I have a very generous close relative who seems to have your best interest at heart. She would give me free gifts whenever she or I drop by each other’s place.

The only thing is she gives expired snacks, clothes that don’t fit her grown up son or maybe even rejected by her son, but it doesn’t fit me either, 10-year old color printer, and half eaten assorted snacks which I suspect she has eaten the best flavors but left the less tasty ones behind for me. It simply gives a bad social odor and insincere feeling.

“One man’s snack is another man’s poison.”
~ Whisperer Robert Chaen

If someone gives me a gift, unless I really know that I don’t like it, I would generally accept the gift out of respect, courtesy, and class like The Queen of England would receive any gifts presented to her, and then pass them to the appropriate departments for display or distribution.

Please relatives and readers, this is not sincere generosity, classy social skill, or etiquette.

If you really love your loved ones, give them the best. Unless you are poor, then the gesture is definitely more important than the gift.

I’m not talking about if say you bought a snack but it is not to your taste preference and you offer it to your colleagues after sincerely telling them the truth and it is ok not to eat it if you don’t like it – so as not to make it awkward and embarrassing to both parties.

I would rather you give your unwanted products to the poor, or the security guards. I personally give fresh cooked snacks such as freshly baked Ikea curry puffs to my security guards. Yes, sometimes I do give left over food and unwanted gifts to my guards and cleaners BUT I always make sure they were of high quality so that they don’t have the impression and feeling that it is pitiful donation to the less fortunate, and lower class.

It’s just as insincere and disrespectful as giving torn, dirty clothes (at least clean them before giving you know) or broken equipment to charitable organizations. Stop!

If the gift is insincere, I rather you refrain from giving at all. No one will notice or be bothered if you are coming to a birthday party empty handed.

For good quality unwanted gifts by others which you don’t like or can’t use (e.g. wine, neck tie, book), you can recycle them for your friend or relative birthday only if the gift is appropriate for the specific individual.

For good quality unwanted electronic gifts or prizes from annual company dinners, just sell them in ebay or the local online app.

Do you know of a relative or friend who gives expired products and insincere gifts?

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Side Note:
I think it is hard to buy me a high quality birthday gift as I buy myself the very best products, latest management, leadership, personal growth, and spiritual books, Hugo Boss fashion accessories, jackets, and neck ties, Apple products, and fancy gadgets.

However, I do appreciate a foreign snack from your latest trip (not 2 years ago), Bailey’s Irish Cream (no wine or beers), or a dinner treat of my choice or surprise me with your best kept secret restaurant.

Written by Whisperer Robert Chaen

Published: 17th May 2019.