● The morning birds will be singing 3 times a day.
● SunDance, my late Golden Retriever will wake me up 3 times while I’m sleeping to get me to play with him. I may have to change his day to “SunMoonDance”.
● My normal 2-day weekend will have 6 whole days and nights.
● Michel Bourlon, my French client and friend will play his daily morning golf 3 times a day.
● My electricity bill might remain the same.
● I might shower every 3 days, and in cold winter I might shower every 21 days.
● I only have 2 hours of Stock Trading, 3 times a day.
● I get my morning newspaper 3 times a day.
● I probably still spend 4-6 hours a day surfing the internet or on mobile apps – not noticing if it is day or nighttime outside.
● My monthly bills and monthly rent come 3 times a month.

WOW, I may just like a 6-Hour Earth Day for a change.

~ Imagined and Written by Robren


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Published: 22nd June 2019.


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