Today I bumped into Vet Dr. Steven Yoon of Healing Pets Animal Clinic and his lovely wife at a Japanese restaurant. After I finished lunch, I walked over to share with them that Brenda my wife had crossed-over 3+ years ago. They were shocked and had wondered about Brenda previously.

Dr. Steven shared his experience the day in 2012 when SunDance, our darling Golden Retriever and my company ChangeU‘s Mascot was euthanized. SunDance was extremely weak, very skinny, and dying from a failing heart and old age (13 years). In his last 2 weeks he could not eat properly or walk down stairs to his normal toilet area.

SunDance could not move or lift his head as I pat and hug him in our last time together. My tears just rolled down over his aged white face. There was no familiar wagging, no love licking – just hardly a liveless blank stare.

Dr. Steven said Brenda hugged SunDance as he did what he had to do. SunDance died in her arms.

Dr. Steven remembered very well her words were “Life is short.” She apparently did not cry at that moment.

I, on other hand, sobbed uncontrollably the day before when I said my last goodbye to SunDance. I could not bear to see SunDance die, so I chose not to be there.

SunDance came from a famous Canadian-Hong Kong Champion Lineage called Bogey-Par-Birdie. He brought endless joy like an angel but he was a really naughty, hyper “devil” in his first 1.5 years.

He was comically bullied by bossy-boots Chupa Chups, our English Bulldog from Hungary. Cute Chupa Chups died from complications of choking in phlegm from a very restricted throat a year earlier in 2011. She was only 2 years young.

I was so heart-broken that I did not get another pet doggie.

SunDance, Chupa Chups run free!

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Published on 24 May 2017.