Meet The Three Single Super Heroes:
Tall, fair and handsome Valdemar.
Deep, intellectual and philosophical Werner.
Wise, insightful and creative Roberto who shares The Lasso Of Truth if you can handle it…
(a satire)
Valdemar whispered to The Whisperer his disappointment with local Kuala Lumpur Ladies: NO real ladies want to go out with him during his seven days’ stay in Kuala Lumpur.
No. Not all handsome guys are Freddie Mercury.
OK, Valdemar Bång is a bit tall, from ABBA land, but…
you never try, you’ll never know.
OK, you don’t like tall and handsome men, how about Werner Smit?
He has a bit of a beard. Chris Hemsworth, Adam Levine, and David Beckham have beards.
But he is intellectual and intelligent, from Nelson Mandela land and…
you can have long meaningful conversations together.
OK, you don’t like deep men, how about Robert Chaen?
He is a bit old and outrageous.
But he still has hair, abundance of wisdom and charisma, from La La Land, and yes he whispers with his late wife and TwinSoul Brenda (she won’t bite or bother you, she’s from the other side), and…
you can play unique multiple roles together,
he is also a Wizard who can change into numerous forms with endless entertainment, fun, and adventure.
Come on independent, feminist, single Ladies!

Even The Whisperer is seriously thinking of switching to Freddie Mercury…


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Published:  20th November 2018.