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Purpose and Key Objectives of Tee Messages:
1. Build a Tee Messages Global Movement of impactful t-shirt messages.
2. Support Purple Youth Entrepreneurship CSR to cultivate entrepreneurship among youth.
3. Raise funds for Purple Youth CSR initiative of 5 Ways Our Youth can Change the Earth:
Mental Health

How the #TeeMessages Movement started Robert Chaen created a Tee Messages Movement of letting a random stranger’s t-shirt words be your daily message or a sign for your question.
Robert Chaen is currently writing a love and spiritual novel based on his true story, beginning with a random t-shirt words…

Purple Youth Entrepreneurship CSR Logo & Slogan

Tee Messages is part of Purple Youth Entrepreneurship CSR.

Tee Messages is an Intern-Apprenticeship to become a future entrepreneur.

Tee Messages is the most important project and business of Purple Youth Entrepreneurship CSR.Tee Messages is where University Interns from SBM-UUM and other Universities send their interns to be an Apprentice in Entrepreneurship. 


The 3 Main Functions in Tee Messages:
1. Tee Messages’ Own Designs
2. Producing Client’s T-shirt Designs
3. Purple Youth CSR Fund-Raising & Sponsorship