Top 5 things women find most physically attractive in men

So gentlemen, I want you to take out a pen and a piece of paper and write down what you think that women find most physically attractive about men in order of importance. Then compare it to this research and see just how wrong you are!!!!

Okay, so after my last post you had to have known this was coming!  I mean it’s only fair, plus I had tons of fun looking through hot guy pics for my article, yeah I’m not gonna lie.

While we women are pretty much a whole other animal than men we find non-looks related things attractive on a man.  Like personality, humor, intelligence and confidence.  If you’re a man reading this, no we are not as shallow as you are!  Lucky for you if in the looks department you tend to end up on the sales rack!

When forced to be shallow however, we will let you know what we like about you physically and you’ll be surprised to know the list is probably not what you think or at least not in the order you would think.  It may come as a shocker to both men and even some women that muscular men are not what women are into, at least not for the long haul (meaning for a relationship).  We tend to gravitate toward more feminine looking men (facial wise) as we tend to equate them with being a better father to our future children.  It’s all so animalistic really, it comes down to basically having to do with offspring.  We size each other up subconsciously for our mating abilities.  So we are being unknowingly “naughty” ……..hey can’t help it man it’s in our genes.  With that being said let’s hit the top 5 list shall we?

5. Legs– This one rated quite a bit higher on the “what men find most physically attractive in women” list, but nonetheless, still rated with women as well.  Actually both men and women prefer a potential mates legs to be longer as this is viewed as sexy and dominant.  Health wise, the male with the longer legs also tend to be more healthy.  A man with shorter legs is at a higher risk of coronary health problems.  In addition, taller men make better salesmen than a shorter man as they are viewed as dominant and confident and will be taken more seriously than a shorter salesman.  So if you’re under, say 5’9″ maybe you should take up telemarketing?  

4. Back– Aaah yes we all love a sexy wide back.  Especially if it’s shirtless!  A nice, wide, sexy back signifies strength and protection.  Of course I think I would be speaking for all women if I included that the nice, wide, sexy back be as hairless as possible!   

3. Hair– Odd, this surprised me that women would insist on a great head of hair on a man.  I guess I never really thought much about it, I mean other than ya know, hair is actually required!  Women tended to vote for a thick head of hair, generally dark in color.  It seems a man with darker hair is viewed as more mysterious, sexy and manly as opposed to his blond counterpart who would be interpreted as more meek and mild, as in the nice guy next door.  Sorry Brad Pitt, you’re no longer where it’s at little buddy.

2. Butt– I really couldn’t wait to get to this one.  I must admit that I enjoy a man with a nice ass.  I cannot handle it when you see a fine looking guy and he turns around only to be ass-less.  I mean what a waste!  Like men, we women like a guy to fill out his jeans nicely.  I want to add on this one that we don’t enjoy looking at a guy with “girl butt” either.  Ladies you know what I’m talking about, like it’s kinda wide and puffy??  Yeah, I’ll pass on that one.  It’s just gotta be “there” ya know, like not too puffy but certainly not flat.  Just a nice ass you could definitely grab onto and say “hell yeah!”

Finally the number 1 thing we women find physically attractive on men……..dunt dunt duuuuuuuuh (that’s my cheap interpretation of some sort of instrument, not sure what kind, perhaps a bazooka would have worked better?)

  1. Eyes– A great pair of gorgeous eyes is killer.  Men, you have nooooooo idea (perhaps you do now though) how women love your eyes.  Sexy eyes will get us every time.  If you know how to use them, you’ve got us!  Happily I admit that’s what got me with my husband.  That and of course his butt and long legs.  OMG I’m so text book!  Women unlike men, however, prefer brown eyes.  When it really comes down to it, as long as you’re giving us the come hither stare we don’t really care what color they are (unless of course you’re only sporting like one eye, say, in the center of your forehead, that would have to be a deal breaker!)

So ladies how did you fare on this list?  Do you agree?  Disagree?  Men, what about you, do you think this a pretty fair list?

June 3, 2009


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Here are the ten most gorgeous East Asian men in the world who are famous enough to have an article in the Wikipedia and who are at least half East Asian by blood. See below for how I made the list.

1. Daniel Henney (1979- ) is an American actor who made his name on South Korean television – even though he barely knew any Korean! His father is Irish American, his mother a KAD (Korean adoptee).

2. Takeshi Kaneshiro (1973- ) is a Taiwanes actor who is one-eighth Okinawan, thus his name name. He has appeared in both Hong Kong films and on Japanese television.

3. Russell Wong (1963- ) is an American actor whose father is Chinese American and whose mother is White American (French and Dutch).

4. Will Demps (1979- ) is an American football player. His father is Black American, his mother is Korean.

5. John Cho (1972- ) is an American actor. He was born in Seoul, South Korea but grew up in Los Angeles. He has appeared in the “American Pie” films, the latest “Star Trek” (2009) film as Sulu and on television in “FlashFoward” where he was Gabrielle Union’s boyfriend.

6. Rain (1982- ) is a South Korean singer and actor.

7. Ken Watanabe (1959- ) is a Japanese actor. He has appeared in some Hollywood films, like “The Last Samurai” (2003).

8. Johnny Tri Nguyen (1974- ) is an American actor. He was born in Vietnam, half Vietnamese and half Chinese by blood. His family moved to Los Angeles when he was eight.

9. Bruce Lee (1940-1973) is a world-famous American actor and martial artist. He was born in San Francisco but grew up in Hong Kong, coming back to America at age 18. He is one-fourth German and three-fourths Chinese by blood.

10. Tony Leung Ka-fai (1958- ) is a Chinese actor from Hong Kong.