask my Twinsoul Angel Brenda and the Liberty Angels if I can cross over to the other side but it seems my time has not yet come. I guess there is more work to be done in our Twinsoul Mission…

@Master Giver. Givers need healing too.

Written by: Robren
Published on 25 February 2023.
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