The Former Vice President at Nestlé Global HQ, Switzerland, responsible for managing a complex set of markets, covering Asia, Oceania, Africa & Middle-East regions. He worked in Nestle for around 40 years. Currently, a Mentor at Endeavor, Anthony Low will share key perspectives and insights from his 40 years of global leadership experience.

He is mentoring 19 CEOs/ Business Owners and 23 StartUps/ ScaleUps Entrepreneurs, operating in the Asia Pacific regions. During these difficult Pandemic times, several of them are struggling with 60 – 80% decline in their revenues, and needed close attention and guidance.

In his first entry into Nestle he worked as an Assistant to the Managing Director. He uses an approach called “Cut Tail, Add Teeth!”. He used it to identify which brands to keep and which brands to sell off. He visited over one hundred cities in China when he spearheaded the expansion of Nestle business in China and East Asia.

Robren share quite many mutual friends with Anthony. In fact, Robren’s first Corporate FireWalking MasterClass was with Nestle Hong Kong Team, 106 out 108 or 98% chose to walk on 650C fire. The General Manager at that time was Yves Manghardt. One of Robren’s cousin-nephew Richard Lee Tsuen Fu is a senior Area Manager in Nestle Malaysia.

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Everybody needs a Coach. Robren has found one of his Coaches & Mentors, Anthony Low.

Watch video: Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt on Why Everybody Needs a Coach:

None of us is as smart as all of us.” ~ Ken Blanchard

Written by: Robren
Published: 11 October 2021.
Updated: 14 October 2021.